Friday, March 12, 2010

Cocktail Nation 115-Athan Maroulis

Cocktail Nation thanks to Tiki Shark with Koop Kooper…and on the show this week we talk to a New York personality by the name of Athan Maroulis who produces the odd album or two and has performed with a fantastic band around NYC called the Blue Dahlias.
I’ll let you know how you can get that new SPY FI single.
I’ve got some letters to the show to read, our segment ask koop, a look at the world of swank with news on the oldest tiki bar in the world lighting it’s flame for the first time in twenty five years, theres a Bob Thompson re release out there that you need to get plus we’ll play all the best classic and neo lounge and exotica.

Vibes On Velvet-Ink Mysterioso
Sally Street-Teach Me Tonight
The Blue Dahlias-Brazil
Martini Madness-Dreamavoo
Henry Mancini-The Brothers Go to Mothers
Spy Fi-WEB Theme
Ninapinta -  Satisfaction.
Walk The Plank-Salacious Sunset
Martini Kings-You Only Live Twice
Vic Flick-From Russia With Love
Martin Denny  - Exotica
Richard Shory - . Crocodile Crawl
Max Versterhalt-Summertime
Tiki Tones-Gomez
Hal Mooney -Baby It’s Cold Outside