Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life in the Penthouse- Interesting People On the Phone

Just got off the phone with Andy Nazzal from Tiki Joes Ocean, we did a fantastic interview for the Lounge Music Podcast 2-Pnl Jewel Case Insert [Converted] which you will just have to dig and I certainly encourage you to grab that brand new cd Under the Midnight Sun. Andy takes the themes of Exotica, Latin & Lounge and presents to us a lush world of gorgeous sounds aided by some of the greatest musicians around. It features Dave “Squid” Cohen on Drums & Percussion, Mark Riddle aka “Marty Lush” on the Vibraphone, France’s Jimmy Virani on Theremin, Jack Aldrich on Lap Steel/Hawaiian Guitars, Maui’s Cudra Clover on Flute, and introducing to the world of Exotica, the amazing guitarist Alika Lyman, great-nephew to Exotica Legend Arthur Lyman.