Saturday, February 27, 2010

Repeat Cocktail Nation 65 legend of Comedy Shelley Berman

This week Koop Kooper is on vacation so he chosen some of the best show to play while he is away getting a tan…this week we replay the week that Kooper was joined by a legend ....legend of comedy Shelley Berman plus we'll play a track of his 1959 album Inside Shelley Berman .

Machine-Miss Lilethal Blues
Combustible Edison-Millionaires Holiday
Dave Pell-This could be the start of something new
Bert Kaemfert-My Way Of Life
Perez Prado-Campanitas De Cristal
Bob Thompson-The Song is you
Nelson Riddle-Time and Space
Martini Kings—So Danco Samba
Alan Hawkshaw-Bluebird
Syd Dale-Sanfrancisco BaySally Street-You Don't Know Me
Mark Copeland-The Lady Is A Tramp
Spy Fi-Penetration
Keith Mansfield-The Green Room
Diana Krall Why Should I Care

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life in the Penthouse-Worst Restaurant Ever


Today I experienced what is probably the worst restaurant I have ever been to. The reason I write this blog is simply because the internet is a wonderful way to tell others about your experiences so as to hopefully encourage other establishments to pull up their socks and also to help other decent establishments achieve greatness.

Today I was in Beverly Hills in Sydney and chose to take my friend to the Thai Pogoda on King Georges Road.

From the minute I walked in and sat down I was put off by the atmosphere. The waiter had a talkback radio station blaring in the reception area. God knows why you would choose to have talkback radio as opposed to gentle relaxing cd’s. Instead some loudmouth blowhard is banging on about the state of the nation (I should know, I used to be one of those loudmouths)

The restaurant was empty (probably my first clue) and the moron decides to seat us at the back of the restaurant, I told him we would prefer a window seat, he obliges grudgingly.

Within seconds of scanning the menu he is asking to take our order,two things are no longer on the menu despite being listed.

He then takes my order and asks that dreaded question by moron waiters who are clueless “Would you like you entre first?”  (no I’d like desert first ya creep)

Five minutes later he comes back and tells me that the Coconut juice I ordered is not available (third item not there)

The meal takes forever to come and he bring my guests meal first, I have to wait. Finally mine comes and after a couple of bites I notice that the lamb is raw. It’s sent back and I can literally hear him throwing it into a fry pan, so now my thai salad comes back all steaming hot.

Finally, I am taking the last bites of this pretty ordinary Thai Salad which is jammed into the smallest bowl possible and guess what the creep waiter is doing…hovering, ready to snatch the plate away, charge me $35, with no discount for screwing up my meal and then get back to days of our lives which he is watching at the back of the restaurant. Worst restaurant ever, bad service and bad food with a waiter who doesn’t care.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Life In The Penthouse-A Single Man

Last Night I was invited to a film preview at Fox Studios here in Sydney. The Film is called "A Single Man".
What a film,I was impressed by the writing, impressed by the casting and impressed by the set design.
You just have to see this film. The message is all about love and isolation and the ending will amaze you.
A Single Man is based on the novel of the same name by Christopher Isherwood. It was directed by fashion designer Tom Ford, who, as a first-time director, had to finance it himself. The film stars Colin Firth as the protagonist George Falconer, a gay British university professor living in Southern California in 1962. The film places emphasis on the clothes and architecture of the 1960s; the production design is by the same team that designed the TV series Mad Men, which is set in the same era.
Check it out today!



This week Koop Kooper is on vacation so he chosen some of the best show to play while he is away getting a tan…this week we replay the week that Kooper was joined by a legend ....Mr Bongo, Jack Costanzo...we talk about his start in the business, his magnificent career and naturally Bongos.....some sad news on the passing of Yma Sumac and we catch up with Nick Limansky who is the author of Yma Sumac the art behind the legend, a look at the world of Swank with another Kooper live gig coming up plus all the very best classic and neo lounge has been piled up on the penthouse hi fi.

