Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cocktail Nation 162-Tiki Ninja

On the show this week  Brad Parker from Tiki Shark our swank advice this week with a look at setting a table for a dinner party..and our segment ask koop is on the radio again this time tackling the issue of  Hippies,plus our international gig guide the one we call The World of Swank, another cool blog from the blogosphere this time about the Beautiful Music Radio Format


HB Radke Shake Shake Shake
Spy Fi-Then Play Down
Martini Kings-Days Of Wine and Roses
Count Basie-From Russia With Love
Mr Ho's Orchestroica- Music Makers
Julie O'Hara Sextet-Angel Eyes
Esquivel & His Orchestra - Latin-esque
Ellliot Crane Sextet -Little Rio
Annie Ross- You're Nearer
Cocktail Angst-Mindless
Fire and Theft-Segu Save Algo