Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cocktail Nation Rewind-18

This week Kooper has a book for you all about those jet setting airline hostesses, a cool website that ties vintage models,dj’s and dancers under one umbrella and some great events to diarize. So join the Lounge Lothario himself, Koop Kooper up high in the Sydney Penthouse for some swingin fun.



Sunday, December 25, 2011

Vote for your Fave Loungin Bachelor Pad Movies

What's your favorite Loungin bachelor pad movie. We are compiling a best off list for our return of the Cocktail Nation radio show in 2012
What's your fave Loungin movie..Vote for your fave or suggest more !
To vote for your faves email and when the show returns in 2012 we will do a Loungin movies special.

Bachelor in paradise
Down with love
Lover Come Back
Matt Helm the silencers
The Rat Pack
The apartment
How to Murder Your Wife
Oceans 11
That Touch Of Mink

Friday, December 23, 2011

Cocktail Nation Rewind–The Mambo Creator

This week in the Cocktail Nation we rewind back to show 17 as we celebrate the life of the man that many feel is the creator of the Mambo which took the world by storm in the fifties, Koop has got a very cool book to read that  make your next party one that people will be talking about for months to come. So join Koop for a trip to the world of swank with the biggest names in neo lounge today and some classic lounge that never goes out of date.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cocktail Nation 201-Final show special for 2011- best of the best


This week on the show we take a look at the best of the best of 2011 ….with some of the best releases in lounge and exotica , some of the highlights of the Cocktail Nation year as we revisit 2011

Tikiyaki Orchestra Aloha Baby (Aloha Baby)
Orchestra Superstring Easy (Easy)
Ding Dong Devils Mai Tais In The Moonlight (Tassels, Mai Tais and Mischief)
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica-Third River Rangoon (Third River Rangoon)
Crazed Mugs- Find Fobidden Island (Find Forbidden Island)
Jennifer Keith -Imagination  (Jenny is her name)
Tony Bennett with KD Lang -Blue Velvet (Duets 2)
Beverly Kenney-Tea For Two (This Is Vintage Now)
Spy Fi-WEB Theme
Wynton Marsailis-Awakening (Swingin Into the 21st)
Jerry Sun-Tiki  (The Exotic Sounds Of Jerry Sun)
Michael Buble-Santa Baby (Christmas)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cocktail Nation 200-Pete Rugolo

Got some giveaways this week on the show as we tackle all the best lounge and exotica from across the planet with a look at the passing of a great Pete Rugolo,  seems Liz Taylors possessions have been exciting collectors from across the globe, in review with koop a fantastic film from a couple of years back starting Andy Garcia.

Orchestra Superstring-Waterbed
Mancini-Mr Lucky
Pete Rugolo-For Hi Fi Bugs
Peggy Lee-Make The Man Love Me
Narco Lounge Combo-Seduction
Peter Nero-La Paya
Martin Denny-A Taste Of Honey
Jennifer Keith -An Occasional Man
James Bond and His Sextet-Goldfinger
Mark Copeland-You’d Be Son Nice To Come Home To
Karen Souza-Steppin Out  With my Baby
Orchestrotica- Arab Dance
Julie London-Love For Sale
Janet Seidel-Miami Beach Rhumba
Martini Kings-Swingin Shephard Blues

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cocktail Nation 199-Hukilau

This week on the show we find out about the Hukilau for next year, swank advice on Christmas music,news on a Howard Hughes Picture due out next year and in review with koop a book on the Havana Mob in Cuba in the fifties

Lushy -French 75

Wynton Marsalis-The Cat In The Hat is Back

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica-Maika

George Shearing-East Of The Sun

Crazed Mugs-Maround on a Desert Island

Jack Jones-The Impossible Dream

Linda Lawson-Like Young

Jimmy Vargas- A Blue Negligee

Nestor Amaral and His Continentals-Tico Tico

Karen Souza-Do You Really Want To Hurt Me

Dante And His Orchestra- I Fall In Love With You Everyday

Jackie Gleason-Lonely Is The Name

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Koop Kooper DJing at Blue Beat Bar Wednesdays through December

Hey there, for all the Aussie cats that love lounge and exotica come along to the Blue Beat Jazz Club in Double Bay Sydney Wednesdays through December. I'll be spinning some wild tracks and we have some fantastic feature acts. Blue Beat Bar is at 16 Cross Street in Double Bay...hope to see you there!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cocktail Nation 198-Crazed Mugs

This week on the Cocktail Nation we find out about the latest Crazed Mugs album, news on the reopening of an investigation of the death of a hollywood star, swank advice on shoes for men and a really cool ebook set in the mid century about boxing

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica-Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Ricki Derek- I Wish You Love
Crazed Mugs-Find Forbidden Island
Tikiyaki Orchestra-Lotus Operandi
Tito Puente-Vibe Cha Cha Cha
Tony Bennett with Sheryl Crow-The Girl I love
Martini Kings-Bags Groove
Frank Wess -Playboy
Laurindo Almeida - The Look Of Love
Karen Souza-Steppin Out With My Baby
Pete Rugolo-Worse Than Murder
Oscar Peterson-Body and Soul

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cocktail Nation 197-Bahooka

Catching up with Holden Westland from Tiki Farm to find out about a big event he his involved in, swank advice on cooking for small dinner parties or for two. News on a new movie on the life of J Edgar Hoover, in our world of swank some great parties to attend and news on our official website.

Tikiyaki Orchestra-Bachelor Number 1
Kenny Sasaki-Quiet Volcano
Pink Martini-Lets Never Stop Falling in Love
Waitiki-China Fan
Stan Getz-Penthouse Serenade
Buddy Berman-End Of The Party
James Bond Sextet-Moonraker
Vic Flick-From Russia With Love
Si Zentner-Charade
Ray Anthony-September Song
Karen Souza-Every Breath You Take
Buddy Cole-Georgia On My Mind
Nelson Riddle-Time and Space
Buddy Bergman-End Of Party
Tony Bennett - Watch What Happens - with Natalie

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cocktail Nation 196-Koop Kooper’s Cocktail Nation-The Interviews Book

Well after a year of working on my book it has finally been released. Koop Koopers Cocktail Nation the Interviews is out on amazon right now priced at just 9.99 just search in the amazon store by punching in cocktail nation and the book is available as a kindle download….whilst it took a long time and a lot of work it’s a pleasure to have it done and dusted and it’s cool to have some literature out there that contributes to the lounge and exotica story. So this week I thought I would play all the artists that are involved in the book. Randy Wong from Waitiki 7 joins us on the show to talk about a special gig in December in Idaho plus in Swank advice we talk about creating a good impression with your smell!

book cover2

Combustible Edison-Millionare’s Holiday
Martini Kings-Days Of Wine and Roses
Waitiki 7 -Adventures in Paradise
Tiki Joes Ocean-Baxters Pad
Royal Crown Revue-Port Au Prince
Jimmy Vargas- Blue Negligee
HB Radke-I’ll Never Fall In Love Again
Don Tiki-Bla Bla Cha Cha
Frank Bennett-Money
Sally Street-Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You
Jack Costanzo-Latin Fever

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life In the Penthouse-Why I Fight For My Title

THE conversation usually goes like this:

''Can I have your name, please.''

