Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cocktail Nation 143-Brad Parker and the Mayor

This week on the lounge and exotica podcast show we talk to Brad Parker from Tiki Shark and find out about his get out jail free card because of his Mayoral Connections! Some New Music from Mr Ho and find out how you can get this track for free!

I have lots of very swank events to attend across the globe, and our free advice column, ask Koop so join me as we suit up and and explore the world of swank.

The Mike Flowers Pops - Wonderwall

Cal Tjader-Soul Sauce

Waitiki 7-Totem Pole

Robert Drasden-Siren Song

Combustible Edison- Dior

Mr Ho's Orchestrotica-The Breeze & I

Tiki Joe’s Ocean Hawaii Blue

Walk The Plank-Salsa Rojo

Earle Hagen - I Spy Theme

Annie Ross- Everything I've Got

Jimmy Vargas-Nude on a Swing

Tikiyaki Orchestra -Bachelor No 1

John Barry - Lovers

Astrud Gilberto-Goodbye Sadness

Tony Bennett -How Insensitive

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cocktail Nation 142-Buddy Greco In His Own Words

This week on the lounge music podcast we hear from Buddy Greco in his own words from the Latest Martini Kings collaboration, a look at his life and loves, there’s news from Mr HO, a Hollywood legend has left us, the star of the  invasion of the Body Snatchers has died, Kevin McCarthy is his name, so a look at his life. I’ve got some great shows to attend, our look at the world of swank and Ask Koop

Frank Sinatra-Fly Me To The Moon
Janet Seidel-I Got Lost In His Arms 
Buddy Greco-Girl Talk  
Jackie Gleason -Just One More Chance 
Pink Martini- Taya Tan  138348379
John Barry 7- From Russia With Love 
SG Sound-The Imperial March Darth Vaders Theme
Jimmy Vargas-Torchin The  EL Rocco 
Julie London-Love For Sale 
Vicki Carr-  When In Rome (I Do As The Romans Do)
Tikiaki Orchestra-Exotique 
Lucas Vigor-So Daco Samba
Dave Brubeck-Perdido 
Tiki Joes Ocean-Under The Midnight Sun
Linda Lawson -Like Young

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cocktail Nation 141-Mondo Lounge and Portland MCM

This week we talk to the organiser of Mondo Lounge 3, we’ll find out about mid century modern homes in Portland and a lady who sells them.
There’s a book about collectible kitchy stuff, our world of swank and a cool blog in the’s the cocktail nation bring the world of swank to your living room.

Martini Kings-Days of Wine and Roses
Kenny Sasaki-Slow Dancer
Tiki Joes Ocean-Haleiwa Under the Midnight Sun
Dexter Gordon- The Shadow of Your Smile.
DJ Bonebrake- Abstract
HB Radke- Baby Skye
Les Baxter-Venzuela
Jackie Gleason-The House Is Haunted
Hugo Montenegro—Perfidia
Duke Ellington- Flirtibird
Pink Martini-Tea For Two
Ernestine Anderson- My Kinda Love
Spy Fi-Then Play Down
Tak Shindo - High Noon

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cocktail Nation 140 –Tiki Shark at the Mai Tai Festival

on the show this week I catch up with Brad Parker to talk about his time at the Mai Tai Festival, I'vegot some news of a re release of a Sinatra album out of 1965, a cool book on mad men and the sixties, a fantastic movie to see, our segment ask koop tackling the issue of physically getting stuck on public transport,our look at the world of swank and the Cocktail Nation blogosphere with another cool retro blog to dig.

Spy Fi-Web Theme
Martin Denny -Martinique
Royal Crown Revue-Salt Peanuts
Tak Shindo-Deep in The Heart Of Texas
Duke Ellington-Anatomy Of a Murder
Shagxotica-The Ghost Of Augie Colon
Billy May-Solving The Riddle
Frank Sinatra-September of my years
Jack Costanzo-Latin Fever
Waitiki 7-Flower Humming
Pink Martini-Ninna Nanna
Chaquito Big Band-The Spy With The Cold Nose
Martini Kings-Baby Elephant Walk
Esquivel & His Orchestra - Estrellita