Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cocktail Nation 139-Martini Kings Vs Shag


On The Lounge music podcast and radio show this week we talk to Tony Marscio from the Martini Kings about the stack of releases from the guys recently some great music to add to your collection, Last friday night I caught up with Shag at the Outre Gallery here in Sydney and I’ll play back that chat for you as we check out his inscrutable mystery guide, our segments ask Koop and the blogosphere back this week plus we’ll take a look at Tiki Oasis from last week.

Vibes On Velvet-Jorges Basement

Cal Tjader-The Way You Look Tonight

Martini Kings-Lost In Paradise

Julie London- The End of a Love Affair

Waitiki7 -Ruby Janet Seidel- Straight To Baby

Moe Koffman- Swinging Shepard Blues

Acutal Rafiq-One way ticket to Thrillville

Frank Sinatra- The Best is Yet To Come

Alvino Rey-A Swingin Fling

Les Baxter- Saturday Night on Saturn

Chet Baker- The Touch of Your Lips

Frank Bennett -Everything Counts

Tiki Joes Ocean-Sand

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cocktail Nation 138-Will the Thrill

Cocktail Nation thanks to Tiki Shark with Koop Kooper. on the show this week we talk to Will the Thrill about his brand new book, I’ve got news about an incredible video store that is closing down this week, but there will be some bargains for you to grab, there’s some more Bond film news. I’ll let you know about a fantastic release for that you need to have in your collection, in our ask koop segment we find out how you should handle an accidental dog poisoning issue, there’s the world of swank and a cool blog to follow in our blogosphere.


Tiki Joe’s Ocean-Moonlight Moods

Combustible Edison-Breakfast at Denny’s

Actual Raiq-Lunar lounge lizard

Esquivel & His Orchestra - La Raspa

Martini Kings-Fly Me To The Moon

Kenny Sasaki-Slow Dancer

Jackie Gleason-Get Out Of Town

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica-Arab Dance

Frank Sinatra- All My Tomorrows

Bob Thompson- On The Rocks

Les Baxter- The Other Side of the Moon

Jimmy Vargas-Black Widow

Royal Crown Revue-Deadly Night Call

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Could Retro Culture Die?

Just the other day I was chatting to a friend about retro
subculure and whether or not there was a micro economy in
existence. Sadly I don't believe that any such micro economy
does truly exist, sure there are some who are supportive of
bands, artists and authors but on the whole most of us probably
don't support as well as we should.
One must remember that the only way the music and culture
that you love will continue,is if it is supported.
If everybody committed to buying two products each year, and
attending two shows each year as a bare minimum then I think
you could safely say that you could keep the micro economy
moving along.
Now don't get me wrong, this is not about feathering the nests
of artists, producers of content, musicians and others, this is
about keeping the whole culture moving. People who produce
need to feel the love, and when they are spending lots of
money and time on projects that nobody seems to care about
then the future can look pretty bleak.
Very few of us in this business do it for the money, granted
some are doing very well but in my experience in twenty years
of retro culture most do it for passion, love and because they
Now that rant was directed at fans and consumers of culture,
ok, now for those who produce content I encourage you to do
the same. If you need to get cover art for an album done then
choose the guy in the scene, pay him and be don't a tight ass.
Pay ontime and don't leave him wondering why he accepted
the job. Sometimes like family we can be harsh on the people
we love, so be mindful of those people who can help you, ask
around and you will often be surprised.
Finally make sure you support the culture you love because I
can tell you it can quickly disappear, I have seen it happen literally
before my eyes, remember that these are your friends, they are
people you probably have more in common with than any of
your family, they are the people who can truly get what you do
and get who you are.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cocktail Nation 137-Shag is back

on the show this week we'll find out about an Australian tour for
Shag which is coming to Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.
I've got a cool car show to attend to pick up a fifties
Italian sports car, a request for a long time listener to play , news
from Wes Britton about a new book on James Bond, we take a look at the world
of swank with some fabulous events to attend across the
world, our segment ask koop tackling text etiquete, and we'll
head into the Cocktail Nation Blogosphere with another cool
blog to read.


Martini Kings-Bags Groove
Kenny Sasaki-A Night Of Ghosts
Tiki Joes Ocean-Quiet Voyage
Astrud Gilberto- Fly Me to the Moon
OctoBop- Prom To Prom
Waitiki 7-Sweet Pikake Serenade
Jackie Gleason-Darn That Dream
The Blue Dahlia- Ill Wind
Ernestine Anderson- Moonlight In Vermont
Esquivel- Guanacoa
Orchestroica-Thor’s Arrival
Chaquito Big Band- The Spy's Wife
Sally Street -Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You
Frank Sinatra- That’s Life Nothing But the Best

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

You know when I was growing up in the seventies and eighties there was a sense of positivity in the world. I'm not talking about valium induced cheshire grin, I'm talking about a quiet positivity that all would work out in the world,a sense of pride in a job well done and an enthusiasm for the next day. Read the newspaper, talk to your local green grocer or taxi driver and it's all doom and gloom. I blame the environmentalists for this negative attitude and their band aid approach to sustainability. It's as if we expect the world to be perfect, politicians to be honest and teenagers to not vandalize or get drunk. We have not only become negative about our future but also unrealistic expectation for today.

Nowadays we expect the children's entertainer to be a pedophile, we expect the nanny to be sleeping with the boss, expect to be ripped off, we expect bad service and we are surprised when the opposite occurs. Our cultural negativity has got so bad that I am now hearing people talk about the demise of Capitalism! What, surely it can't be true!.