''It's Koop Kooper.''

''And what can I do for you today, Koop?''

''Well, the first thing you can do is show me some respect as a customer and call me Mr Kooper.''



The reply then varies, from stunned silence to stuttering to a humble apology to, remarkably often, ''Certainly, Koop''.

I don't raise my voice, but I do politely insist. Once the message gets across, even after a few attempts, things go smoothly.

I do consider myself to be a friendly person. First names at first meeting are no problem in ordinary social situations. My point is that when I am a customer dealing with a business that, supposedly, values my business (at least they keep saying they do), then that is not a social situation. The same goes for calls to government departments, where I am a citizen and a taxpayer in a democracy, and worthy of respect as such.

It's common to blame the first-name thing on the Americans. In fact, I find American customer service people are far more likely to address a caller as ''Mr'', ''Ma'am'' and even, occasionally, ''Sir''. From my experience of Continental Europe, it's definitely ''Monsieur'', ''Mein Herr'' or ''Signore'' all the way. Not so in Britain, though. The automatic use of first names with clients or customers, or the public in general, is peculiarly Anglo-Australian.

So if I'm not just a pompous curmudgeon, which I don't think I am, then why do I care? Actually it's about power. As Koop I am someone whose query or complaint can be far more easily brushed aside than if I am Mr Kooper. Koop probably just doesn't understand the intricacies of running a multinational business, or quite how busy and important the public servant he's talking to is, or how unimportant his problem is. Mr Kooper, on the other hand, might be someone, might have something to say and, more importantly, might be willing to stand his ground. Whether I am or not all these, I deserve to be treated as if I were.

I don't blame the call-centre operators. They are just following procedure, as instructed. Most of these calls are recorded, however, and if enough of us politely put it on the record that we are Mr or Mrs or Ms Somebody, then maybe we won't be treated as nobodies quite so often

Monday, November 7, 2011

NEW BOOK-Koop Kooper’s Cocktail Nation-The Interviews

KOOP KOOPER, the cocktail universe's high priest of all things hep swingin
and swank, and cyber disc jockey of his radio show the 'Cocktail Nation',
has unleashed the definitive guide to the Lounge universe, with his new
eponomyous tome now available as an E-Book.


amazonfront cover51FA-7we2JL__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-46,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_

Replete with gassin interviews and cool pixeramas, Koop Kooper reveals the incredible diorama of Cocktail culture, lifestyle and music.
Koop mixes it up with cool luminaries and pioneers of the Cocktail
soundtrack, such as hepster Jack Constanzo...the Bongo player of the 50s, shakes a martini with the leaders of the revival Combustible Edison, trades smart lip with comedian satirist Shelley Berman, twenty first century hit makers Martini  Kings who have preached and sold the Lounge lexicon to the fans worldwide, heads down the dark streets of Cocktail noir, muscling it up with croonoir Jimmy Vargas, then it's off to the Vegas pool, where he conducts an underwater interview with gorgeous fire eating mermaid...Marina

KOOP KOOPERS "COCKTAIL NATION" book is a glorious panorama of all things
Lounge, created by the swank meister of uber cool himself.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cocktail Nation 195-Virtual Tiki Bar


This week we find out a virtual tiki bar, there’s another period tv show set in 1959 this time in Miami coming your way and I’ve got a away that you can get a brand new 1965 Mustang…and would you like to buy a tiki bar….I know where you can buy one.



Tikiyaki Orch- La Hula Rhumba
Tiki Joes Ocean-Rio De Jean
Clouseux-Monkey with The Golden Fez
Jack Jones -Strangers in the Night
Jackie Gleason -When Your Lover is Gone
Spy Fi-Dragnett 007
Vibes on Velvet -Ink Mysterioso
Oscar Peterson-Body and Soul
Antonio Carlos Jobim-One Note Samba
Waitiki 7-Left Arm Of Budda
Vicki Carr-Like Love

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cocktail Nation 194-Manvotional

This week we find out about a new book for men called the Manvotional book, we check out Sydneys first skyscraper, and swank advice on keeping your social dance card full in review with Koop we take a look at an album out of 1961 with three very talented men.


Dom Halpin-Mambo
Frank Bennett-You’re Just Too Hip Baby
Acca Daquiris-Cocaine
Arthur Lyman-Busy Port
Actual Rafiq-Lunar Lounge Lizard
Cocktail Preachers-A Taste Of Honey
Three Suns-Fever
Vicki Carr-My Melencholy Baby
HB Radke-Live until I die
Henry Mancini-Call Me Irresponsible
Alvino Rey-I Love Paris
Tony Bennett With KD Lang-Blue Velvet

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cocktail Nation 193-Ding Dong Devils


This week we speak to one of the most fun bands of the tiki scene bringing a whole bunch of Aloha Spirit to the airwaves, there’s swank advice on Gentlemans agreeements, we review a Sinatra album from 1961 that you need on the hi fi and we road test a brand new Cadillac that has some very cool sixties stylings

Ricky Derek-I Melt With You
Henry Mancini-Something For Cat
Ding Dong Devils-Mai Tais In The Moonlight
Rolley Polley- Blue Rumba
Mark Copeland -The Man That Got Away
Melody Gardot-Les Etioles
Cal Tjader-The Way You Look Tonight
Frank Sinatra-Falling In Love With Love
DJ Bonebreak-Shakers
Billy May-Cocktails For Two
Diana Krall-Love Letters
Julie London -Girl Talk
Vic Flick-Goldfinger

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cocktail Nation 192-Beat Festival

It’s beatsville on the Cocktail Nation as we find out about a Beatnik
Festival in Texas, in swank advice the importance of having a home library and I
have a way you can get some great Tiki for your cocktail bar or home.


Jimmy Vargas-Love is a Racket
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica-Music Makers
Neal Hefti-Cool Blue
Arthur Lyman-Taboo Tu
Tikiyaki Orchestra-Mana Pacifica
Melody Gardot-Your Heart Is As Black as Night
Jack Jones-Lady
Tony Bennett - One For My Baby -with John Mayer
Nina Ferro-Everything I Got
Chet Baker-Lush Life
Combustible Edison-Metropolitan
Nelson Riddle-Theme From Route 66
Kava Kon -Atomic Clock

Monday, October 10, 2011

Review With Koop-Am I a Chap by Gustav Temple

Am I A Chap? by Gustav Temple Books. This comprehensive tome seeks to classify every species and sub-species of the English gentleman that one may observe throughout the seasons, from the flamboyant young fop to the crusty old duffer. Looking at the origins of the "Chap" genus, in figures such as Edward VII and Ian Carmichael, and their caddish counterparts such as Terry-Thomas and Bunny Roger, the book takes us up to the present day with contemporary types such as the Bohemian Chap and the Hip Chap.