Combustible Edison-Pink Victim
Sammy Davis Jr That old Black Magic
Jack Costanzo-Latin Affair
Henry Mancini-Something For Cat
Tipsy -Hey
Yma Sumac-Bo Mambo
Martini Kings-Dance of the virgins
Waitiki-The Magic Islands
Vic Flick-Shaken not Stirred
Roni Perez -Fly me to the Moon
Jack De Mello - Makalapua
Mantovani - Perfidia
The Midnight Combo - Soft Waving
Octobop-Girl Talk
Wayne Newton - I wish you love

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life in the Penthouse -A Trip to the Zoo and fat people on the elevator


Went to the Zoo with a friend from out of town today and I gotta tell you Sydney's Taronga Zoo is superb.
Taronga Zoo is known as the ‘zoo with a view’ due to its location on a hill overlooking Sydney Harbour. It covers 28 hectares and offers stunning views of the harbour, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. It is home to over 2600 Australian and international animals representing approximately 340 species.
Taronga Zoo was the first public zoo in New South Wales. It opened in 1884 in Moore Park on the site now occupied by Sydney Boys High School. In 1908, the secretary of the zoo was inspired by a visit to Hamburg Zoo in Germany, returning to Sydney with the dream of building a bar-free zoo. He soon realised this would not be possible at the original site. In 1916 the zoo was moved to Mosman to give the animals more space and allow for future growth.

I've been to quite a few Zoo's across the world and whilst it might sound bias to say this is the best since I live in this spectacular city. Having grown up in Brisbane and then travelling the world with the pro tennis tour, living in Denmark and then in regional Australia for seven years and now for the last three years making Sydney my home I feel lucky to be able to sample this city with the eyes of a tourist whilst having the good fortune of living here.

So next time you are in Sydney make sure you make Taronga Zoo your first stop.

Now before I go, one last thing. I noticed that due to the gradient of the Zoo there are lots of steps and lots of elevators. For some reason there seems to be a lot of people who seem quite able bodied who are using the elevators rather than the steps. Ok, parents with prams and old people should use the elevator, but seriously it's no wonder the western world is getting fatter and fatter when people can't make simple choices like walking upstairs.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cocktail Nation 113-Modernism Week

Cocktail Nation thanks to Tiki Shark with Koop Kooper and tonight we check out the the Palm Spring modernism show, in our Ask Koop segment I’ll tackle another tricky issue in that of dividing prize money from a lottery ticket.

I have some exciting news for Marilyn Monroe fans and some hot concerts to check out plus I’ll reveal the Winner of the Hawaiian music awards.

Billy May-Mission Impossible

James Bond and his Sextet-James Bond Theme

Sg Sound-A Latin Affair

Waitiki 7 Adventures in Paradise

Martini Kings—So Danco Samba

Jonah Jones—Tangerine

Martin Denny- Baia

Frank Wess -Pin Up


George Shearing - Love Is Just Around the Corner

Jimmy Vargas-Black Widow

Joey Altruda-Cha Cha 69

Lushy-Hidden Harbor

Dave Barbour- Mambo Jambo

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-Robotheque

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cocktail Nation 112-Julie O’Hara

Koop Kooper is tired, been hunting through charity stores in the south of Sydney this week ….it’s been an interesting week with
another two rumours my spies have dug up and back again this week all  the usuals like the look at the world of swank and ask koop back this week and last week we played a gal who I’ve said reminds me of a female Chet Baker, her name is Julie O’hara and we’ll chat to her this week plus I’ll  take a look at a magnificent album dedicated to Mancini  by another Australian Canary who we spoke to a few weeks ago by the name of Janet Seidel.

