Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cocktail Nation 86-Lucas Vigor

Another heady week in the Sydney Penthouse with Koop Kooper ...thanks to station sponsor Brad Parker and the crew with Tiki Shark...check them out online up on the show we talk to the Smoking Menhunes very own Lucas Vigor, there's plans of a movie based on the Matt Helm character of the sixties staring Dean Martin and closer to home we'll find out about an event I've attended religiously for soome time...the Fifities Fair...I've got a stack of events to be seen at plus a new artist to the Cocktail Nation's cavalcade of stars...local band the Acca Daquiries make their debut on the show.

The Sg Sound-Palm Spring Overdrive
Lucas Vigor-Night Light Blues
Smoking Menehunes-Chinatown
Alvinio Rey-Little White Lies
The Blue Hawaiians-Last Days of Summer
Tiki Joes Ocean-Polynesian Dreams
Canto Siboney - Bossa Nova
Tikiyaki Orchesta-Bachelor Number 3
The Metro Strings - Party Time
Walter Scott - Fun in the Sun
Skip Heller-King CarlaKava Kon-Pacifica 66
Chet Baker-Easy Living
Claude Bolling - Boeing 747