The book includes a selection of the photographs sent into the magazine's "Am I Chap?" section, along with their vigorous, uncompromising but ultimately helpful sartorial critiques. Elsewhere you will find detailed histories of the essential accoutrements for a gentleman's wardrobe, from brogues to trilbies to Fair Isle sweaters; pen-portraits of those who seem to be carrying the Chappist ensign as they go about their daily business - familiar characters such as Atters, Albion and Billy Childish.
With 192 full colour pages, concluding with a definitive directory of Britain's finest emporia of gentlemanly raiment, including new, vintage and bespoke, Am I A Chap? is an essential tome for any budding Chap-about-Town, fitting snugly into the poacher's pocket of a good Hacking jacket; it will also serve as a stylish and useful compendium for those with a desire to go "Chap Spotting".

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sydney’s First Tiki Bar Kongs Jungle Lounge

For a long time since the Tiki revolution came bounding back into the world in a rum inspired burst of fresh juice goodness I have been bemoaning the fact that in Australia we have had just three Tiki Bars, two in Perth and one in Melbourne.
It seemed to me to be criminal that I was being denied my rum infused polynesian fix in the largest city in the country. Well finally that day has arrived and I recently headed out to check out this new venue called Kongs Jungle Lounge.
Armed with a portable mic I went in search of a Tiki head outside a basement bar in trendy Bondi Junction.
At last it was here and as I descended the steps to the Tiki bar I was filled with anticipation and trepidation.
There was a fear that after all my jetseting visiting tiki bars across the world that I would be bitterly disappointed and it would be completely and utterly bombsville.
But alas I was not disheartened,entering the bar I was greeted with the sounds of Martin Denny from the DJ both just located under the stairs.



The lighting was just perfect and the atmosphere simply the mezz.
There were gorgeous beetles making the scene and the venue had a really nice fun feel to it.
Squinting across the gently lit room I was trying to pick out the man behind it all, Sean Finlay, I had trouble tracking him down so naturally I had to ask some of the pretty babies if they knew him. Not surprisingly they didn't, but what the hey, I got some phone numbers for the collection (Kooper never misses an opportunity). Eventually I found him and sat down over a Mai Tai for a rap about the venue and his inspirations.
Not surprisingly his background is firmly entrenched in the Tiki and Custom car culture as is the case of many people. He was quick to credit the people behind the venture who have made it a big success in just three weeks of opening.
Head chef Adam Dundas Taylor takes a big bow in Finlay’s mind as Adam cooks up what he calls “Poly-asian” food, which takes its inspiration from places like Nobu and Hugos.
And at Kongs, food isn’t just something to break up the flavours of Passion Caipirinhas and Marama Rum Punches. Kongs calls its fare “Poly-asian diner style food”, an amalgamation of diverse kinds of deliciousness crafted by Adam Dundas Taylor of Nobu and Hugos fame. Think Japanese potato salad with mustard miso and pickled ginger, and dumplings filled not with fatty minced pork but with shitake, tofu, garlic and yuzu. But the island life isn’t about picking at appetizers — it’s about beer battered barra burgers with house made sweet chilli, and it’s about crispy pork belly with watermelon and pomegranate salad.
The cocktail menu has modern, but respectful versions of favorites like Kongs Mai Tai, Marama Rum Punch, Beachbum Berry’s Miehana, and more.


Sean is an experience club owner with twenty years under the belt and it is this experience along with his tiki background that helped him design the place with longevity in mind. Things like Seagrass matting was flown in from New Zealand along with artwork that was sourced from across the world.
When it comes to drinks one always has to ask about the house specialty of Tiki bar and the one they worked on for hours is called Kongs Jungle Juice, well Jungle Juice it is as after sipping the drink I found I had an overwhelming urge to rip off my shirt and beat my chest, but that's another story.
Tiki mugs are always and interesting point of difference and I was pleased to hear that my good buddy from the North Coast Captain Pharaoh has been blasting out a special Kongs Tiki mug. This is a wonderful thing as they are employing a local to create their signature mug which I think is a nice touch.
I guess my only issue is that the pad is so very new that it needs to be warn in a little bit, as it's always the the venues that have been around for a while that really have the right feel.
Apart from that it is a fantastic Tiki Bar and one that I am proud to take my friends to visit and also my international friends who drop by from time to time.
You can find Kongs Jungle Lounge and 110 Spring Street in Bondi Junction in Sydney.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cocktail Nation 191-Kongs Jungle Lounge

This week we head to Sydney’s first Tiki Bar, we have a review of a new dvd set out on The Girl from Uncle, a cool blog on vintage advertising and swank advice on confidence

Martini Heaven-Alcoholiday
Narco Lounge Combo-Miserlou
Martin Denny-Exotic Night
George Shearing -Wished On The Moon
Shagxotica-Blue Scooter
Martini Kings-Girl From Ipanema
Henry Mancini - Natasha In Venice
Tony Bennett and Micheal Buble -Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
Arthur Lyman-Aphrodisia
Skip Heller-King Carla
HB Radke-Sucker For Love
Bobby Darin-Fly me to the moon
Hugo Montenegro-Goldfinger
John Barry 7- From Russia With Love
Royal Crown Revue-Take a long drink for me

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cocktail Nation 190-Shelley Berman’s Party

This week we get to sit back and enjoy some classic comedy once again from Shelley Berman, we find out about a Beatnik Festival that is taking place in Texas of all places. News on the debut of a couple of tv shows that are possible favourites of Cocktail Nation listeners, I have news from across the globe and some sad news in the ending of a great tradition in Spain. Our swank advice column is back on the air as we take a look your wheels. Plus we review a new book about being a Chap.

Huey Mogan and Jools Holland -Fly Me to the Moon
Frank Bennett-Been Caught Stealin
Dave Brubeck-Take five
George Shearing -The Days of Wine and Roses
Tikiyaki Orchestra-Aloha Baby
Jimmy Vargas -Beaut-Evil
Ken Nordine-I Used to Think My Right hand was uglier than my left
Tony Bennett and Lady Ga Ga -Lady is the Tramp
Martini Kings-Missing the Maui
SG Sound-Palm Springs Overdrive
MR Ho's Orchestrotica- Lonesome Aku of Alewife
Jackie Gleason-But Not For Me
Anita Oday-Them There Eyes
Peggy Lee-Black Coffee
Waitiki-Hula Lady


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cocktail Nation 189-BeachComber Trio

On the show this week we talk again to producer and music historian Jeff Chenault who has uncovered some more rare finds for the swank cat, swank advice sport , our look at the world of swank, review with Koop checking out the latest Tony Bennett album, some beat for your ipad and news on Sydney’s first Tiki Bar.