Al Caiola - Thunderball
Blue Zombies-Call Me
Julie O'Hara -I fall in Love to Fast
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-La Casa Gialla
Esquivel- Flower Girl From Bordeaux
Janet Seidel-Days of Wine and Roses
Jackie Gleason But Not for Me
BSharp Big Band feat Fiona Thorn-C'est Magnifique
Lena Horne - I Love To Love
Billy May - You're The Top
Cocktail Angst-BatesMotel
Xavier Cugat-Frenesi
Diana_Krall-Quiet Nights
Don Tiki-Friendly Islands
Pink Martini-Temporido
Bob Thompson-The Song is you
Arthur Lyman Group—Quiet Village

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life in the Penthouse-Seriously, leave your shirt on…please

A few days before summer really kicked in and the temperatures were fairly
moderate, but not really warm enough to want to go swimming I began to notice
something rather interesting, we are in the midst of a national pandemic: men have
stopped wearing shirts. Not all men, admittedly. So far, this topless outbreak seems
to be confined to a specific demographic (teens and twenties) with only mutant
strains appearing in those over 30.
In young guys, however, it is rampant.
When did this happen? The whole strutting around, look-at-me thing was female
behaviour. So what is happening with our young men.
Everywhere I go lately, the girls have become invisible. Instead, there are packs of
blokes roaming around shirtless, flexing their pecs. And so for the purpose of this
column, we shall name them Pectosexuals.
I don’t just mean they’re at the beach. Oh no. Pectosexuals are marauding in the
street, far from any large body of water. They are in cafes and supermarkets.
Sometimes, you even see them AT NIGHT.
Ground zero for Pectosexuals is the summer music festival but they can be spotted
anywhere the temperature is above 20 degrees.
Sometimes their shirts are tucked into the back of their pants like a limp tea towel.
Other times, there’s no sign of a shirt, suggesting they made a conscious decision to
leave the house that way.
It puzzled me at first. Because while these packs of topless, hairless, pumped-up
guys pose and preen like mad, the desired focus of their attention doesn’t seem to
be girls. It’s other guys.
Oh yes. Women may dress for other women but now men are undressing for other
men. And that messes with my head a little bit because when I was younger, the
only guys whose bodies were hard enough to hang out in shirtless groups were gay.
Nobody else could match their dedication to bench pressing and body hair removal.
But the new Pectosexuals are straight. Sometimes aggressively so. They don’t want
to have sex with other men, they just want them to admire their bodies. So is it an
alpha male competitive thing? Vanity? Peacocking? And when did a hard naked torso
become the new embodiment of masculinity?
It wasn’t always like this. Manly men of the past like James Dean, Carey Grant and
John Wayne had pretty average bodies.
Hell, even Batman had love handles when he was on TV (decades later, when the
franchise was revived for new films, the suit came with it’s own moulded pecs and
According to website The Art Of Manliness, in the 1950s, only 3% of print
advertisements showed men undressed. Today it has risen to more than 35%.
In case there was any confusion about the target audience for these new
Pectosexuals, The Art Of Manliness bloggers Kate and Brett McKay insist that big
muscles do not attract women.
They site a study by psychiatrists who gave a computerised test to university
students in France, America and Austria. ”The men could choose from 10 different
layers of fat and 10 different layers of muscle to create what they believed was the
most attractive body type to women. The study found that men consistently
layered on more muscle than women actually preferred.”
A follow-up study discovered that Western men overestimate how much muscle
women want to see by about 9-15kg. That’s a lot of time on the weights bench.
Here’s the interesting bit: the whole pumped-up-and-shirtless thing happens much
more in Western cultures where there is a high base level of equality between men
and women. Harrison Pope, whose lab headed up the studies, said, “Nowadays,
women can do almost anything that a man can do with one exception: They can’t
bench press 315 pounds, no matter what the Supreme Court says. It may be a last
refuge of masculinity for some men in the West.”
One person thoughtfully explained there are four enclave of Pectosexual. The first is
the gay enclave who does it best. The second is the under 20s who don’t have body
fat yet. The third is the over 20s who spend far too much time in the gym. The
fourth is the over 30s who should know better.