Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cocktail Nation 91-JJ Cale meets Lounge

Thanks to the Tiki Shark Koop Kooper and the Cocktail Nation with the lounge and exotica lined up on the 1962 Kreisler stereo…on the show tonight we find out about a Sydney band the Acca Daquiries.There’s lots of new music from the Martini Kings and Martini Heaven plus a look at the world swank.
Tonight we will kick off with a tribute to Chris Connnor who passed away at age 81.

Chris Connor -Witchcraft
Don Tiki - Primitiva
The SG Sound- Jump the shark
Acca Daiquiris-Cocaine
Jackie Gleason-I’m Thru With Love
Tikiyaki Orchesta-Bachelor Number 2
Matini Kings-You Only Live Twice
Vic Damone - You Stepped out of a dream
Skip Heller-The Collector
Martini Heaven-Gigolo
Tiki Joe’s Ocean-Baxter Pad
Billy May- 12 Jooms Jooms
Monterey Brass - The Lonely Bull
Art Mooney-Chi Chi Castenanto
Tiki Cowboys-Tiki Lady
Tony Bennett-Wave