Lucas Vigor-Girl Talk, Night and Day
Martini Kings-Baby Elephant Walk
Beachcomber Trio-Yellow Bird
Jack Costanzo-Taboo
Narco Lounge Combo-The Boom Boom Room
Tiki Cowboys-Feel So Good
James Bond Sextet-You Only Live Twice
Spy Fi-Shot In The Dark
Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse-Body And Soul
Joey Altruda-Tropical Espionage
Ken Nordine-My Baby
Royal Crown Revue -Besa Mija
Vicki Carr-My Meloncholy Baby
Melody Gardot-Les Etoiles

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life in the Penthouse-A Roast or a burnt offering


The Charlie Sheen Roast was big ratings winner across the world but the question as to be asked, was it funny,was it clever….well I would have to say no.

After seeing the Roasts that took place back in the sixties I would say that the Charlie Sheen Roast was probably one of the most vulgar, mean and unfunny events I have ever seen.

The constant drug jokes about coke was extremely annoying and not funny unless of course you are a coke fiend, the jokes about taking a knife to a hooker were disturbing and the cavalier attitude to Charlie’s domestic abuse and hospitalization was simply uncomfortable and bizarre.

Maybe I am getting old, but I find it absurd that a man who has lived life to the extreme and has made many poor choices is being celebrated in such a fashion.

Not only was the show a celebration of drug culture but it was also not very relatable for the majority of the population.
Average normal people don’t use Cocaine and if they do it’s not to the same proportion as a guy who earns 25 million a year.

It seems to me that Charlie Sheen and the other Hollywood types that make it into the tabloids on a week by week basis are clearly living in a very different world to the general population, a world where hookers and coke are the norm when it simply isn’t. Sure movie stars have always been held up high and by the general public but I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to hold someone like Charlie Sheen on high when most of the time it seems that he is high.

At the end of the day The Roast was a faint reminder of the Roasts of days gone by, I guess the humour that we once enjoyed is now long gone and a Roast like the Charlie Sheen roasts firmly punchs the nails in the coffin of the traditional roast.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cocktail Nation 188-Where is Jerry Sun

On the show this week we talk to a producer and music historian who has uncovered some rare finds for the swank cat, swank advice on people’s perceptions of you , our look at the world of swank, news on the man from uncle rebirth and the death of a Hollywood star.



Joey Altruda-Remembering Jobim
Pink Martini-City Of Night
Jerry Sun-Tiki
Anita O’Day-You’d Be So Nice To Come Home
Narco Lounge Combo-Taboo
Janet  Seidel-Crazy World
James Bond Sextet-Moonraker
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica-Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Chris Connor-I’ll Never Be Free
Howard Roberts-Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Martini Kings-Brief and Breezy
Jack Costanzo-The Peanut Gallery
George Shearing-The Days Of Wine and Roses

Monday, September 12, 2011

Swank Advice-The Swank Traveller


Tonight's topic is all about that wonderful experience of  human life that is travel.
It was Saint Augustine who said that “The World is a Book and those who don’t travel read only a page”.
Before I got into radio I travelled on the Professional Tennis circuit and I would say that I consider myself a well seasoned traveller. People have often asked me what makes a great traveller. Well it’s a pretty simple equation really, firstly you need to be extremely patient, and prepared for anything
When I first started travelling I was given some advice by a seasoned professional  who said “When preparing to Travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money”. It was a joke but pretty close to the truth.
The last thing you want to do is be lugging a suitcase, a carry on bag and a suit bag.
Not only is it bad for your back but it also looks really uncool.
My suggestion is to travel with one reasonably sized hard suitcase and one carry on bag. Now I can hear the cries of horror echoing down the travelator from my swank friends who are insisting on carrying a suit bag. Well forget it, they are completely useless unless you are going for an overnight trip. They end up getting squashed and the suits turn out just as bad as if you crunched them into your carry on luggage.
They just aren’t worth it. Here’s a suggestion for suits. Wear your main suit and in your luggage carry one other suit or better still a sports coat that can spruce up an outfit. You would be better off getting a suit pressed at the hotel than lugging around a special housing for your suit, trust me on this one.
Now when it comes to general clothing and packing I always maintain that you are better off carrying more underwear and socks than anything else. Carry two weeks worth of both items. If you are on the road and not stoping very often it is easier to air out some shirts and trousers and save the big washing trip till you stop for a longer period.

On business trips men should always carry five white shirts and at least three ties.
Combine that with one conservative suit and a sports coat, three casual shirts and one pair of extra trousers and you are ready to go jet setting across the globe.

For your carry on luggage make sure anything that is valuable goes with you.
Be prepared that the luggage that goes in the aircraft could be lost or stolen and you will pack better and be ell prepared.  Speaking of preparation, always keep one spare business shirt, a pair of underpants and socks in your carry on baggage.
You’ll thank me when you have  a 9am meeting and no luggage after a fifteen hour Trans Atlantic flight which brings me to my final tip.
In your carry on luggage make sure you bring your electric razor, deodorant, a brush, aftershave and chewing gum.
You’ll need these items to freshen up and look like the swank cat that you are when you bounce off the plane and get picked up by your friend or colleague.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cocktail Nation 187-Me Me Me Show

Well on the show this week we turn the tables, instead of me interviewing a guest we’ll play part of an interview in which I was a guest on a radio show talking about the beginnings of the Cocktail Nation, retro culture and a whole lot more
Swank advice back on the radio and one for all the jetsetters out there with travel advice.


Hugo Montenegro-I Spy
Jack Costanzo-Man With The Golden Arm
Tiki Joe’s Ocean-Sacred Island
Julie London-Take Back Your Mink
Big Kahuna & The Copa Cat Pack’-I Dream Of Jeanie
Combustible Edison-The Veldt
Diana Krall-Este Seu
DJ BoneBrakeTrio- Bernstein 007
Buddy Cole-Georgia On My Mind
Jackie Gleason-Lonely Is The Name
MR Ho's Orchestrotica-02 Thor's Arrival
Morton Gould-Serenade in The Night
Martini Kings-You Only Live Twice
Tikiyaki Orch- Hawai'i Nocturne

Wednesday, September 7, 2011




Every now and then in life you get  a glimpse of what people really think of you when they slip up and make an assumption. Recently I was at a BBQ and a relative mentioned a fifties Caddy that she spotted on a recent road trip. She then made a comment that people who drive those types of cars clearly enjoy being looked at. Now this person has known me for a long time, knows how I dress, knows that I too drive a classic car and ….quite obviously thinks that I am looking for some kind of validation by having people look at me.
I quickly put her straight that I drive a classic car because I enjoy having a classic vehicle and enjoy the driving experience, that I am a motoring enthusiast and that if I really wanted to drive a car for attention  then I would buy a car that was twenty five times more fuel economic and reliable, one that had air-conditioning and modern suspension and safety features.

