Monday, May 31, 2010

Life In the Penthouse-Kooper Defends Retro Antiquities

Over the weekend the Sydney Morning Herald ran a story about a man by the name of Paul Rosenberg who has decieded run a three
month Drive in Movie cinema at the Randwick Racecourse carpark. This is the first time the eastern suburbs has seen a drive in movie
cinema in thirty years. The 2nd of July is the opening night with a predictable showing of Grease on the big screen.
Shortly after reading this story I was checking my facebook account and noticed that two of my Sydney listeners was very excited
about this event and were clearly going to attend. It got me thinking about the support that we offer the real deal historical antiquities in our society.

The Drive in is a perfect example, I am sure many retrofiles will jump into their classic cars and head out to this event for a fun night, but here is the problem, in Sydney we have only one Drive in left in the entire city, one has survived, and it's been in it's current location since the early 1960's, I'm talking about Blacktown Drive In.
Each year puts more pressure on Blacktown's existance as the land values increase, the operating profit must make the venture worthwhile.

Sentiment goes some way to ensuring the survival of this venue, but when Amalgamated Holdings shareholders start to think their returns will be higher with capital utilised elsewhere, its all over. Thankfully Greater Union operate this drive-in theatre efficiently and professionally and should be commended for ensuring a big slice of Australian way of life lives into the new century.

Here's my problem with the Paul Rosenberg takes away from the one struggling Drive in Cinema that exists today, sure people will flock to his night, but what about the other 365 nights of the year. If you love the Drive in Movies why not go to the extra effort and drive to Blacktown, sure if you are in the Eastern suburbs it's around a forty kilometre drive, but so what, pretty much going anywhere in Sydney is about that distance.

My point is that we have a wonderful Antiquity in the Blacktown Drive in that we really should support, infact there are many other wonderful surviving institutions across Sydney that we love, but do not offer any love to.
Then one day they are gone and we mourn, it doesn't have to be that way, if there is an old coffee shop that you love, go there, if there is a band that plays your kind of music then go along as often as you can an support them because they won't be there forever.

Lets not get caught up in one entraupenours dreams to stage a retro evening with some tacky Rock N Roll dancers and a pretty poor movies when the real deal exists just down the road.