Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cocktail Nation 95-Cocktail for Two

Cocktail Nation with a big thanks to our station sponsor Tiki Shark.Coming up on the show this week we talk to Tony Marsico from the Martini Kings about their brand new album...we take a look at the world of swank, our new segment on the art of living fabulously called "Ask Koop" some new you tube vids up for you plus a cool website to get some furniture for your pad.

Waitiki7-Left Arm Of Budda
Skip Heller-Watch Us Burn
Martini Kings-Swingin Shepard Blues
Art Mooney- Bwana
Xavier Cugat - Manhattan
Vikki Carr- Goodbye Charlie
Martini Heaven-Coquette
Acca Daiquiris-White Wedding
Buddy Bergman- Derek's Blues
Ruby Braff I Just Couldn't Take It, Baby
Tiki Joes Ocean-La Lina Negra
Patti Page - The Thrill Is Gone
Billy May- On A Little Street In Singapore
Dave Pell Octet- Crescendo Date
Tikiyaki Orchesta-Tango Tahiti
The SG Sound-Sirens Of Venus