It got me thinking, I guess some people who see me driving down Sydney’s freeways might think I am some kind of narcissistic poser, which offcourse I am not, well not completely.

Living a vintage lifestyle can cause people to come to incorrect conclusions about you and your life. Several years ago I worked at a radio station that unconsciously decided that, based on my appearance, I wouldn’t be able to program the music for their top forty radio station.
It wasn’t until I explained my experience and qualifications to be their Music Director did they figure they should give me a chance at the role.
They acted pleasantly surprised when they discovered that I was good at my job.

Is the point of this article  that Vintage lifestyle people have to work harder? Is there a vintage glass ceiling? Well no that would be just crazy, my point is that one should be aware that sometimes your appearance will convince people that you are a certain way and often there is no way you can convince them otherwise.

I know that sometimes I forget that I am a complete enigma to people.
They just can’t get past a fifties style swept back quiff or a forties style pencil moustache, I guess when you don’t look like the average man then questions need to be asked.  I’ve even come across blatant hostility simply because I dared to rebel against societal norms by dressing differently.
Do I care? Should you care, well no, not at all, but certainly be aware.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mad Men–Escape To Camelot

MAD MEN-ESCAPE TO CAMELOT by Charles A Coulombe for Taki's Magazine

Television—thanks to the profit motive—is intensely imitative. If any type of show is successful, a horde will suddenly appear of usually lesser and shorter-lived knockoffs. In one season, the networks may be overwhelmed by alien invaders or ghosts, in another by “relevant” comedies. All such series are motivated by the hope of catching at least some overflow fans of this year’s plot du moment. The need for hits has become ever more desperate as the networks have lost ground to cable and now the Internet. Indicative of this desperation is the fact that the current “latch-on” show is itself a cable offering—AMC’s Mad Men.

Scheduled to start its fifth season next year, the series revolves around the adventures of a quintessential group of early 1960s types: advertising men based in New York City’s Madison Avenue. (Longtime readers of Mad magazine will remember how that immortal journal’s home street was always rendered as “MADison” Avenue.) Mad Men has become immensely popular during its run—especially among folk too young to remember the era. Hoping to cash in, ABC is offering Pan Am, featuring the adventures of that era’s quintessential figures, airline stewardesses (most definitely NOT “flight attendants”), and NBC gives us The Playboy Club, with yet another archetypal bunch, the Playboy Bunnies. These two series push the fact that their characters changed America, implying that we owe today’s perfection to them. But if they succeed, it will not be their alleged relevance that captures audiences, but the same retro factors that have made Mad Men so popular.

“Perhaps the era’s greatest crime was that it evolved into what followed it.”

But what are those? Why should the first half of the 1960s (as opposed to the second, so beloved of the baby boomers) command such attention from the same boomers’ children? Because, although still within the memory of many living (including myself, barely) it was, superficially at least, everything this era is not. Let’s zero in on a few points.

First, elegance. Before feminists burned their bras and hippies let it all hang out, anyone who aspired to anything wanted to look right. Jacket, tie, and hat for men; slip, skirt, high heels, makeup, and jewelry for women. Prior to the cult of dirt emerging from Haight-Ashbury, the truly cool wanted to “look like a million bucks,” even if they had nowhere near that in the bank. As with fashion, so with manners. Without a free-speech movement to tell them that foul language was liberating, anyone outside construction sites, barracks, and stag parties tried to keep their language clean. Do boomer parents’ surviving children make a concerted attempt to be elegant? Only in fits and starts; but they are often aware in a dim way that their progenitors’ grunge was a definite loss from something better.

Second, gender specificity. In those far-off days, men had short hair, wore natty clothes, held the door for ladies, and smoked pipes (cigars and cigarettes, too, but the pipe was considered über-masculine). Women tended to wear big hair such as bouffants or beehives. (The latter was almost singlehandedly revived in our time by the late Amy Winehouse.) And they walked. Oh, did they walk! Few women today can manage the particular hip movement that so clearly differentiated the female from the male, but it was something to watch. For the most part, gender roles were clearly defined from childhood: Men were soldiers, sailors, ad executives, and businessmen. Women were wives, secretaries, and teachers. Little girls did not play football, and little boys only played dolls with G.I. Joe. Here too, the portrayal of such stuff on the little screen has a strange attraction for those who have been raised with unisex fashions and lifestyles and expect a girl to “put out” on the first date.

Third, well, fun. People smoked and drank. A lot. A real lot. I can remember watching the cigarette smoke fill movie theaters. The purse-lipped brigade had other fish to fry in those days, and for the most part they left the drunks and human chimneys alone. It might be objected that cirrhosis and lung cancer were more widespread in those days. Perhaps, but AIDS and herpes were unknown. It is, I think, this latter point that is the greatest draw for the era’s fans.

For those who wish they could travel in time back to Camelot outside their minds, Southern California boasts an enormous number of “time machines.” (It is no wonder that Mad Men, although set in New York, is filmed out here.) Despite the fact that so much of the social revolution that propelled us from that world to this occurred in California, it amazes me how many sanctuaries from that same revolution can be found here.

This nostalgic glow is to some degree over-idealized—and the modern mantra is that the era was sexist, racist, and homophobic. The surface tinsel of the Kennedys’ Camelot was just that—and the fact that social mores would collapse so quickly over the next decade shows how fragile they really were. Perhaps the era’s greatest crime was that it evolved into what followed it. Nor should it be forgotten that if our own time has a certain nostalgia for the early ’60s, that era had a nostalgia of its own—for the 1920s and 30s in such series as The Untouchables and The Roaring Twenties.

All of which points up two truths. On one hand, folk bemused by current problems always seek shelter in supposedly happier times. As a Victorian New Year’s poem put it, “For hope shall brighten days to come, And memory gild the past.” But on the other, our era really is so screwed-up that anyone remotely sane will look elsewhere. As Tolkien put it, “it is easy to debunk escapism; but notice that the ones who do so are usually the gaolers!”

Friday, September 2, 2011

Cocktail Nation 186-Armed and Gorgeous

Well on the show this week we talk to Bill Raetz the author of the World Espionage Bureau series  who has a new book coming out shortly, swank advice on the two people you don’t want at a party.
And a look at the world of swank with the coolest places to party, in review with Koop a new box set of very cool late sixties spy series, and we take a look at a movie from 1961 and a cd that’s still available.



Pink Martini- Mar Desconocido
Jennifer Keith -An Occasional Man
Spy Fi-Web Theme
Linda Lawson--But Beautiful
Les Baxter-Simba
Frank Sinatra/ Jobim How insensitive
Kenny Sasaki-Quiet Volcano
Orchestra Superstring- Waterbed
Mancini- Bachelor In Paradise
Jimmy Vargas-A Blue Negligee
Jackie Gleason-Cherry
Billy May-Invitation
Living Strings-The Time For Love is Anytime
Martini Kings-Goodbye To A Lonely Town
Naughty Ones -Azure Te

How The ’70s Majorly Screwed The Major Labels

By Jeff Price

Lava lamps, Happy Days, mood rings, MASH, and Jimmy Carter’s Playboy interview weren’t the only things to come out of the ’70s. In addition, copyright law was revised by the U.S. government granting artists and songwriters “termination rights.” This law states that 35 years after 1978 the recordings and songs “owned” by record labels or publishers would revert back to the artist or songwriter regardless of if the artist or songwriter was recouped, un-recouped, etc. In other words, the government said to the labels and publishers,“ 35 years is long enough. Times up, give them back control over their work.”

