Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Could Retro Culture Die?

Just the other day I was chatting to a friend about retro
subculure and whether or not there was a micro economy in
existence. Sadly I don't believe that any such micro economy
does truly exist, sure there are some who are supportive of
bands, artists and authors but on the whole most of us probably
don't support as well as we should.
One must remember that the only way the music and culture
that you love will continue,is if it is supported.
If everybody committed to buying two products each year, and
attending two shows each year as a bare minimum then I think
you could safely say that you could keep the micro economy
moving along.
Now don't get me wrong, this is not about feathering the nests
of artists, producers of content, musicians and others, this is
about keeping the whole culture moving. People who produce
need to feel the love, and when they are spending lots of
money and time on projects that nobody seems to care about
then the future can look pretty bleak.
Very few of us in this business do it for the money, granted
some are doing very well but in my experience in twenty years
of retro culture most do it for passion, love and because they
Now that rant was directed at fans and consumers of culture,
ok, now for those who produce content I encourage you to do
the same. If you need to get cover art for an album done then
choose the guy in the scene, pay him and be don't a tight ass.
Pay ontime and don't leave him wondering why he accepted
the job. Sometimes like family we can be harsh on the people
we love, so be mindful of those people who can help you, ask
around and you will often be surprised.
Finally make sure you support the culture you love because I
can tell you it can quickly disappear, I have seen it happen literally
before my eyes, remember that these are your friends, they are
people you probably have more in common with than any of
your family, they are the people who can truly get what you do
and get who you are.