Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cocktail Nation 101-South Of the Boudoir

Thanks to Tiki Shark it's Koop Kooper gazing out across Sydney Harbour and the bright lights of the city which are sparkling off the harbour while the flashing lights of the boats moored animate the water like a shield Of marvellous gold .Coming up on the show we talk to Fluid Floyd from Don Tiki to find out about the new Album South of the Boudoir, I have new music from Pink Martini, a very cool album I picked up this week from a thriftstore by Robert Goulet...our regular segment Ask Koop plus a look at the world of swank with a stack of events to put into the organiser of your phone. Let the Swank Times Roll !

Waitiki7 - Octopus Menagerie
Pink Martini-Ninna Nanna
Don Tiki-Odd Man Out
Henry Mancini—Something for Cat
Robert Goulet - Lush Life
Skip Heller-Hand To Eye
Martini Heaven-Breakfast At Tiffany's
Roni Perez - The Coffee Song
Israel Cachao Lopez-Mambo
SG Sound-The Cantina Band
Martini Kings -Patricia
Sammy Davis Jr - Azure
Vikki Carr-Like Love
Sergio Mendez And Brasil 66 -The Joker
Spy Fi- Neptune Steve Lawrence-Girl From Ipanema

Cocktail Nation 100-Kooper comes across a Bad Agent

Cocktail Nation thanks to tiki shark and Koop Kooper behind the Tiki Bar in the Penthouse with the very best classic and neo lounge,spy jazz and exotica as we broadcast 30 stories above the city of sydney on what is our 100th show ! This week we talk to a spy genre king by the name of Bill Raetz with the third instalment of the Bryce Attewelle novels with Bad Agent just released. We'll take a look at an interesting occurrence on the Tonight Show just last week, a look at the world of Swank and our segment ask Koop as we find out how to become a socialite in your town.
Lucas Vigor-Muito E Voltando
Spy Fi-Penetration
Frank Sinatra-Luck Be A Lady
Don Tiki—Bam-Boozled
Chaino-Zombie Bamboo
Martini Kings-Soft Sounds
The Cocktail Preachers—Slave Girl
George Shearing - Easy Living
Waitiki-White Sandy Beach
Howard Roberts—L-O-V-E
Kava Kon -Zero Gravity Lounge
Tito Puente-Ritual Drum Dance
Martin Denny-The Enchanted Isle
The Londonaires - Dearest Emma
Flowers-Light my fire

Cocktail Nation99-Jack Jones

Cocktail Nation 99-Jack Jones
Thanks Tiki Shark, it’s Koop Kooper and the Cocktail Nation relaxing at the end of the week. The weather is warming up in Sydney and the party season is in full swing. Coming up on the show, we find out about the life of Jack Jones, there’s new music from Waitiki 7 and Don Tiki, plus all the regular Cocktail Nation features!
Mike Flowers Pops ~ Wonderwall
Combustible Edison ~ Millionaires Holiday
Jack Jones ~ The Mood I’m In
Chris Connor ~ S’Wonderful
Jack Costanzo ~ Latin Fever
Hugo Montenegro ~ Come Spy With Me
Waitiki 7 ~ Coronation
Tikiyaki Orchestra ~ Bachelor Number3
Chaino ~ Sumac Esquivel ~ Latin-esque
Liz Geyson ~ You turn me on baby
Don Tiki ~ The Forbidden Finger
Mancini ~ A shot in the dark
Frank Sinatra ~ Strangers in the Night
Fire and Theft ~ Tainted Dream
Jackie Gleason ~ I’m in the Mood for Love

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cocktail Nation 98-Captain Pharoah makes a tiki mug

Thanks to our good friends on the big Island ..Brad Parker and the crew at Tiki Shark it's Koop Kooper and the Cocktail Nation broadcasting across the world from Sydneys home of Swank...the Penthouse..on the show this week we check out some tiki mugs from Captain Pharoah, Brad Parker swings by for a chat,I'll solve some problems in the swankiest way possible with our new segment Ask Koop. There's our regular gig guide loooking at the world of Swank plus the very best classic and neo lounge and exotica .

