Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cocktail Nation 59-The French Connection

This week Koop Kooper is broadcasting from Paris whilst on a quick business trip.
Coming up on this French inspired show we talk to LA crooner Mark Copeland, a couple of great websites for those into classic films, a useful website for our gal drivers from the world of swank and a whole lot more as Kooper cries out O la La in Paris.

Lushy -French 75
Pink Matini -Sympathique
Mark Copeland -I love Paris
Eartha Kitt-Under The Bridges Of Paris
Frank Sinatra-fly Me To the Moon
Jack Cooper Terry Cooper-Cest Si Bon
Sammy Davis Jr-It's alright with me
Sally Street-Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You
Jack Costanzo—Street Scene
Dicky Doo and the Don'ts-Vive L Amour
Luiz Bonfa-Bossa Nova Cha Cha
Martin Denny-Bingo Oiwake
Sarah Vaughan - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cocktail Nation 58-Kooper falls for the cascading strings

Thanks to the Koop Kooper and a big show once again as we delve into the world of easy listening orchestoral pop with expert and author on the subject Jack Crosley from New York.... new release to dvd for 2009 that I am sure will interest you....some news from mr bongo Jack Costanzo and ofcourse a look at the world of swank.

Project Pimento—A Shot In The Dark

Scott Morschauvser-Somas Las Bolas

Frank Purcel-Only You

Jackie Davis-Love is just around the corner

Mantovani - Andalucia

Jack Costanzo-Can Can Overture

Don Tiki—Bam-Boozled

Arthur Lyman-Fire down below

Eartha Kitt-April in Portugal

Robert Drasnin-Warm Night Wind

Si Zenter-I've found a new baby

Diana Krall-You're My Thrill

Royal Crown Revue-Take a long drink for me

Sally Street-I'm a Woman

Mark Copeland-Without a song

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cocktail Nation 57-Kooper hits the streets with Sally Street

Thanks to the Koop Kooper ...tonight we talk to Sydney canary Sally Street,Diana Krall has released a Bossa Nova Album, we'll play a track of the new album for you ....word of a tiki show here in Australia by Marcus Thorn, the very best classic and neo lounge and a whole lot more.

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Jimmy Vargas-She Took My Last Cigarette
Spy Fi-Get Smart
Sally Street-When in Rome
Martin Denny-Jungle Drums
Sammy Davis Jr-When your lover has gone
Chet Baker-Lets get lost
John Zorn-Tiki for Blue
Eartha Kitt-I want to be Evil
Julie London-Love for sale
Cocktail Preachers-Kawanga Bop
Mark Copeland-The Coffee Song
Fire and Theft- I still get jealous
Diana Krall-Quiet Nights
Frank Sinatra-Nothing but the best

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cocktail Nation 56-Eartha Kitt purrs in the penthouse

Thanks to the Koop Kooper is glad to be back for 2009 and is pleased to let you know that the Cocktail Nation has a new Make sure you check it out plenty of news from the world of lounge this week with word that Bill Raetz has a new book coming on the death of a noir star and the death of an icon from the 60's Batman series and cocktail lounges across America and Europe.


Brian Setzer-From Here to eternity
Cocktail Preachers-Martini 5-0
Eartha Kitta -C'est Si Bon
Billy May-This room is my castle of quiet
Tommy Garrett - Moon of Manakoora
Spy Fi -Then Play Down
Clouseaux-Kitchen of Tomorrow
Jack Costanzo & His Orchestra—Latin Fever
Sammy Davis, Jr—The Goin's Great
Lyrio Panically and His Orchestra- Ynada Mas
Combustible Edision-Short Double Latte
Martini Kings—Lady Is A Tramp
Frank Sinatra-Strangers in the night
Modernaires - A Taste Of Honey
Indigo Swing-Pink Cadillac