Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cocktail Nation 140 –Tiki Shark at the Mai Tai Festival

on the show this week I catch up with Brad Parker to talk about his time at the Mai Tai Festival, I'vegot some news of a re release of a Sinatra album out of 1965, a cool book on mad men and the sixties, a fantastic movie to see, our segment ask koop tackling the issue of physically getting stuck on public transport,our look at the world of swank and the Cocktail Nation blogosphere with another cool retro blog to dig.

Spy Fi-Web Theme
Martin Denny -Martinique
Royal Crown Revue-Salt Peanuts
Tak Shindo-Deep in The Heart Of Texas
Duke Ellington-Anatomy Of a Murder
Shagxotica-The Ghost Of Augie Colon
Billy May-Solving The Riddle
Frank Sinatra-September of my years
Jack Costanzo-Latin Fever
Waitiki 7-Flower Humming
Pink Martini-Ninna Nanna
Chaquito Big Band-The Spy With The Cold Nose
Martini Kings-Baby Elephant Walk
Esquivel & His Orchestra - Estrellita