Martini Heaven-Gigolo
Waitiki -Sweet Piki Serenade
Tiki Joes Ocean-Sacred Island
Hugo Montenegro -Heat Wave
Chet Baker-Tenderly
Jimmy Vargas-Striptesia Blues
Acca Daiquiris -Love is the Drug
Wayne King and His Orchestra-An Affair To Remember
Dave Pell Octet-My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Lucas Vigor-So Daco Samba
Robert Drasnin-Warm Night Wind
Skip Heller-El Tiradito
Vikki Carr-No Other love
Preston Epps-Bongo Party
The SG Sound Red Desert Springs
Esquivel- Malaguena Salerosa

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cocktail Nation 97-Kooper hears the SG Sound in his Head

On the show this week not one but two interviews...first we talk to Steve Greaves from the SG Sound about his brand new album Escapade Velocity plus we will chat to an Australian Icon by name of Rhonda Burchmore about her new show singing all those sassy husky voice gal songs, I'll let you know about a re release bongo album I was hepped to, all the goings on in the world with a look at the world of swank.....there's some new Bond memorabillia coming out plus our segment Ask Koop where I attempt to solve problems and make somebody's life better.

Don Tiki-The Forbidden Finger
The Puppini Sisters-I Can't Believe I'm Not a Millionaire
SG Sound-Escapade_Velocity
Anita O'Day-Them There Eyes
Preston Epps- Jungle Drums
Tiki Cowboys-Feel So Good
Cocktail Angst-BigTopParade
Esquivel - Question Mark (Que Vas A Hacer)
Rhonda Burchmore-That Old Feeling
Julie London-What is this thing called love
Tiki Joes Ocean-Stoic Moai
Buddy Bergman- Gage Flips
Alvinio Rey-Speak low
Tikyaki Orchestra-ShakaHula Bossa Nova
Jack Jones-A Day in the Life of a Fool

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cocktail Nation 96-Cocktail Noir

Cocktail Nation thanks to Tiki Shark with the "HULA-WEEN" special going on at the gallery in Lahina, Mauiuntil October 31st.Purchase a swanky Parker piece of art on on canvas, and you get the "Artist's Re-Mark" (normally at extra $200.00 ) totally FREE! and make sure you check out the website Brad has a new "the art of Brad Parker" button on the first page that takes you right to a page of thumbnails of his work for sale. On the show this week we speak to Jimmy Vargas about his new album Black Halo in a special two part'll be amazed by this crooner of cocktail noir...our new segment which has proved very popular..ASK KOOP is back, we'll find out how Waitiki 7 are fairing in the charts...a look at the world of swank and website from a londan gal who shares her ideas on the perfect retro mix.

Martini Kings-You Only Live Twice
Sally Street-Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You
Jimmy Vargas-Torchin The EL Rocco
Jimmy Vargas-Can Can Hell Mambo
Jack Costanzo - Mira Como Los Pollos
Art Mooney- Caravan
Waitiki 7-Sacha Cha
Martini Heaven-Tangonova
Henry Mancini - Call Me Irresponsible
Anita O'Day-Ten Cents a Dance
Lushy-Sand Pebble
Monica Mancini- At Last
The Film Studio Orchestra - One Silver Dollar (Un Dollaro Bucato)
John Barry - Look Around
Jack Jones - Wives And Lovers
Joanie Sommers- I Like The Likes Of You
Kava Kon-The Atomic Clock

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cocktail Nation 95-Cocktail for Two

Cocktail Nation with a big thanks to our station sponsor Tiki Shark.Coming up on the show this week we talk to Tony Marsico from the Martini Kings about their brand new album...we take a look at the world of swank, our new segment on the art of living fabulously called "Ask Koop" some new you tube vids up for you plus a cool website to get some furniture for your pad.

Waitiki7-Left Arm Of Budda
Skip Heller-Watch Us Burn
Martini Kings-Swingin Shepard Blues
Art Mooney- Bwana
Xavier Cugat - Manhattan
Vikki Carr- Goodbye Charlie
Martini Heaven-Coquette
Acca Daiquiris-White Wedding
Buddy Bergman- Derek's Blues
Ruby Braff I Just Couldn't Take It, Baby
Tiki Joes Ocean-La Lina Negra
Patti Page - The Thrill Is Gone
Billy May- On A Little Street In Singapore
Dave Pell Octet- Crescendo Date
Tikiyaki Orchesta-Tango Tahiti
The SG Sound-Sirens Of Venus

Cocktail Nation 94-The Exotic Traveller



Lushy-Bella Beretta

Lucas Vigor-WapWap

Billy May- Return Of The Zombie

Cocktail Angst-Mindless

Chaquito Big Band- Spies and Dolls

Spy Fi-Black Tie Spy

Tiki Cowboy-Tiki Lady

Lalo Schifrin - Tiger Tank

Vicki Car-Like Love

Tiki Joe's Ocean-Bamboo Skin

Buddy Bergman- End of Party

Esquivel- Tico Tico

Joanie Sommers- My Heart Belongs To Daddy

Frank Sinatra-How Little We Know

Tikiyaki Orchestra-SingaporeSwing

Chet Baker-Easy Living

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cocktail Nation 93-Tikimentary