For those of you counting, 35 years from 1978 is 2013.

This means albums and songs from Cheap Trick, The Kinks, AC/DC, Kraftwerk, Carole King, Peter Gabriel, The Cars, The Buzzcocks, KC & the Sunshine Band, Kenny Rogers, David Bowie, Black Sabbath, Tom Waits, Yes, Sex Pistols, Boston, Ramones, Bryan Ferry, Heart, Uriah Heap, Neil Young, Aerosmith, Brian Eno, Hawkwind, Whitesnake, Queen, Kate Bush, and countless others are eligible to revert back to the artists. Which means that the record labels, in addition to losing control over distribution (think TuneCore) may now lose the rights to the only thing left keeping them alive, the recordings that they make money off of.

And each year that goes by, means another set of albums and songs becoming eligible to revert back to the artist.

As you can imagine, the labels are fighting it. According to the August 15th, 2011 New York Times article, “Record Industry Braces for Artists’ Battles Over Song Rights,” Steven Marks, general counsel for the Recording Industry Association of America stated,

“We believe the termination right doesn’t apply to most sound recordings.” The RIAA’s position is that the artist never owned the recordings or songs in the first place so how could they revert back to them. They were just employees hired by the label to record their own songs. Therefore, the labels own the recordings forever (or until they enter public domain).

The issue here is over the legal definition of the term “Work For Hire”. If the artists were legally “work for hire” employees, the labels would be right. The RIAA and the labels saw this issue coming. In 1999, to assure their position and not lose rights, they were sneaky little scumbags and literally attempted to quietly slip a midnight amendment into a bill going through Congress called “The Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act”. The bill was about “retransmissions of broadcast signals” (I kid you not). The RIAA had four words added to this bill that would take away the right for artists to own their recordings if they signed a major label deal. These four words would, by default, legally define the artists as “work for hires” and therefore the rights to the recordings could not revert back to them.

To quote the very comprehensive and well written August of 2000, Austin Chronicle article “Work For Hire,” (which you should read!)…

In 1999, “Turns out the amendment was added by a staffer named Mitch Glazer from the office of Subcommittee Chairperson Howard Coble, R.-N.C., Glazer now works for the RIAA, the organization that sought to have those four words included in the first place, and did so with alarming quiet.”

Fortunately, they were caught. The words were noticed and artists, and their lawyers, went to war. The result was that these four little words are no longer part of the bill. Which means that the courts have yet to rule if the labels are right or if the artists are right in regards to the reversion of rights.

So, we approach 2013, and both labels, artists, and entrepreneurs are frantically attempting to either hold on to, get back, or acquire rights. Clearly, the labels are not going to go quiet into that dark night, however, this is yet another crack in the firmament of the traditional label system, and ultimately a win for the artists. Of course, the artists, now more than ever, will need to be able to market and distribute their newly-acquired/re-acquired rights, so that they can enjoy sustainable artistic careers on their own terms. The labels will argue that the artists can’t do this; only the labels could possibly market and distribute their records. That argument gets a little more tenuous with each passing day.

Stay tuned for the mother of legal battles. It’s going to get very interesting as manager and former label head and owner Irving Azoff sides with the interest of his client, The Eagles, and takes on the very industry he helped create.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It Takes A Thief



One of the last major spy shows from the 1960s waiting for release is finally coming out- It Takes a Thief- starring Robert Wagner as cat burger-turned-spy! The complete series will be released in a box set on October 11th by Entertainment One, and will include all three seasons, interviews with cast/crew, pilot episode, a collectible photo book, and more. The current price on Amazon is a bit high at $179.99, but we'll keep keep our eye out for deals. Amazon has often made The Man From U.N.C.L.E. box set, also a high-ticket item, available at a discount.

Del Taco To Be Re-Designed

On August 12th, Landmarks Association received a notification via e-mail of a public meeting concerning the planning process of 212 South Grand (Del Taco). The meeting led by Alderwoman Marlene Davis and developer Rick Yackey was intended to be held at the former Del Taco at 6PM with 45 minutes dedicated to public comment.



The limited details in the public announcement left many scratching their heads of the nature of the meeting. Minutes before the scheduled meeting, preservation minded individuals and various reporters were asking each other what the meeting could be about. It could either go two ways; a statement on the demolition of the former gas station or a proposed redevelopment to attract new tenants.

Davis and Yackey arrived joking about tacos and burritos with the assembled crowd who sat on sticky red plastic benches in front of the vacant building. Within minutes, the meeting began. Davis spoke of the due diligence she and Yackey exhibited in finding an appropriate use for the building. She stated her pleasure with Yackey's planning process to date but patience was needed as a plan evolved. This meeting was intended to be the beginning of a series of public gatherings to inform the populous of the progress of 212 S. Grand.

Once Davis explained the purpose of the meeting, Yackey took the floor. The developer illustrated his comment to preservation by listing his rehab successes which resulted in saving over two million square feet of historic property. He wants to continue that commitment by adaptively re-using 212 S. Grand. The original plans from 1967 are in his possession and he is working with architects to redesign the former gas station without destroying its integrity. Yackey believes a re-use is feasible and getting a return on his investment looks promising. This a far cry from his sentiment two months ago at the Board of Aldermen Housing, Urban Planning and Zoning Committee meeting. At that time, Yackey believed the current building had limited parking and square footage and finding another entity to occupy the space would be a challenge. He stated that he wanted to create something that would be more compatible for new tenants. Thus, razing 212 S. Grand for new construction to attract nationally known tenants.

Yackey's is still trying to attract nationally known tenants even with the interest of local businesses including Pi Pizzeria and Kaldi's Coffee. The probability of one of these local retailers occupying the former Del Taco was questioned by a member of the crowd. Davis stated neither local retailers contacted Yackey. Yackey confirmed this statement at last night's meeting.

The change in heart from the developer and alderwoman is reassuring that the public outcry against the demolition of this contributing resource of the Council Plaza Historic District was effective. Several more buildings around the St. Louis metropolitan area, such as Brownhurst in Kirkwood, AAA Building on Lindell, the Rock Hill Presbyterian Church in Rock Hill and many more are threatened with the wrecking ball that Del Taco narrowly escaped. The quest to save the historic fabric of our built environment continues. For now, it appears one has been saved.

