Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cocktail Nation 131-Tiki Oasis

This week on the show we talk to Otto about Tiki Oasis 10, there are some big acts there once again this year, Brad Parker has been working hard creating some incredible art …got some great news about the return of a weekender that has been missing in action for a while, our segment ask koop tackles dental hygiene.

Don Tiki-Pajama Tops
DJ Bonebrake-Bernstein 007
Martin Denny- Love Dance -
Eartha Kitt- April in Portugal
Abe Lagrimas-Everpresent
John Buzon Trio- Ill Wind
Buddy Greco-Girl Talk
SG Sound-Escapade Velocity
Frank Bennet-Pretend That We're Dead
Willie Smith- Sophisticated Lady
Arthur Lyman - Cubana Chant
Janet Seidel-Moment To Moment
Hugo Montenegro-Come Spy With Me