SG Sound-The Imperial March: Darth Vaders Theme
Brian Setzer-Lonely Avenue
Tiki Joes Ocean-Waikiki-Pursuit
Jack Costanzo—Blue Prelude
Chaquito Big Band- The Spy’s Wife
Jimmy Vargas-Can Can Hell Mambo
Martini Heaven-Alcoholiday
Buddy Bergman- Bada Blues
Dave Pell Octet-The Man I Love
Lucas Vigor-Girl Talk Night and Day
Martini Kings-Hawaii Five O
Esquivel- Temptation
Mel Torme with Billy May—The Rhumba Jumps
Patti Page - Love For Sale
Waitiki 7-Adventures in Paradise
Chris Connor-Things are Swingin

Cocktail Nation 92-Kooper tries on a Fez for size

Thanks to my good friend on the big island Brad Parker from Tiki Shark it’s Koop Kooper and the Cocktail Nation spinning the latest and greatest classic and neo lounge, tonight we find out about the mighty Fez, with Jason Rodgers from Fez o rama, we’ll find out what people are saying about me and the Cocktail Nation, a look at the world of swank plus a very interesting event out of Rome to check out, a Roman holiday perhaps? The Jetsetting Koop Kooper thinks so!

Jimmy Vargas- Love Is A Racket
Waitiki -Primitiva
Esquivel - Flower Girl From Bordeaux
Perez Prado- Guadalajaran
Acca Daiquiris-Born To Be Wild
Julie London - In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
Billy May-Pawn Ticket
Martini Heaven-Dreamavoo
Martini Kings -Rumble
Frank Sinatra - It Had To Be You
Nina Ferro-I’ve Got The World on a String
Living Strings - Experiment in Terror
Abbe Lane - Whatever Lola Wants
Richard Cheese-Welcome to the Jungle
Combustible Edison-Carnival Of Soul

Cocktail Nation 91-JJ Cale meets Lounge

Thanks to the Tiki Shark Koop Kooper and the Cocktail Nation with the lounge and exotica lined up on the 1962 Kreisler stereo…on the show tonight we find out about a Sydney band the Acca Daquiries.There’s lots of new music from the Martini Kings and Martini Heaven plus a look at the world swank.
Tonight we will kick off with a tribute to Chris Connnor who passed away at age 81.

Chris Connor -Witchcraft
Don Tiki - Primitiva
The SG Sound- Jump the shark
Acca Daiquiris-Cocaine
Jackie Gleason-I’m Thru With Love
Tikiyaki Orchesta-Bachelor Number 2
Matini Kings-You Only Live Twice
Vic Damone - You Stepped out of a dream
Skip Heller-The Collector
Martini Heaven-Gigolo
Tiki Joe’s Ocean-Baxter Pad
Billy May- 12 Jooms Jooms
Monterey Brass - The Lonely Bull
Art Mooney-Chi Chi Castenanto
Tiki Cowboys-Tiki Lady
Tony Bennett-Wave

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cocktail Nation 90-Kooper meets a Tiki Farmer

Thanks to Tiki Shark Koop Kooper back in the Sydney Penthouse after a trip to Dubai....on the show this week we talk to Holden Westland from Tiki Farm who is coming down under shortly to talk all things tiki, our good friend Bill Raetz as a new spy novel coming out later this year plus I have a stack of events coming up for you to be seen at! There's some new albums I've picked up from thrift stores across Sydney to check out ....a b side of a Martin Denny Quiet Village single released in Australia plus a very cool Latin album from Bert Kaempfert.

Spy Fi -Man From Uncle
Jimmy Vargas-Twilight Fifth And Main
Tikiyaki Orchestra-Dan-O's Day Off
Vikki Carr- Invitation
Combustible Edison—Cat O'Nine Tails
Bert Kaempfert - Cha Cha Brasilia
Yma Sumac—Bo Mambo
Waitiki 7-Her Majestys Pearl
The SG Sound Escapade Velocity
Vic Flick-Goldfinger
Monica Mancini-The Weekend of a Private Secretary
Diana Krall-I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face
Martin Denny Llama Serenade
Les Baxter—Tahiti A Summer Night At Sea
Lucas Vigor-You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cocktail Nation 89-Waitiki 7 -The Next Generation

Thanks to Tiki Shark Koop Kooper and the Cocktail Nation in Dubai to DJ at the highest altitude bar in Dubai....300 meteres above ground...63 floors above the city.Staying at the Burj Al Arab which is a 1,000-foot-tall feat of modern design, perched on the edge of the Persian Gulf.
Tonight on the show I'm talking to Randy Wong from Waitiki 7about the new album Adventures in Paradise...a new Sinatra album is coming out soon plus we will find out about Mai Tai Day in Oakland...and for those who like to nerd out on Mad Men a book you just have to get your hands on.

