Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cocktail Nation 162-Tiki Ninja

On the show this week  Brad Parker from Tiki Shark our swank advice this week with a look at setting a table for a dinner party..and our segment ask koop is on the radio again this time tackling the issue of  Hippies,plus our international gig guide the one we call The World of Swank, another cool blog from the blogosphere this time about the Beautiful Music Radio Format


HB Radke Shake Shake Shake
Spy Fi-Then Play Down
Martini Kings-Days Of Wine and Roses
Count Basie-From Russia With Love
Mr Ho's Orchestroica- Music Makers
Julie O'Hara Sextet-Angel Eyes
Esquivel & His Orchestra - Latin-esque
Ellliot Crane Sextet -Little Rio
Annie Ross- You're Nearer
Cocktail Angst-Mindless
Fire and Theft-Segu Save Algo

SWANK ADVICE-Setting a Formal Dinner Table


IMG_1994 Don't be intimidated by all the different forks and drinking glasses. Setting a formal table isn't as difficult as one would think. Once you learn the rules and a few tricks, you'll be fine, and your guests will think you've been living the elegant life for years.

It's important to start with a clean, starched white linen tablecloth.

The first items to be placed on the tablecloth should be the dinner plates. These should be in the middle of each place setting. Each person's tableware should be placed at equal intervals around the table. In the center of each dinner plate should be the napkins, either folded elegantly, or neatly rolled into a napkin ring.

To the right of each plate are the knives. Since the general rule of formal silverware is to eat working your way in, silverware should be placed on the table in the order it's to be used. Make sure the knives are placed on the table with the blade turned towards the plate. Since knives are used generally to cut meat and nothing else, there's a good chance only one knife will be placed on the table, unless you'll be employing the use of a steak knife.To the right of the knives are the spoons. Dessert spoons are placed above the plate.
To the left of each plate are the forks, also to be placed in the order of use. In most cases it's a seafood fork first, entrée fork and last is the salad fork. For formal occasions, the salad comes at the end of the meal. It's important to note that all silverware should be placed an inch from the edge of the table. This is to keep everything looking uniform and tidy.
Above the forks is the bread plate.
Above the plate to the left is the water glass followed by red wine glass, white wine glass, cordial glass, and champagne glass. If coffee is to be served, cups will be brought out with dessert, as will a dessert fork and coffee spoon.
Don't forget to add an attractive centerpiece to the table. Candles or flowers are appropriate; just don't make them so tall your guests can't see over them to talk with the other guests.
As you can see, it's not difficult to set a formal table. Sure, it's a bit more time consuming than the kind of table you would set for say"¦ a barbecue, but this makes the occasion all the more special. Once you see how easy it is to host a formal affair, you'll be sure to host more in the future.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cocktail Nation 161-Stolen Idols Revisited

On the show this week  a request via the Primitiva in Hi Fi Facebook page from Laura Taylor who wanted a replay of an interview I did a while back with Drew from the Stolen Idols, our swank advice this week with some romantic date sugestionsf and our segment ask koop is on the radio again this time tackling the issue of joke emails plus our international gig guide the one we call The World of Swank, another cool blog from the blogosphere


Martini Heaven -Dreamavoo
Lucas Vigor-Grey Rain
Stolen Idols-Orinoco
Martini Kings-Hawaii 5-0
Frank Sinatra-Strangers In The Night
Esquivel-La Bikina
Tiki Joes Ocean-Polynesian Dreams
Waitiki 7-Adventures in Paradise
Cocktail Preachers-Martini 5-0
Linda Lawson-Where Flamingos Fly
George Shearing-To The Ends Of The Earth
Nina Simone-The Other Woman
Jackie Gleason-Ghost Of A Chance
Tony Bennett-How Insensitive
John Barry-Aliki

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cocktail Nation 160-The Fine Art Of Mixing Girls

On the show this week we head to New York to talk to Jack Newcastle about his new book the Fine Art Of Mixing Girls, I have some Tiki Oasis news and news on Holden Westland from tiki farm, our swank advice column talks about the manly art of biff and our segment ask koop is on the radio again plus our international gig guide the one we call The World of Swank, another cool blog from the blogosphere.

pia26924_325774613177_639183177_3679568_316669_n kgirls nichola26924_325774733177_639183177_3679577_4859514_n

Royal Crown Revue-Rockville

Diana Krall-Besame Mucho

Lenny Dee-Tequila

Ricki Derek-I Melt With You

Jimmy Smith -Mission Impossible

Count Basie-M Squad

DJ Bonebrake-Tango

Jimmy Vargas-Nude on A Swing

Martini Kings With Buddy Grecco and Lezlie Anders-S’Wonderful

Frank Sinatra-Nothing But The Best

Les Baxter-Love Dance

Martin Denny-Diga Diga Do

Pink Martini -Veronique

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Life In the Penthouse-Silence Is Golden

IMG_2083 It seems to me that the one thing we are not good at in the twenty first century is silence….most people will happily volunteer the most minute details of their life to anyone who is happy to be bored by it.

I caught up with a friend recently who over coffee shared way too much about her boyfriends …ummm….athletic prowess…..using this fact that people these days through social media and in general conversation are way to open I suggest that with some well directed changing of topic, awkward silences and well crafted avoidance of anything personal you can create something that few people have anymore….a private life…just think of the allure and mystery of Don Draper, he is that cool because he doesn’t rabitt on about how good he is every two seconds and what his kid is doing or how Betty annoys him about working late at the office…see the allure of the private man…test drive it today and people will find you…well fascinating.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cocktail Nation 159-John Barry

On the show this week swank advice on being a mystery man, got some great gigs to attend across the world, there’s news from tiki oasis and the friars club….sad news on the departure of John Barry so we’ll catch up with a man who knew him well….Vic Flick.

Vibes On Velvet-Spookmaster
John Barry-James Bond Theme
John Barry 7- Look Around
Ricki Derek-When The Moon Was Ours
Frank Sinatra -Have you met Miss Jones
George Shearing-Easy Living
Mark Copeland-at Long Last Love
Don Tiki-Odd Man Out
Martini Kings -Enchanted Lovers
Jonah Jones-Whatever Lola Wants
Mancini-A Shot in The Dark
Living Brass-That’s Life
Julie London-In The Wee Small Hours Of the Morning
Jimmy Vargas-The Girl You Left Behind