Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cocktail Nation 136-More Tiki Joes Ocean

On the show this week we find out about a new show to hit broadway,we talk to Andy Nazzal about the new Tiki Joes Ocean album, we have our segment ask Koop as we tackle the issue of RSVP behaviour  and a brand new segment as we head into the Cocktail Nation Blogosphere and find some cool blogs to check out.....there's the look at the world of swank and a stack of lounge and exotica coming your way on the lounge music podcast.

B Sharp Big Band -Frenesi
Stolen Idols-Black Orchid
Tiki Joes Ocean-UnderThe Midnight Sun
John Barry - Fancy Dance 
SG Sound-Satellite_Feed
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-Robotheque
Bob Thompson - Sub Manhatten Blues

Billy May- Mannix
HB RADKE-Sucker For Love

Martini Kings -Stardust
George Shearing Mambo Inn
Armando Stella - Who's Sorry Now
Warren Covington and Tommy Dorsey Orch