Brian Setzer-Lonely Avenue
Tikiyaki Orchesta-Sunset on the Kona Kai
Waitiki7-Left Arm Of Budda
Si Zenter-I've Found a New Baby
Frank Sinatra-Prisoner of Love
Xavier Cugat- Cuba Libre
Ruby Braff Easy Now 06 This Is My Lucky Day
Sally Street-Teach Me Tonight
Dianna Krall-The Night We Called It A Day
Lucas Vigor-The Straight Dope
Abbe Lane Be Mine Tonight -Take It Easy
Alvino Rey-How High The Moon
Mark Copeland-I Love Paris
Billy May- Love Is The Thing

Cocktail Nation 88-Kooper works the phones

We take a look at the future of the Cal Neva hotel with Will the Thrill who has an intimate knowledge of the venue ….and how would you like to meet the man behind the robot Hymie on Get Smart.
I’ve got a report from Tiki Oasis with Andy Nazzal plus all the classic and neo lounge and exotica you can handle as we broadcast from Sydney’s home of Swank.

Tiki Joe’s Ocean-Rio De Jean
Skip Heller-Hurricane Apartment
Alvino Rey-A Swingin Fling.
Lalo Schifrin—Barney Does It All
Billy May- Autumn Leaves
Vikki Carr- Better Than Anything
Janet Seidel and the Mellotones-Why Don’t You Do Right
Lucas Vigor-So Daco Samba
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Last Sampan to Kowloon
Grace Knight-Sway
Les Baxter – Flight Concert
Mel Tormé – Makin’ Whoopee
Frank Sinatra-The Second Time Around
Waitiki 7-Coronation

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cocktail Nation 87-Music and Cocktails by the Lake

Thanks to the Tiki Shark it's Koop Kooper and the Cocktail Nation in the Penthouse looking over the city of Sydney with a chat to the the man behind of a supurb event of music and cocktails by the lake, speaking of events we'll check out lots of things to attend cluding a movie where Aztec Mummys take on Wrestling Women...who would win that fight?As Kooper keeps himself wrapped up nice and warm in the Penthouse with the heating cranked up nice and high while Sydney freeezes away in the middle of winter.

Lucas Vigor-WapWap
Cocktail Preachers-A Taste of honey
Alvino Rey-Isn't It Romantic
The Ulterior Motive Orchestra—I Spy
Clouseaux-Kiss of Ku
Perez Prado—Moniter Mambo
Liz Geyson-You turn me on baby
Martini Kings—Enchanted Lovers
Tikiyaki Orchesta-Balli Hi Ball
Waitiki—Plamingo Flagoda
Spy Fi-Memory Burn
Mel Tormé - Sunday In New York
Al Caoila - I Got it Bad
Les Baxter & The 101 Strings - Love Beat Of The City
Mighty Blue Kings—Don't Let Go

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cocktail Nation 86-Lucas Vigor

Another heady week in the Sydney Penthouse with Koop Kooper ...thanks to station sponsor Brad Parker and the crew with Tiki Shark...check them out online up on the show we talk to the Smoking Menhunes very own Lucas Vigor, there's plans of a movie based on the Matt Helm character of the sixties staring Dean Martin and closer to home we'll find out about an event I've attended religiously for soome time...the Fifities Fair...I've got a stack of events to be seen at plus a new artist to the Cocktail Nation's cavalcade of stars...local band the Acca Daquiries make their debut on the show.

The Sg Sound-Palm Spring Overdrive
Lucas Vigor-Night Light Blues
Smoking Menehunes-Chinatown
Alvinio Rey-Little White Lies
The Blue Hawaiians-Last Days of Summer
Tiki Joes Ocean-Polynesian Dreams
Canto Siboney - Bossa Nova
Tikiyaki Orchesta-Bachelor Number 3
The Metro Strings - Party Time
Walter Scott - Fun in the Sun
Skip Heller-King CarlaKava Kon-Pacifica 66
Chet Baker-Easy Living
Claude Bolling - Boeing 747

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cocktail Nation 85-Koop chats to a Chap

Thanks to Tiki Shark Koop Kooper and the Cocktail Nation spinning the latest and greatest classic and neo lounge, a look at the world of swank plus tonight we take a look at a very cool magazine out of the UK called The Chap. Info on how you can be in season four of Mad Men. Congratulations to Nick Blair of Marylands who picked up the Brad Parker sketches of his Tiki Mugs that he submitted to Holden of Tiki Farm to make.and to Andy Krainik in Missouri along with Michele Burns from LA who picked up the album Destination Moon .

