Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life In The Penthouse-Three Cool albums just arrived

So pleased today to see that the latest Martini Kings albums arrived at the Penthouse and man they are so so good. The three albums are Live at the Rumba Room, Lost in Paradise and the Buddy Greco Sessions.
Normally I will get an album at a time but when two come at once it's easy to feel overwelmed!
Cruising around Sydney listening to these albums I was transfered to a swanker place, I could really feel the vibe of the Rumba Room as the Martini Kings swung through their version of Watermelon Man.
In Lost in Paradise I was spun out by the title track ....a great cd with all new original songs featuring the 35 piece martini kings orchestra!
There's also the Martini Kings/ the Buddy Greco sessions as the Martini Kings teamed up with lounge legend buddy greco for the ultimate swanky lounge cd.
All 3 cd's will be available for the first time at tiki oasis in the vending area and the guys tell me they down to the last 20 limited edition martini kings mugs designed by squid available at tiki oasis.
Make sure you head to the