Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cocktail Nation 80-Jetsetting with Tikiyaki Airways

Thanks to Brad Parker and the crew with Tiki Shark in Hawaii it's the Cocktail Nation with Koop Kooper and a big congrats to our winner from the competition last week with Brad Parkers Tiki cat up for grabs,Mark Eagleson from Conneticut picked up this great piece of artwork !On the show this week we talk to Jim Bacci from the Tikiyaki Orchestra about the latest album just released this week, got a very intersting book to check out, news on Errol Flynn plus a look at the big events across the world

New Morty Show-Ladies Man
Kava Kon-The Killing River
Tikiyaki Orchestra_Bachelor Number3
Art Van Dame-Cheers
Frank Sinatra-Witchcraft
Hugo Montenegro-Theme From FBI
Moon-Rays—Lament for a Trapped Spy
Cocktail Angst -Stalkers Night Out
Fire and Theft-Whole Lot Of Love
The Metro Strings - Vacation Time
Briamonte Orchestra - Rota Su
Helen Merrill - Smog
Anita O'Day-Old Devil Moon
Jackie Gleason - I'm in the Mood for Love

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cocktail Nation 79 -Kooper in Japan

Thanks to the it's Koop Kooper broadcasting from the Ritz Carlton hotel in Tokyo Japan tonight. I'm here to film a commercial for a new cola drink playing the role of a game show host, I'll play a bit of it a little later in the show.
We'll catch up with Brad Parker from Tiki Shark tonight for a chat, a look at the world of swank plus the very best classic and neo lounge on the planet.

Lushy-Bella Beretta
The SG Sound-Satellite Feeding
Clouseaux-Shrunken Heads
Waitiki -Ruby
Tikiyaki Orchestra-SingaporeSwing
Dinah Washington - Drinking Again
Frank Sinatra - It's nice to go travelling
Sammy Davis Jr-Love me or leave me
Jimmy Vargas-Torchin The EL Rocco
Hugo Montenegro - Solo Busanova
Perez Prado -Gurare Bossa Nova
Blue Zombies -Fever
Jo Stafford - The Gentleman Is A Dope
Chet Baker-That Old Feeling

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cocktail Nation 78-Denver Modernism Show

Koop Kooper back in the chair up high in the penthouse thanks to Brad Parker and the crew at Tiki Shark in Hawaii where it is probably a bit warmer than Sydney. Winter is here and the heater is well and truly cranked up and not a whole lot of time is spent on the penthouse balcony. Tonight we head to the mountains and chat to Dana Cain about the Denver Modernism festival which is coming up, I've got a great site to find coolest bands ...some Tiki Oasis news plus a story about a very cool criminal.

Spy Fi-Shot In The Dark
Martin Denny-Taboo
Frank Sinatra-Then Suddenly Love
Jeri Southern-You're Driving Me Crazy
Blue Zombies-Soulfinger
Martini Kings -Enchanted Lovers
Arthur Lyman-Love For Sale
Diana Krall-Este Seu Olhar
Chet Baker-Little Man You've Had A Big Day
Les Baxter-Somewhere In Space
Beverly Kenney-Undecided
Combustible Edison—Dior
Chaino-Bim Boo
The SG Sound-Cantina Band
Waitiki—Flower Humming
Kahuna Kawentzman-Tiki Travelling

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cocktail Nation 77-Martini Kings

Thanks to my good friend and his crew on the big island Brad Parker and Tiki Shark Koop Kooper , well we have just moved into winter, got some great gigs to attend, Tony from the Martini Kings, something from Kava Kon that will interest all collectors, new music coming out from two key bands, a very cool festival to check out in the mountains plus some of the very best classic and neo lounge and exotica on the planet.

Dinah Washington-If I Were A Bell
Martini Kings-Dance of the Virgins
Astrud Gilberto-I'm Nothin Without You
Tikiyaki Orchestra-Singapore Swing
Buddy Collette,Don Ralke, Jazz Samba-Jazz Heat Bongo Beat
Martin Denny-Escales
Kava Kon-Polynesia Poppies
Frank Bennett-Material Girl
Stolen Idols-The Kyoto Protocol
Waitiki—Choko Chuni-Chu
The SG Sound-1st Contact
Les Baxter-Winds Of Sirius
Mark Copeland-Lets Do it
Spy Fi-Lullaby Of Walk Don't Gunn

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cocktail Nation76-The Swank Pack Hit Town

Thanks to Tiki Shark its the Cocktail Nation with Koop Kooper back again on your ipod, and tonight a new thing called Swank Alerts,we'll catch up with Ash Brown in LA about a very cool show you should catch, how about this ...a tiki app for your iphone, plus there's news out of the New York Headquarters of Hardcase Crime.

Jimmy Vargas-Black Widow
Martini Kings—The March Of The Moai
Mel Henke-Four Deuces
Jack Jones-Fly Me To The Moon
Anita O'Day-Just In time
Kahuna Kawentzman-Kava Village
Max Versterhalt-Summertime
Buddy Collette,Don Ralke, Jazz Samba-Bongosville
Plas Johnson-Mean To Me
Rupert Clemedore-Mambo Metronome
Octobop—A Ballad
Tiki Cowboys-My Little Song
Jackie Gleason-Ghost Of A Chance