Lucas Vigor-Grey Rain
Gerry Mulligan-Night Lights
Chet Baker-Lets get lost
Tikiyaki Orchesta-Tango Tahiti
Frank Sinatra-To Love and Be Loved
Herb Alpert-Our Day Will Come
The Three Sounds-After Hours
Smokin Menehunes-Little Hula Heaven
Skip Heller-Lonely
Martini Kings—Lady Is A Tramp
Peggy Lee-Make the Man Love Me
Paul Mauriat-love in everyroom
Sammy Davis jr-Straighten Up And Fly Right
Tiki Joe's Ocean-Sacred_Island Spy Fi-Then Play Down2

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cocktail Nation 84-Skip Heller

Thanks to Tiki Shark Koop Kooper with a huge show tonight as we chat to Skip Heller about his latest album Lau O Milo...we'll also catch up with Brad Parker from Tiki Shark plus to celebrate the landing on the moon I've got a moon themed cd to giveaway to a loyal listener, a look at a few big events coming up for you to be seen at, plus as usual, the very best classic and neo lounge and exotica.

Tikiyaki Orchestra-Dan-o's Day Off
Henry Mancini-A Cool Shade Of Blue
Skip Heller-The Collector
Jackie Gleason-When Your Lover Has Gone
Cocktail Angst-Good Luck Charm
Bert Kaemfert-Petticoats Of Portugal
Xavier Cugat Say Si Si
Kahuna Kawentzman-Fatu Hiva
Waitiki-The Magic islands
Kava Kon-Zero Gravity Lounge
Spy Fi-Bass CaseFrank Sinatra-You're So Right
Paul Weston-Love Walked in
Tiki Joe's Ocean-Baxter Pad
Hugo Winterhalter-Dream On Little Dreamer

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cocktail Nation 83-Tiki Joe's Ocean

Thanks to Brad Parker and the gang at Tiki Shark Koop Kooper back with the Cocktail Nation for this week and feeling pretty good after my haircut from Tony a the Sterling Barber shop here in Sydney.....feeling like a new man with a nice trim of the pencil moustache as we spin the latest and greatest classic and neo lounge, a look at the world of swank plus tonight.

We'll catch up with a man who has just released a new album with Andy from Tiki Joes Ocean, news from Tiki Oasis on the way too tonight.

Combustible Edison-The Veldt
Spy Fi-So What's Up
Tiki Joe's Ocean-Bamboo Skin
Metolites-Today We Kill Tomorrow We Spy
Dudley Moore - Waltz For Suzie
Frank Sinatra-I get a kick out of you
Tikiyaki Orchestra -Bachelor No 1
Tiki Cowboys-My Little Song
Kava Kon-Pacifica 66
Nina Ferro-Blame It On My Youth
Chet Baker-Like Someone In Love
Chaino-Afri Cuban
Blossom Dearie - I Won't Dance

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cocktail Nation 82-Shave and a Haircut

Thanks to Tiki Shark Koop Kooper up high in the penthouse in Sydney as we head to the barber shop with a new place for me to get my locks and pencil moustache trimmed, it's only recently opened so we'll see what secrets the barber Tony can share with us on acheiving the perfect retro look for both cats and kittens, some news out of the recent hukilau, a book on Vic Damone thats just been released.

Dom Halpin-Mambo
New Morty Show-Blue Martini
Henry Mancini - Call Me Irresponsible
The New Classic Singers - Call Me
Arthur Lyman-Red Sails In The Sunset
Kenyon Hopkins - Lonely Girl
The Peanut Vendor - Rumba
Enoch Light-Fly Me to the Moon
Kahuna Kawentzman-Road To Estoril
Armando Stella-I Let a Song Go Out Of My Heart
King Kukulele and the Friki Tiki's-Carrying a Tiki Torch For You
Cocktail Angst-BatesMotel
Clouseux-Chic Alors

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cocktail Nation 81-Sam Butera

Thanks to Tiki Shark Koop Kooper and the Cocktail Nation spinning the latest and greatest classic and neo lounge, a look at the world of swank plus tonight we take a look at the life of the recently departed Sam Butera with a special interview that was recorded back stage with Sam in 1999. I've got another track of the latest Tikiyaki Orchestra album and news from the Martini Kings.
I’ve been out record collecting again and found some fantastic original albums I’ve tracked down in the record bins of charity stores that I’ll play for you.

