Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cocktail Nation 84-Skip Heller

Thanks to Tiki Shark Koop Kooper with a huge show tonight as we chat to Skip Heller about his latest album Lau O Milo...we'll also catch up with Brad Parker from Tiki Shark plus to celebrate the landing on the moon I've got a moon themed cd to giveaway to a loyal listener, a look at a few big events coming up for you to be seen at, plus as usual, the very best classic and neo lounge and exotica.

Tikiyaki Orchestra-Dan-o's Day Off
Henry Mancini-A Cool Shade Of Blue
Skip Heller-The Collector
Jackie Gleason-When Your Lover Has Gone
Cocktail Angst-Good Luck Charm
Bert Kaemfert-Petticoats Of Portugal
Xavier Cugat Say Si Si
Kahuna Kawentzman-Fatu Hiva
Waitiki-The Magic islands
Kava Kon-Zero Gravity Lounge
Spy Fi-Bass CaseFrank Sinatra-You're So Right
Paul Weston-Love Walked in
Tiki Joe's Ocean-Baxter Pad
Hugo Winterhalter-Dream On Little Dreamer

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cocktail Nation 83-Tiki Joe's Ocean

Thanks to Brad Parker and the gang at Tiki Shark Koop Kooper back with the Cocktail Nation for this week and feeling pretty good after my haircut from Tony a the Sterling Barber shop here in Sydney.....feeling like a new man with a nice trim of the pencil moustache as we spin the latest and greatest classic and neo lounge, a look at the world of swank plus tonight.

We'll catch up with a man who has just released a new album with Andy from Tiki Joes Ocean, news from Tiki Oasis on the way too tonight.

Combustible Edison-The Veldt
Spy Fi-So What's Up
Tiki Joe's Ocean-Bamboo Skin
Metolites-Today We Kill Tomorrow We Spy
Dudley Moore - Waltz For Suzie
Frank Sinatra-I get a kick out of you
Tikiyaki Orchestra -Bachelor No 1
Tiki Cowboys-My Little Song
Kava Kon-Pacifica 66
Nina Ferro-Blame It On My Youth
Chet Baker-Like Someone In Love
Chaino-Afri Cuban
Blossom Dearie - I Won't Dance

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cocktail Nation 82-Shave and a Haircut

Thanks to Tiki Shark Koop Kooper up high in the penthouse in Sydney as we head to the barber shop with a new place for me to get my locks and pencil moustache trimmed, it's only recently opened so we'll see what secrets the barber Tony can share with us on acheiving the perfect retro look for both cats and kittens, some news out of the recent hukilau, a book on Vic Damone thats just been released.

Dom Halpin-Mambo
New Morty Show-Blue Martini
Henry Mancini - Call Me Irresponsible
The New Classic Singers - Call Me
Arthur Lyman-Red Sails In The Sunset
Kenyon Hopkins - Lonely Girl
The Peanut Vendor - Rumba
Enoch Light-Fly Me to the Moon
Kahuna Kawentzman-Road To Estoril
Armando Stella-I Let a Song Go Out Of My Heart
King Kukulele and the Friki Tiki's-Carrying a Tiki Torch For You
Cocktail Angst-BatesMotel
Clouseux-Chic Alors

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cocktail Nation 81-Sam Butera

Thanks to Tiki Shark Koop Kooper and the Cocktail Nation spinning the latest and greatest classic and neo lounge, a look at the world of swank plus tonight we take a look at the life of the recently departed Sam Butera with a special interview that was recorded back stage with Sam in 1999. I've got another track of the latest Tikiyaki Orchestra album and news from the Martini Kings.
I’ve been out record collecting again and found some fantastic original albums I’ve tracked down in the record bins of charity stores that I’ll play for you.

Cy Coleman-Playboys Theme
Dom Halpin-Out Of The Blue
Sam Butera and the Witnesses-Dig That Crazy Chick
Jackie Gleason-Temptation
Martini Kings-Because of You
Arthur Lyman-Carabunta
Sylvia Telles-Discussao
Cocktail Angst- Rhumba Of The Saints
Tikiyaki Orchestra-Makaha
Fisherman—Hell Toupee
Kava Kon-Chinese Surfer
The SG Sound-I Feel the Earth Move
Octobop-Have you Hugged your Martian Today
Richard Cheese - Spiderman
Jack Constanzo—Young Man With a Horn
Pete King-The Height Of The Spy Season