Just look at the new carbon laws that will eventually put the wheels that turn business in the hands of non-elected bodies of authority. There is onestandard rule when one seeks power - once the people are convinced the only obstacle to absolute power is business and money. And what better way to finish one's rise to power than bring the wheels of capitalism to a grinding halt. Like a remake of a really bad B-movie, the world is being confronted with a radical ideology once again but with a new twist. In the 1930s we were confronted with the socialist ideal of the “master race.” Today it has been spun into the all encompassing ideal of an “Environmentally Friendly,” or “Green" world. Certainly this new slogan is not as awe inspiring as the old motto, but trust me it is just as dangerous to the ideas of freedom, democracy and capitalism as the old one was. Let’s not also forget that when the first Nazi movement began it was an appealing idea to many. Even a certain ambassador to Germany from the United States, a man by the name of Kennedy thought it looked good at the beginning. Then he came to his senses. So let’s not be fooled again, but this time by a man named Gore. The key to understanding what is going on with this furry and political hype around “Global Warming” is best understood from a historical context. Just read the historical footnotes on the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany in the 1930s. The bottom line, there was a crisis. Unemployment was rampant; the economy was still in free fall from the Great Depression. People were out of work and they were starving.

The socialists promised that they could prevent this decline into anarchy and chaos and provide everyone with a good paying job. Furthermore they were offering to create a society that was both fulfilling and lasting (read in here the word sustainability), if only you followed theirway. But as with all great utopian dreams there is a caveat, they warned that there was very little time left and if their ideas and warnings were ignored, the German State would collapse entirely in just a few years. Any of this sound familiar? Basically they used fear to intimidate the people into believing in their point of view. Now, I’m all in favour of doing what is right. If there is a problem or crisis, only time and “real science” will show whether or not man is the cause of this notable change taking place around us on this planet.

Furthermore, the fact that the planet has been around for billions of years, I argue that another 10 or even 20 more years of investigation and research, will not doom our civilization or the planet. This way, should those beating the “Warming” drum the loudest, with their "new" Leni Riefenstahl behind the camera – end up being wrong, we will not be in a position of regret for rushing into many decisions and choices that may end up creating that very Hell on earth, that we all are trying to avoid. And for those of you still not convinced by my arguments, go get yourself a copy of Mein Kampf. And everywhere you can infer the words “Jewish Religion,” replace them with the words “Carbon Emitter,” and then tell me I’m wrong.

We can never forget that the most important time of all to ask a question, is when everyone agrees, for one reason or another upon the same answer. The bottom line for all is that we need to remain positive and forget about the doomsdayers, the world will not end tomorrow and lets face it, negativity is a bit of a mental blocker when it comes to thinking up incredible ideas for a sustainable world

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cocktail Nation 136-More Tiki Joes Ocean

On the show this week we find out about a new show to hit broadway,we talk to Andy Nazzal about the new Tiki Joes Ocean album, we have our segment ask Koop as we tackle the issue of RSVP behaviour  and a brand new segment as we head into the Cocktail Nation Blogosphere and find some cool blogs to check out.....there's the look at the world of swank and a stack of lounge and exotica coming your way on the lounge music podcast.

B Sharp Big Band -Frenesi
Stolen Idols-Black Orchid
Tiki Joes Ocean-UnderThe Midnight Sun
John Barry - Fancy Dance 
SG Sound-Satellite_Feed
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-Robotheque
Bob Thompson - Sub Manhatten Blues

Billy May- Mannix
HB RADKE-Sucker For Love

Martini Kings -Stardust
George Shearing Mambo Inn
Armando Stella - Who's Sorry Now
Warren Covington and Tommy Dorsey Orch

Life In The Penthouse-Three Cool albums just arrived

So pleased today to see that the latest Martini Kings albums arrived at the Penthouse and man they are so so good. The three albums are Live at the Rumba Room, Lost in Paradise and the Buddy Greco Sessions.
Normally I will get an album at a time but when two come at once it's easy to feel overwelmed!
Cruising around Sydney listening to these albums I was transfered to a swanker place, I could really feel the vibe of the Rumba Room as the Martini Kings swung through their version of Watermelon Man.
In Lost in Paradise I was spun out by the title track ....a great cd with all new original songs featuring the 35 piece martini kings orchestra!
There's also the Martini Kings/ the Buddy Greco sessions as the Martini Kings teamed up with lounge legend buddy greco for the ultimate swanky lounge cd.
All 3 cd's will be available for the first time at tiki oasis in the vending area and the guys tell me they down to the last 20 limited edition martini kings mugs designed by squid available at tiki oasis.
Make sure you head to the


Life in the Penthouse- Interesting People On the Phone

Just got off the phone with Andy Nazzal from Tiki Joes Ocean, we did a fantastic interview for the Lounge Music Podcast 2-Pnl Jewel Case Insert [Converted] which you will just have to dig and I certainly encourage you to grab that brand new cd Under the Midnight Sun. Andy takes the themes of Exotica, Latin & Lounge and presents to us a lush world of gorgeous sounds aided by some of the greatest musicians around. It features Dave “Squid” Cohen on Drums & Percussion, Mark Riddle aka “Marty Lush” on the Vibraphone, France’s Jimmy Virani on Theremin, Jack Aldrich on Lap Steel/Hawaiian Guitars, Maui’s Cudra Clover on Flute, and introducing to the world of Exotica, the amazing guitarist Alika Lyman, great-nephew to Exotica Legend Arthur Lyman.