Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life in the Penthouse-Knot tied down

This week I received an invitation to a fundraising event where our former Prime
Minister will be speaking.
I must say I am pretty excited to attend this gala simply because he is speaking.
Now this has nothing to do with politics, I just like hearing good speechmakers.
This is a pretty swish occasion, and a friend who is attending with me asked if I was
wearing jacket and tie as he was considering wearing an open necked shirt with a
I suppose I shouldn't be to surprised by this attitude but I did express to him my
utter horror that he would attend an event hosted by a former head of state with
out a tie. Surely of all the things you would get invited to in a calender year this
would warrant dressing up just slightly. My friend tells me with a shrug that he just
hates ties, he feels they are restrictive. He goes onto tell me that he only owns one
tie and one suit. I on the other hand own one hundred ties and fifteen suits.
So I've done some research as to why men seem to be quick to dismiss the tie and
the most men say "It’s like wearing a noose. It’s like wearing a dog collar.” This is
absurd. I think many men hate ties because their shirts don’t fit because they are
clinging to their boyhood neck size and they don’t want to have to try to button the
Other men hate ties because they suspect their own taste and the selection of a tie
presents a much higher degree of difficulty than choosing between a blue chalk stripe
and a gray flannel suit. I think anyone who has a highly evolved aesthetic sense
should welcome the expressive opportunity a tie presents.
I've always though that one of the great things about male fashion is that you could
literally go through life with one white shirt, several ties and one suit and always look
good. Naturally I go to extremes with everything I do, but I must say, having as
many ties as I do really does help. My personal collection includes vinatge ties from
my three favourite decades, the forties, fifties and sixties, wide, thin, ultra thin and
even short.
Regardless of the suit I wear, I can always guarantee that I will look different and
Ties are fantastic because they take the blank page that is a white shirt and they add
a marvelous colour and style plus they can be a reflection of your own individual
style. Furthermore, for the young single man they can be the perfect talking point.
Every single time I go out I always have young ladies comment on my tie, every
single time! Who doesn't want that kind of attention from the fairer sex.
So gentlemen, get to your menswear store and start picking out some snappy ties
and while you are there grab some nice tie bars and cufflinks and I'll see you out on
the town.