Friday, February 27, 2009

Cocktail Nation 63-No Blood, No Foul

Tonight we catch up with author and friend of the Cocktail Nation Bill Raetz and find out about his new book “No Blood No Foul”.Another from the latest Jimmy Vargas album Black Halo. Some cool things Kooper found on the net and the ultimate Bachelor Pad Gadget.

Sally Street-Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You

Mark Copeland-DeLovely

Spy-Fi-Then Play Down

Sonny lester-The Breeze and I

Jimmy Vargas-Black Widow on the Sunset Strip

Buddy Morrow-Night Train

Chet Baker-Moon Love

George Dunning-Lilly and Julian

Hugo Montenegro-Goldfinger

Waitiki-White Sandy Beach

Martini Kings-Nylon Jungle

Perez Prado-In the Mood

Les Baxter-Balinese Bongos

Pete Rugolo-For Hi Fi Bugs