Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cocktail Nation 150-Kooper hypnotized by the call of a Mermaid

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well how about this I have a mermaid on the show for you tonight, I found her in a tiki bar and we'll find out about her life and influences.
news of a sinatra film coming up on the show, spy fi news about their new album coming out, another sneak peak from Mr Ho's Orchestorica, we'll take a look a the world of swank and we'll tackle the issues of the world with our segment ask koop as we take a look at people who ignore inflight instructions from the cabin crew.


Mark Copeland-The Coffee Song
Vic Flick- Copacabinsky
Les Baxter-Simba
Abe Lagrimas- Headache
Frank Sinatra-You're So Right
Mancini- Something for Cat
Mr Ho's Orchestrotica- Street Scene
Martini Kings-Freddie the Freeloader
Spy Fi-Bryce's theme
Diana Krall-You're My Thrill
Combustible Edison -Impact
Preston Epps-Bongos in Pastel