Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cocktail Nation 82-Shave and a Haircut

Thanks to Tiki Shark Koop Kooper up high in the penthouse in Sydney as we head to the barber shop with a new place for me to get my locks and pencil moustache trimmed, it's only recently opened so we'll see what secrets the barber Tony can share with us on acheiving the perfect retro look for both cats and kittens, some news out of the recent hukilau, a book on Vic Damone thats just been released.

Dom Halpin-Mambo
New Morty Show-Blue Martini
Henry Mancini - Call Me Irresponsible
The New Classic Singers - Call Me
Arthur Lyman-Red Sails In The Sunset
Kenyon Hopkins - Lonely Girl
The Peanut Vendor - Rumba
Enoch Light-Fly Me to the Moon
Kahuna Kawentzman-Road To Estoril
Armando Stella-I Let a Song Go Out Of My Heart
King Kukulele and the Friki Tiki's-Carrying a Tiki Torch For You
Cocktail Angst-BatesMotel
Clouseux-Chic Alors