Cy Coleman-Playboys Theme
Dom Halpin-Out Of The Blue
Sam Butera and the Witnesses-Dig That Crazy Chick
Jackie Gleason-Temptation
Martini Kings-Because of You
Arthur Lyman-Carabunta
Sylvia Telles-Discussao
Cocktail Angst- Rhumba Of The Saints
Tikiyaki Orchestra-Makaha
Fisherman—Hell Toupee
Kava Kon-Chinese Surfer
The SG Sound-I Feel the Earth Move
Octobop-Have you Hugged your Martian Today
Richard Cheese - Spiderman
Jack Constanzo—Young Man With a Horn
Pete King-The Height Of The Spy Season

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cocktail Nation 80-Jetsetting with Tikiyaki Airways

Thanks to Brad Parker and the crew with Tiki Shark in Hawaii it's the Cocktail Nation with Koop Kooper and a big congrats to our winner from the competition last week with Brad Parkers Tiki cat up for grabs,Mark Eagleson from Conneticut picked up this great piece of artwork !On the show this week we talk to Jim Bacci from the Tikiyaki Orchestra about the latest album just released this week, got a very intersting book to check out, news on Errol Flynn plus a look at the big events across the world

New Morty Show-Ladies Man
Kava Kon-The Killing River
Tikiyaki Orchestra_Bachelor Number3
Art Van Dame-Cheers
Frank Sinatra-Witchcraft
Hugo Montenegro-Theme From FBI
Moon-Rays—Lament for a Trapped Spy
Cocktail Angst -Stalkers Night Out
Fire and Theft-Whole Lot Of Love
The Metro Strings - Vacation Time
Briamonte Orchestra - Rota Su
Helen Merrill - Smog
Anita O'Day-Old Devil Moon
Jackie Gleason - I'm in the Mood for Love

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cocktail Nation 79 -Kooper in Japan

Thanks to the it's Koop Kooper broadcasting from the Ritz Carlton hotel in Tokyo Japan tonight. I'm here to film a commercial for a new cola drink playing the role of a game show host, I'll play a bit of it a little later in the show.
We'll catch up with Brad Parker from Tiki Shark tonight for a chat, a look at the world of swank plus the very best classic and neo lounge on the planet.

Lushy-Bella Beretta
The SG Sound-Satellite Feeding
Clouseaux-Shrunken Heads
Waitiki -Ruby
Tikiyaki Orchestra-SingaporeSwing
Dinah Washington - Drinking Again
Frank Sinatra - It's nice to go travelling
Sammy Davis Jr-Love me or leave me
Jimmy Vargas-Torchin The EL Rocco
Hugo Montenegro - Solo Busanova
Perez Prado -Gurare Bossa Nova
Blue Zombies -Fever
Jo Stafford - The Gentleman Is A Dope
Chet Baker-That Old Feeling

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cocktail Nation 78-Denver Modernism Show

Koop Kooper back in the chair up high in the penthouse thanks to Brad Parker and the crew at Tiki Shark in Hawaii where it is probably a bit warmer than Sydney. Winter is here and the heater is well and truly cranked up and not a whole lot of time is spent on the penthouse balcony. Tonight we head to the mountains and chat to Dana Cain about the Denver Modernism festival which is coming up, I've got a great site to find coolest bands ...some Tiki Oasis news plus a story about a very cool criminal.

Spy Fi-Shot In The Dark
Martin Denny-Taboo
Frank Sinatra-Then Suddenly Love
Jeri Southern-You're Driving Me Crazy
Blue Zombies-Soulfinger
Martini Kings -Enchanted Lovers
Arthur Lyman-Love For Sale
Diana Krall-Este Seu Olhar
Chet Baker-Little Man You've Had A Big Day
Les Baxter-Somewhere In Space
Beverly Kenney-Undecided
Combustible Edison—Dior
Chaino-Bim Boo
The SG Sound-Cantina Band
Waitiki—Flower Humming
Kahuna Kawentzman-Tiki Travelling

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cocktail Nation 77-Martini Kings

Thanks to my good friend and his crew on the big island Brad Parker and Tiki Shark Koop Kooper , well we have just moved into winter, got some great gigs to attend, Tony from the Martini Kings, something from Kava Kon that will interest all collectors, new music coming out from two key bands, a very cool festival to check out in the mountains plus some of the very best classic and neo lounge and exotica on the planet.

