Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cocktail nation 147-Fedora Chronicles

On the lounge music show this week we talk to the webmaster of one of the most fascinating retro websites and forums in the world, I’ve got another new track from the upcoming orchestrotica album for you to enjoy and a fabulous niche book publisher that I think you will find some great books for your library or to give to your retro scene friends.
We’ll head up to the Cocktail Nation blogsphere with another cool blog, plus there’s the look at the world of swank. Lots of great swank bachelor pad fun as we jetset to the swank world of the Cocktail Nation.
Blue Martini's-Hershey Bar
Frank Bennett-Been Caught Stealin
The Three Suns- Fever
Arthur Lyman- Leis of Jazz
Mr Ho's Orchestrotica- Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Combustible Edison Blue Light
Frank Sinatra-Dream Your Dreams Away
James Bond and His Sextet- Goldfinger
Waitiki 7 Sacha-cha
Bobby Darin- A Taste of Honey
Les Baxter- Coronation
Shagxotica- Crandall Meets His Match
Tiki Joes Ocean -Alegre
Xavier Cugat- La Dolce Vita
Martini Kings-Cuchy Frito Man
Jo Basile and His Accordian Orch - Mack The Knife