Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cocktail Nation 112-Julie O’Hara

Koop Kooper is tired, been hunting through charity stores in the south of Sydney this week ….it’s been an interesting week with
another two rumours my spies have dug up and back again this week all  the usuals like the look at the world of swank and ask koop back this week and last week we played a gal who I’ve said reminds me of a female Chet Baker, her name is Julie O’hara and we’ll chat to her this week plus I’ll  take a look at a magnificent album dedicated to Mancini  by another Australian Canary who we spoke to a few weeks ago by the name of Janet Seidel.

Al Caiola - Thunderball
Blue Zombies-Call Me
Julie O'Hara -I fall in Love to Fast
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-La Casa Gialla
Esquivel- Flower Girl From Bordeaux
Janet Seidel-Days of Wine and Roses
Jackie Gleason But Not for Me
BSharp Big Band feat Fiona Thorn-C'est Magnifique
Lena Horne - I Love To Love
Billy May - You're The Top
Cocktail Angst-BatesMotel
Xavier Cugat-Frenesi
Diana_Krall-Quiet Nights
Don Tiki-Friendly Islands
Pink Martini-Temporido
Bob Thompson-The Song is you
Arthur Lyman Group—Quiet Village