Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cocktail Nation 111-Jack Parr

Cocktail Nation thanks to Tiki Shark with Koop Kooper….back on the radio after celebrating our national day this week called … ..Australia Day!

So I thought in honour of our national day I would provide you with some fun facts about Australia.

Got some cool lounge and exotica lined up on the Kriesler Stereo for you, one from an aussie gal who reminds me of an female Chet Baker. Seems some interesting parties have been poping up across the globe so we’ll dedicate some time to that for you and our special this week is a look a the life of TV talk show host Jack Parr.

I’ll let you know about an interesting rumour my spies have dug up and back again this week all the usuals like the look at the world of swank and ask koop back this week.

Pink Martini-But Now I Am Back

Royal Crown Revue-Port Au Prince

Elliot fisher-Dr No's Fantasy

Tiki Joe's Ocean-Sacred Island

Waitiki7-Totem Pole

Antonio Carlos Jobim Laurindo Almeida-Once Again

Jack Costanzo-Can Can overture

Janet Seidel- Whatever Lola Wants

B Sharp Big Band -Frenesi

Arthur Lyman- Jungle Jalopy

Martini Kings- Swingin Shepherd Blues

Frank Sinatra - A Fine Romance

Julie O'Hara Sextet-Angel Eyes


Art Van Dame-Cheers

Clouseaux-Kiss of Ku

Dave Pell Octet-The Man I Love