Friday, April 2, 2010

Cocktail Nation 118-I Spy

Cocktail Nation thanks to Tiki Shark with Koop Kooper
On the show tonight we take a look at the life of Robert Culp from the 60’s TV show I Spy, we’ll take a look at this life and the wonderful TV show
Our segment that has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize Ask Koop is back tonight plus a few cool events to attend across the globe.
I have found the most amazing website for you about a fictional town from the fifties called Elgin Park plus some very cool classic and neo lounge and exotica

Lucas Vigor-WapWap
Spy Fi-WEB Theme
Hugo Montenegro-Theme From I Spy
David Carroll -  Baia
Bob Thompson -  Midnight Sailing
Diana Krall-The Boy From Ipanema
Jack Costanzo & His Orchestra—Latin Fever
Tiki Joe's Ocean-Baxter Pad
Arthur Lyman-Fire down below
Lushy-Bella Beretta
Alvino Rey- I love Paris.
Kava Kon-Chinese Surfer
Vicki Carr-The Silencers
Waitiki 7- Sacha-cha
Esquivel - Temptation