Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life in the Penthouse-Cocktail Nation 106 -Kooper relaxes with Retrospective Magazine

Cocktail Nation with Kooper Kooper thanks to Tiki Shark and it's the last show of 2009 and in a retrospective kinda way Kooper will take a look at the things he has learnt about the environment, freedom, time and change.
Tonight we head to New York to talk to Joe Wood who is the man behind, in our regular segment ask Koop we tackle unwanted friends on our look at the world of swank we check out some of the events coming up for 2010.
join the international scenester Koop Kooper as he stacks all the coolest music up on the 1962 Kreisler Stereo ....45 stories above Sydney!

Pink Martini-Ohayoo Ohio
Jimmy Vargas-Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Chris Connor—Everything I Love
Eden Ahbez-Edens Cove
Tikiyaki orchestra-Sneaky Tiki
Martini Kings-Swingin Shepard Blues
Jackie Gleason - But Not for Me
Joey Altruda-Doo Boo Dee Bo
Neal Hefti-Cool Blue
Peggy Lee—I Can't Resist You
Woody and the Senator-Cocktail Time
Mark Copeland-Without a Song
Jack Costanzo—Blue Prelude
Esquivel—Who's Sorry Now
Martini Heaven-Alcoholiday
Tiki Joe's Ocean-Baxter Pad.