Dinah Washington-If I Were A Bell
Martini Kings-Dance of the Virgins
Astrud Gilberto-I'm Nothin Without You
Tikiyaki Orchestra-Singapore Swing
Buddy Collette,Don Ralke, Jazz Samba-Jazz Heat Bongo Beat
Martin Denny-Escales
Kava Kon-Polynesia Poppies
Frank Bennett-Material Girl
Stolen Idols-The Kyoto Protocol
Waitiki—Choko Chuni-Chu
The SG Sound-1st Contact
Les Baxter-Winds Of Sirius
Mark Copeland-Lets Do it
Spy Fi-Lullaby Of Walk Don't Gunn

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cocktail Nation76-The Swank Pack Hit Town

Thanks to Tiki Shark its the Cocktail Nation with Koop Kooper back again on your ipod, and tonight a new thing called Swank Alerts,we'll catch up with Ash Brown in LA about a very cool show you should catch, how about this ...a tiki app for your iphone, plus there's news out of the New York Headquarters of Hardcase Crime.

Jimmy Vargas-Black Widow
Martini Kings—The March Of The Moai
Mel Henke-Four Deuces
Jack Jones-Fly Me To The Moon
Anita O'Day-Just In time
Kahuna Kawentzman-Kava Village
Max Versterhalt-Summertime
Buddy Collette,Don Ralke, Jazz Samba-Bongosville
Plas Johnson-Mean To Me
Rupert Clemedore-Mambo Metronome
Octobop—A Ballad
Tiki Cowboys-My Little Song
Jackie Gleason-Ghost Of A Chance

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cocktail Nation 75-Kooper wraps himself in a Tiki Towel

Thanks to it's Koop Kooper back in the penthouse this week as we delve into the world of swank with our proud sponsor Brad Parker from Tiki Shark who has sent me some advance product to check out plus he has a great giveaway for you so standby for your chance to win , word on a new Sinatra movie to come out which has the Koopmeister very excited hepped to a really copasetic website on tiki mugs plus a whole bunch of news and gigs to check out across the globe.

Hugo Montenegro-Come Spy With Me

Waitiki-Sweet Pilake Serenade

Interview- Brad Parker.

Tommy Garrett - 50 guitars visit hawaii - Moon of Manakoora

Frank Sinatra-It Had To Be You

Anita O'Day-Waiter, Make Mine Blues

Robert Drasnin-Sambalerro

Jimmy Vargas-Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Kava Kon-Zombie

Arthur Lyman-Pele

Martini Kings-Return To Moorea

Spy Fi-Zambezi

Dave Bruebeck-Autumn In Washington Square

Atomic Martini's-Hot Toddy

Billy May-Cocktails For Two

Diana Krall-You're My Thrill

Astrud Gilberto-The Face I Love

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cocktail Nation 74-Kava Kon

Thanks to the Tiki Shark Koop Kooper broadcasting to the world from the 1961 Holiday house on the South Coast of NSW tonight doing the show poolside as we spin some of the very best classic and neo lounge and exotica...catching up with Kava Kon to talk about there new album Tiki for the Atomic age, we've got a look at the world of swank for you, plus a cool DVD which has been released by Tiki Farm .

The SG Sound-1st Contact

Chaino-Don't Do It To Me

Interview- Kava Kon

Kava Kon-The Exotic Traveller

Astrud Gilberto-Meditation

Walter Wanderley-Que Sabe Voce De Mim

Atomic Martini's-Hot BBQ

Tiki Cowboys-Feel So Good

Clouseaux-Dance Of The Crustaceans

Martin Denny-Congo Train

Sally Street-Since I Fell For You

Mark Copeland-You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

Sammy Davis JR-My Funny Valentine

Les Baxter-The Other Side Of The Moon

Dave Bruebeck-That Old Black Magic

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cocktail Nation 73-Kooper discovers a Tiki Oasis

Thanks to the Brad Parker and the gang at Tiki Shark it's Koop Kooper with the Cocktail Nation and a huge show this week with lots of new music to check out..the latest re release of Les Baxters Space Escapade,the Chaino re release...Otto Von Stroheim swings by to let us know about Tiki Oasis 2009...some great gigs to check out as we kick back and dig with the 1962 Kriesler stereo.

