Monday, November 1, 2010

Life In The Penthouse-Automate Your Life

robotcleaningimagesCAB13RGT Whilst a fan of the fifties and sixties and quite clearly my appearance is that of a man stuck in a time warp I have always been a man who takes advantage of his current times. From attitudes to technology, and it is technology that I would like to talk about today.

As ladies man, man's man, man about town to quote Catcher Block in "Down With Love" I really have no desire to spend my spare time doing any domestic chores at all. Hell why should I !

The Last thing I want to do is be stuck at home ironing and washing when there are adventures to be had.

Now in the past, my attitude would be confined to movie stars and the extremely rich. Today however it is a lot cheaper to both get jobs done externally and to buy the right gadget for your life.

For those of us who grew up watching the Jetsons with all their marvellous gadgets well I am here to say that day has come.

Think of all the time you can have to do other things in your life like attending shows, going on dates, drives in the country, you could be at the movies....but no, sadly you are doing washing and ironing.

Now before we get into technology which is by far the cheapest way to go, you can actually get in a household cleaner once a week for around the $100 mark, possibly cheaper, who would clean your entire house and considering most of us who work fora living probably do the traditional weekend clean once a week then that's pretty good value.

For washing and ironing you can get a guy to do both of those jobs for just $12 a load which is pretty good value for a single man about town.

Once again think of all the time you are saving out and about having fun instead of being tied to the ironing board!

Now for those more fiscally challenged or perhaps if you aren’t comfortable with the idea of having strangers in your home, orstrangers handling your laundry why not invest in some good gadgets.

For example, a  company called I robot sells robots that will clean your pool, your carpet, will wash your floors and even robots that will clean your gutters.Now combine these gadgets with dishwashers, washing machines that wash and dry in the same cycle and life is a lot easier.

Today you can even buy an dryer that eliminates the need for ironing! Electrolux EDI 9615 Iron Aid Tumble Dryer takes care of

the drying It does this by a function called Iron Aid which isn't some benefit gig for the terminally creased, but a special cycle that shoots bursts of steam into clothes to take the creases out.

Not only that, but  it does pull a load of water of out of clothes, in fact you could say that this tumble dryer really does suck, but in a very good way!

I personally prefer having a person come in and clean the house once a week, this person also handles the washing and keeps my pad looking fantastic with little work for me.

Another area I should touch upon is cooking. Unless I am entertaining for two, I very rarely cook, I can't stand it, I don't find it fun and whenever I try to cook the whole apartment block knows I am killing a steak once the alarms start going off.

Solution, I eat out alot or I eat frozen meals. Using internet shopping I buy seven frozen meals and get them delivered along with whatever else I need.

You can even have a standing booking of the same products each week delivered straight to your door and charged to your credit card.

You can automate your finances nowadays with many major banks, pay goes in and with direct debit you have most of your bills paid which in itself a form of budgeting as you need to work out the amounts in advance of setting up the debits.

Finally you can even save time on a saturday morning by having breakfast at a carwash cafe and forking out as little as $25 for a full wash and vacuum of your car.

So there you go, there's no reason to get chained to the cleaning products ever again! Get automating!