Monday, May 3, 2010

Life In The Penthouse-Bel Air in Australia

  Great examples of mid  century modern homes is fairly rare in Australia. Most homes back in the fifties and sixties were fairly conservative for the time and often looked more like the houses built through the thirties.

In a little place to the south of Sydney called Berry there is a wonderful mid century modern  home that most people in Sydney have driven past and commented upon.
On a recent visit to the south coast holiday house I cruised through Berry and to my surprise that very house is for sale.

A call to the real estate agent revealed much of it's interesting history.

This house has a name, Bel Air, rather fitting considering the Californian cool that the house exhibits. I discovered that this six bedroom house was built in 1956 by a local vet by the name of Dr George Boris who designed and built the house which since him has only had one other owner. The current owner has had the house since 1997 and is responsible for the interior restoration which I would classify as acceptable but hardly outstanding for a Heritage Listed home.

I've included some pictures of the lovely home which I am told will fetch at auction over $900,000, not a bad price for a rare mid century modern home out of the very expensive Sydney market.  So if you are on the lookout for a very cool house which at this stage of it's life has been making a nice earner for it's owners as a $1000 a night holiday rental along with TV, movie and magazine appearances then this one could be for you!  Bel Air goes to auction on the 30th of May and is represented by Elders of Berry.