A second meeting has been scheduled on September 14th at 6pm at the same location. Renderings of the proposed redesign are scheduled to be at hand for public viewing at this meeting.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cocktail Nation 185-Tiki Oasis Report

Well on the show this week we get a report on Tiki Oasis which just finished up last week, news on a comeback by Doris Day, in review with Koop we talk about a new book by Shirley Maclaine plus the best lounge and Exotica from across the globe.

Karen Souza-Tainted Love
Frank Bennett-Pretend That Were Dead
Clouseaux-Destination- Oasis
Mr Ho’s Orchestra-Frenesi
Lalo Schifrin—Barney Does It All
Stan Getz-Penthouse Serenade
Orchestra Superstring- No Sho
.Melody Gardot- The Rain
Martini Kings-Girl From Ipanema
Jackie Gleason-Ruby
Duke Ellington-Way Early Subtone
Belmonte and His Afro American Music-Caravan
Janet Seidel-Midnight Sun
Naughty Ones -Azure Te

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Swank Advice-In Love with a Beautiful Woman


a letter to the Cocktail Nation this week from Andy in Capetown who writes...dear Koop.


I have been seeing this gorgeous girl on and off for about six months now. We are having a long distance relationship and she also happens to be a burlesque performer. I recently travelled to a show with her but was really put off by the amout of men learing at her. I have tried to keep my jealous feelings from showing but it's really tough. When we do meet up it's often when she is performing and it's really hard to make a connection. what should I do.

Well as Doctor Hook says "when you're in love with a beautiful woman you go it alone". Every time I hear that song I remember this Scandinavian model I dated. She was probably the most attractive woman I had ever been with at that time. Men would walk into lamp posts on the street looking at her.

Once we were in DC and she wore these really tight hot pants out shopping while I went to work. I watched her go from my hotel window and straight away some guy follows her. I always felt that everyman was after her. It was painful. Nowadays I have a far more cavalier attitude to women so my care factor is very low.

Thing I have learnt is that women won't respect you if you pine for them and if you feel threatened then you might project that, so be careful.

Regarding your connection, that is going to be really difficult when she probably has team mates she is performing with and maybe fans to meet. Tough one to try and cut through all the activity just to get five minutes.

Personally I wouldnt have gone because you run the risk of being a cheer squad. Ok, that said, you need to organize something super romantic, you need to steal her away for a couple of hours and win her over with a grand gesture. Perhaps a walk in a park or on the beach. Then as you walk and talk bring up the future and talk about how you wish you could spend more time together and where you see the relationship going.

Basically plan the future a bit.Set dates for the future, like the next trip to her city and try and spell out a future for you both, leave her with no illusions as to what your intentions are.

Hope that helps baby! K

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cocktail Nation Rewind-All Spy Show

This week Kooper is taking a vacation so he has pulled out a rerun for you , Enjoy the  all spy jazz show this week.
He went undercover to play the very best spy jazz from yesterday and today as he delves into the world of spy television talking to Wes Britton author of the book Spy Television and his website He talks to the guitarist on the original James Bond theme Vic Flick and the guardian of spy jazz today Tom Tremelo from Spy Fi.


Mel Torme – Secret Agent Man
Cyril Stapeleton –The Saint
Laurie Johnson-The Avengers
Vicki Carr-The Silencers
John Barrie 7-James Bond Theme
Hugo Montenegro- Get Smart
Henry Mancini-Walkin Bass
Spy Fi – Black Tie Spy
Al Cailoa-Man from Uncle
The four Esquires-James Bond theme
Cocktail Preachers-Spy Fi
Count Basie-From Russia with Love

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life In The Penthouse-The Gentle Man

Growing up I was like most young men I was often an angry and opinionated man. As I’ve aged I’ve started to mellow to become a more of a laid back kinda cat. But like I said for many years I would fly off the handle when things didn’t go my way and I guess working in a radio station doesn’t really help that much when that kind of behaviour is seen as perfectly acceptable.



I remember working at a talkback radio station where it was even more acceptable to behave like a jerk, infact if you didn’t then management really would not have thought that you care enough, they wanted passionate opinionated people and the more of a loudmouth pushy SOB you were then the better. I’ve managed to reduce producers to tears to bring them into line, I’ve screamed at sales reps to get out of my studio and I have threatened to sue the CEO and his management in a meeting. Oh, yeah, real jerk. But, to my defence the world of commercial radio is a really tough wilderness and after getting pushed around in my early days of radio I decided that I had to be the big dog in the building.

Do I regret this behaviour, well no, not really, it was necessary to survive and survive I did, but still, I would prefer to be liked than feared.

Those days are long gone and now as I work as a voiceover guy and producing the Cocktail Nation I live a more relaxed lifestyle and that is certainly better for my health and happiness.

Every now and then as I wander through the halls of radio stations to voice a commercial I hear screaming from an office, doors being slammed and raised voices behind boardroom walls and it makes me glad I don’t have to deal with that stuff anymore.

Recently I saw it in action in the street as a guy crossing the road had a car turn onto him, and it gave him a bit of a fright. Now nobody got hurt, the traffic was slow, there really wasn’t a chance of anyone getting injured but this guy carried on about it just like he had lost a leg.

Fact is he hadn’t, it was all good, nothing was wrong and he was just fine. It got me thinking about how people can over react to situations.

I was very guilty of this , but now I always try and make the conscious decision to stop, think and choose my course of action.

I guess what I am saying is that nowadays I don’t have a default mode when things go wrong.If I was to think of myself as a computer I have several settings.

I’m still not a pushover, and never will be, but my days of being quick to anger are well over, unless of course I have to get back into commercial radio!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cocktail Nation 184-Paris To Die For

Well how about this concept…Jackie O as a CIA  spy…..sounds pretty far out,we’ll find out more shortly with an author who has constructed a whole story around this concept, we’ll check out a new movie set in the sixties that tackles race relations, another book from Chris Pinto has been released plus the best classic and neo lounge and exotica from across the globe

paris to die for


Pink Martini-And The Your Gone
Mr Ho’s Orchestra-Arab Dance
Hugo Montenegro-I Spy
Tikiyaki Orchestra Theme For Jetsetters
Sir Julian-Dansero
Chaino -Sumac
Melody Gardot- Your Heart is As Black as Night
Orchestra Superstring-Lola On A Bicycle
Martini Kings-Fly Me To The Moon
Frank Sinatra -The Girl From Ipanema
Tamba Trio-Mas Que Nada
Beverly Kenny-Tea For Two
Janet Seidel-Canadian Sunset

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cocktail Nation 183-This Is Vintage Now

this week we talk to David Gasten the producer of a new album called this is Vintage now, in review with Koop a new website to pick up some cool stuff for your swank pad, we’ll take a look at the new tv series about those gorgeous flight hostesses from the 60’s.



