Monday, April 27, 2009

Cocktail Nation71-Bob Newhart swings by the Penthouse

Thanks to the Tiki Shark Koop Kooper ....on the show we have a laugh with Bob Newhart from his famous album the buttoned down mind of Bob Newhart ...hukilau news....the winners of our sinatra cd some cool events to attend across the world as we link up the world of swank via the Cocktail Nation .

Cocktail Preachers-Spy Fi
Chet Baker-Oh You Crazy Moon
Anita O'Day-Fly Me To The Moon
Sammy Davis Jr.—Someone Nice Like You
Blossom Dearie - Quiet Times
Lushy-Suspicious Melody
Frank Sinatra-I concentrate on you
Tiki Cowboys-Tiki Lady
Roni Perez - I'd rather have you
Les Baxter - Hong Kong Cable Car
SG Sound-Escapade Velocity
Martini Kings-Tequila
J.J. Debout - Sun-Kissed Chicks
Martin Denny—Jungle Flower