Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life in the Penthouse -A Trip to the Zoo and fat people on the elevator


Went to the Zoo with a friend from out of town today and I gotta tell you Sydney's Taronga Zoo is superb.
Taronga Zoo is known as the ‘zoo with a view’ due to its location on a hill overlooking Sydney Harbour. It covers 28 hectares and offers stunning views of the harbour, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. It is home to over 2600 Australian and international animals representing approximately 340 species.
Taronga Zoo was the first public zoo in New South Wales. It opened in 1884 in Moore Park on the site now occupied by Sydney Boys High School. In 1908, the secretary of the zoo was inspired by a visit to Hamburg Zoo in Germany, returning to Sydney with the dream of building a bar-free zoo. He soon realised this would not be possible at the original site. In 1916 the zoo was moved to Mosman to give the animals more space and allow for future growth.

I've been to quite a few Zoo's across the world and whilst it might sound bias to say this is the best since I live in this spectacular city. Having grown up in Brisbane and then travelling the world with the pro tennis tour, living in Denmark and then in regional Australia for seven years and now for the last three years making Sydney my home I feel lucky to be able to sample this city with the eyes of a tourist whilst having the good fortune of living here.

So next time you are in Sydney make sure you make Taronga Zoo your first stop.

Now before I go, one last thing. I noticed that due to the gradient of the Zoo there are lots of steps and lots of elevators. For some reason there seems to be a lot of people who seem quite able bodied who are using the elevators rather than the steps. Ok, parents with prams and old people should use the elevator, but seriously it's no wonder the western world is getting fatter and fatter when people can't make simple choices like walking upstairs.