Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cocktail Nation 78-Denver Modernism Show

Koop Kooper back in the chair up high in the penthouse thanks to Brad Parker and the crew at Tiki Shark in Hawaii where it is probably a bit warmer than Sydney. Winter is here and the heater is well and truly cranked up and not a whole lot of time is spent on the penthouse balcony. Tonight we head to the mountains and chat to Dana Cain about the Denver Modernism festival which is coming up, I've got a great site to find coolest bands ...some Tiki Oasis news plus a story about a very cool criminal.

Spy Fi-Shot In The Dark
Martin Denny-Taboo
Frank Sinatra-Then Suddenly Love
Jeri Southern-You're Driving Me Crazy
Blue Zombies-Soulfinger
Martini Kings -Enchanted Lovers
Arthur Lyman-Love For Sale
Diana Krall-Este Seu Olhar
Chet Baker-Little Man You've Had A Big Day
Les Baxter-Somewhere In Space
Beverly Kenney-Undecided
Combustible Edison—Dior
Chaino-Bim Boo
The SG Sound-Cantina Band
Waitiki—Flower Humming
Kahuna Kawentzman-Tiki Travelling