Monday, February 22, 2010

Life In The Penthouse-A Single Man

Last Night I was invited to a film preview at Fox Studios here in Sydney. The Film is called "A Single Man".
What a film,I was impressed by the writing, impressed by the casting and impressed by the set design.
You just have to see this film. The message is all about love and isolation and the ending will amaze you.
A Single Man is based on the novel of the same name by Christopher Isherwood. It was directed by fashion designer Tom Ford, who, as a first-time director, had to finance it himself. The film stars Colin Firth as the protagonist George Falconer, a gay British university professor living in Southern California in 1962. The film places emphasis on the clothes and architecture of the 1960s; the production design is by the same team that designed the TV series Mad Men, which is set in the same era.
Check it out today!