Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life in the Penthouse-Worst Restaurant Ever


Today I experienced what is probably the worst restaurant I have ever been to. The reason I write this blog is simply because the internet is a wonderful way to tell others about your experiences so as to hopefully encourage other establishments to pull up their socks and also to help other decent establishments achieve greatness.

Today I was in Beverly Hills in Sydney and chose to take my friend to the Thai Pogoda on King Georges Road.

From the minute I walked in and sat down I was put off by the atmosphere. The waiter had a talkback radio station blaring in the reception area. God knows why you would choose to have talkback radio as opposed to gentle relaxing cd’s. Instead some loudmouth blowhard is banging on about the state of the nation (I should know, I used to be one of those loudmouths)

The restaurant was empty (probably my first clue) and the moron decides to seat us at the back of the restaurant, I told him we would prefer a window seat, he obliges grudgingly.

Within seconds of scanning the menu he is asking to take our order,two things are no longer on the menu despite being listed.

He then takes my order and asks that dreaded question by moron waiters who are clueless “Would you like you entre first?”  (no I’d like desert first ya creep)

Five minutes later he comes back and tells me that the Coconut juice I ordered is not available (third item not there)

The meal takes forever to come and he bring my guests meal first, I have to wait. Finally mine comes and after a couple of bites I notice that the lamb is raw. It’s sent back and I can literally hear him throwing it into a fry pan, so now my thai salad comes back all steaming hot.

Finally, I am taking the last bites of this pretty ordinary Thai Salad which is jammed into the smallest bowl possible and guess what the creep waiter is doing…hovering, ready to snatch the plate away, charge me $35, with no discount for screwing up my meal and then get back to days of our lives which he is watching at the back of the restaurant. Worst restaurant ever, bad service and bad food with a waiter who doesn’t care.