Tikiyaki Orchestra-Mysteria
B Sharp Band -Destination Moon
Necrotonez-Fare Thee Well and Go to Hell
Chris Connor-Skyscraper Blues
Don Tiki-Odd Man Out
Midnight Combo-Soft Waving
Melody Gardot- Les Etoiles
Jimmy Vargas-Black Widow
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-La Fille Dans Le Train
Billy  May -Pawn Ticket
Buddy Cole-What Is There To Say
Mr Ho's Orchestrotica- Phoenix, Goodbye
Mel Tormé - Sunday In New York

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cocktail Nation 182-Aloha Baby

this week we talk to Jim Bacci from the Tikiyaki Orchestra who have a brand new album out, in swank advice we tackle the issue of who should pay for dinner on a date, I have a cool website on towns that have stood still and are like a time vortex.



Naughty One’s -Azure Te
Martini Kings-Last Aloha
Tikiyaki Orchestra-Aloha Baby
Peggy Lee-Bewitched
Metrolites-Today we Kill Tomorrow we Spy
Jack Jones-The Mood I’m In
Max Vesterhalt-Summertime
Melody Gardot-Baby I’m a Fool
Janet Seidel-Whatever Lola Wants
Voodoo Island-Hypnotique
Vicki Carr-When In Rome
HB Radke-Louis Prima Tribute
Frank Bennett-You’re just too Hip Baby
Mantovani-Latin Perfidia

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cocktail Nation 181-Murder on Tiki Island

this week we talk to the author of a new book murder on Tiki Island, there’s news from Tiki Farm, swank advice on vintage vs reproduction clothing and a look at the world of swank with some new events to attend plus another track from the new album This is Vintage Now.



Diana Krall-The Night We Called It a Day
Frank Sinatra-Luck Be A Lady
Mel Torme-Midnight Swinger
Vibes On Velvet-Topsy
Jack Jones-Michelle
Jimmy Vargas-Kat walkin Baby
Blake Jones and The Trike Shop-If Hawthorne Were Foggy
Tikiyaki Orchestra-Mysteria
Orchestra Superstring-Waterbed
Karen Souza-Tainted Love
Martini Kings-Song For My Father

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cocktail Nation Repeat 31-Robert Drasnin

Kooper has been on vacation this week so a repeat show where we take a look
at the Voodoo 2 album with Robert Drasnin…there’s a black comedy set in the Forties to check out.
So makes sure you buzz “penthouse level” flip him the password and head upstairs to the swankiest party in the city of Sydney …just don’t let slip that password to any of the squares ok!

Frank Sinatra-Summer Wind
Robert Drasnin-East of Xanadu
Robert Drasnin-Polynesian Bolero
Jack Costanzo-Blue Prelude
Cocktail Preachers-Martini 5-0
Stereophonic space Sound unlimited-Girl from Acapulco
Yma Sumac-Malambo no 1
Louis Prima -Beep Beep
Joe Loco-Nightmare
Antonio Carlos Jobim-She’s a Carioca
Voodoo Love- Waitiki
Si Zenter-Swingin on Something
Harlem Nocturne-Esquival
Dave Brubeck-Tangerine

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cocktail Nation 180-Major Healy

this week we continue out I Dream Of Jeanie theme with an interview I recorded with Bill Daily who played Major Healy when he was here in Sydney for the Supanova Convention,  in review with Koop we take a look at a new compilation release.
In swank advice I have some winning ideas on meeting people

major healy
Tikyaki Orchestra-ShakaHula Bossa Nova
Billy May- The Late Late Show
Big Kahuna and the Copa Cat Pack-I Dream Of Jeannie.
Jackie Gleason-It was So Beautiful
Tiki Joe’s Ocean-Under the Midnight Sun
Jack Jones I Will Wait For You
Lea Delaria-Call Me
Necro Tonz-Fare Thee Well and Go to Hell
Henry Mancini-Something For Cat
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica-Colardo Waltz
Al Caiola-720 in The Books
Nestor Amaral and His Continenals- Brazil.
Pink Martini -And Then Your Gone
Titio-Puente-Vibe Cha-Cha

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cocktail Nation 179-I Dream Of Jeane

this week we talk to Barbara Eden from I Dream Of Jeanie, she was here in Sydney for the Supanova Convention and I caught up with her for a quick Chat. There’s news on Jerry Lewis’s trip to Australia, I have a cool retro podcast to let you know about plus the best lounge and exotica from across the globe.


Combustible Edison-Vertigogo

Orchestra Supastring-Easy

Narco Lounge Combo-Music for Ice Rinks

Clouseaux-Jack the Ripper

Ernestine Anderson -Moonlight in Vermont

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica-Terre Exotique

Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass - I'm getting sentimental over you

Naughty Ones-Harlem Notcturne

Dante and His Orchestra-Suddenly It’s Spring

Enoch Lights-Walk On By

Tiki Joe's Ocean- Moonlight Moods

Moonlight Moods Les Baxter-Whatever Lola Wants

Chet Baker -Tenderly

Stan Kenton -Once In A While

Acca Daquiris-Cocaine

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cocktail Nation 178 Jennifer Keith

this week we talk to Jennifer Keith the canary of Royal Crown Revue who has a regular gig in long beach these days, we have some swank advice on what is not an international playboy, news on a famous dress that has been sold plus a great ebook on Elizabeth Taylor…I have some gigs to attend and a very cool blog all about mid century modern furniture.



Actual Rafique-Lunar Lizard Lounge

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica-Maika

Jennifer Keith -Imagination

Waitiki -Magic Islands

Janet Seidel-Miami Beach Rhumba

Jimmy Vargas-Ghosting

Jack Jones-A Day in the Life of A Fool

HB Radke-Sucker For Love

Enoch Lights-lover Cha Cha

Roger Roger- Rogermambo

Morton Gould-The Man I Love

Earle Hagan-There’s No Escape

Narco Lounge Combo-Taboo

Buddy Cole -Powerhouse

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cocktail Nation 177-Playboy Club

this week we check out a new tv show coming your way all about the first Playboy club in chicago in the early sixties, our segment ask koop we talk about retro accessories to make you pad retro yet functional.....I have lots of events across the world for you to check out. I'll let you know about a new business that will be partnering the Cocktail Nation, some cool parties to attend and revue with koop as we head back to 1959 with a cd I picked up that covers a rock n roll dj who recoreded some cool beatnik type poetry also tonight I have quite a few original vinyl recordings to share with you and ofcourse the cover art will be posted on the website.


Naughty Ones-I Dig Your Voodoo

Martini Kings-You Only Live Twice

Octobop-Playboys Theme

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica-Phoenix Goodbye

Harmonicats-Mambo Jambo

Jennifer Keith-An Occasional Man

Jack Jones-Michelle

Orchestra Superstring-Evidence

Mad Daddy-What is a Fisteris

Frank Sinatra-Call Me

Jackie Gleason-I Only Have Eyes For YOu

Narco Lounge Combo-Aztec West

Living Brass Sunshine Superman

Manuel And the Music Of The Mountains - la Vien Rose