Friday, December 3, 2010

Cocktail Nation 153-Waitiki 7 at Don The Beachcombers

On the show this week we talk to Randy Wong from Waitiki 7 about a massive and historical show that they have coming up at Don The Beachcombers, we have some wonderful events to attend, our segment ask koop and the look at the blogosphere with one sent in from an Australian listener, some more Christmas music to get you in the mood plus all the best lounge and exotica from across the world.

Royal Crown Revue-Christmas Greetings Love Is A Racket-Jimmy Vargas Waitiki 7 -The Magic Islands Alvino Rey -Rock Gently Astrud Gilberto-Who Needs Forever Orchestrotica-Terre Exotique Duke Ellington- Grace Valse Clouseaux-Parisio Martini Kings-Silver Bells Les Baxter-Mood Tattooed Combustible Edison-Call Of The Space Siren Indigo Swing-My Baby Comes Round at 8 Shagxotica-Blue Scooter John Coltrane- Nancy (With the Laughing Face) Three Suns-Fever