Tikiyaki Orchestra-Exotique

Frank Sinatra-That's Life

Otto Von Stroheim interview

Martini Kings—Lady Is A Tramp

Astrud Gilberto-Goodbye Sadness

Dave Bruebeck-Perdido

Chaino-Bongos Whistling

Waitiki-Voodoo Love

Les Baxter-The City

Kava Kon- Behind the Sun


Sammy Davis Jr-Where or When

Jimmy Vargas-Love is a Racket

Julie London-Fly Me To The Moon

Atomic Martini's-Call Me

John Barry 7- From Russia With Love

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cocktail Nation72-Kooper sips his cold medicine from a Tiki Mug

Thanks to Tiki Shark Koop Kooper with the Cocktail Nation on the show this weekend we talk to Jay Strongman who has a new book out called Tiki Mugs Cult Artifacts Of Polynesian Pop... a couple of big events coming up including a Bettie Page tribute show and the massive Tiki Oasis show coming we check out the latest Kava Kona
Diana Krall-The Boy From Ipanema

Jay Strongman Interview Tiki Mugs Cult Artifacts Of Polynesian Pop

Martin Denny-The Enchanted Isle
James Clarke - Double Take
Blossom Dearie -My Attorney Bernie
The Tiki Tones-Gomez
Chet Baker-Lush life
Frank Sinatra-The Good life
Liz Geyson Group-Yes I Know I've Had It
Les Baxter - Nevertheless
Waitiki-Hana Maui
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy-How Big Can You Get
Da Howlies-So Blue
Anita O'Day-Easy Come, Easy Go
Kava Kon-Atomic Clock

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cocktail Nation71-Bob Newhart swings by the Penthouse

Thanks to the Tiki Shark Koop Kooper ....on the show we have a laugh with Bob Newhart from his famous album the buttoned down mind of Bob Newhart ...hukilau news....the winners of our sinatra cd some cool events to attend across the world as we link up the world of swank via the Cocktail Nation .

Cocktail Preachers-Spy Fi
Chet Baker-Oh You Crazy Moon
Anita O'Day-Fly Me To The Moon
Sammy Davis Jr.—Someone Nice Like You
Blossom Dearie - Quiet Times
Lushy-Suspicious Melody
Frank Sinatra-I concentrate on you
Tiki Cowboys-Tiki Lady
Roni Perez - I'd rather have you
Les Baxter - Hong Kong Cable Car
SG Sound-Escapade Velocity
Martini Kings-Tequila
J.J. Debout - Sun-Kissed Chicks
Martin Denny—Jungle Flower

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cocktail Nation70-Ride Em Tiki Cowboys

Thanks to Koop Kooper ...and tonight we talk to the Baron from the Tiki Cowboys, got the latest Sinatra album to give away tonight, got a stack of events to check out across the world, I'll let you know about a Sammy Davis Jr book I'm reading plus the very best classic and neo lounge.

PinkMartini-Lets Never Stop Falling In Love
Stereophonic Spacesound Unlimited-The Bossa Nova Squad
Tiki Cowboys-Tiki Lady
Perez Prado- Ay Ay Ay - Cha-Cha
Diana Dors - Roller Coaster Blues
Frank Sinatra-That's All
Diana Krall - I've Got You Under My Skin
Henry Mancini - Natasha In VeniceFire and Theft-Tainted Dream
Stolen Idols-The Kyoto Protocol
Julie London - Around Midnight
Octobop-Blue Mist
Anita O'Day-Angel Eyes
Sammy Davis Jr-Love me or leave me
Moonrays-you've got me voodoo'd

Monday, April 13, 2009

Cocktail Nation 69- Digga Digga Do

This week on the Cocktail Nation we catch up with Brad Parker from Tiki Shark our new sponsor...your chance to win the latest Big Bad Voodoo Daddy a look at the world of swank , a Les Baxter re release that has Kooper very excited,Koopers top four Dean Martin Bios and Kooper has discovered an office that dances to Esquivel's music! What would the corporate squares say to that!

Hugo Montenegro-Goldfinger
Spy Fi-Get Smart
Martin Denny—Digga Digga Do
Jack Costanzo & His Orchestra—Latin Fever
Lex Baxter-Voodoo Dreams
Henry Mancini—Mr. Lucky (Goes Latin)
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy-Hey Now Hey Now
Esquivel-Sentimental Journey
Tiki Cowboys-Slap and Tickle
Dean Martin—Let Me Love You Tonight
Frank Sinatra-Teach Me Tonight
Metrolites-Man From Metro
Peggy Lee-Black Coffee
Dominic Frontiere - When Were Your Dreams Worth Remembering

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cocktail Nation 68-Tiki Shark jumps on board

Koop Kooper on a special edition of the cocktail nation as we name a new sponsor of the show.....Tiki Shark...good friend of the show Brad Parker and his associates have decided to use this radio show and podcast to tell the world about their fantastic tiki inspired products with the seasons new beach towels hitting shops along the east coast of the state ..check out their website www.tikishark .com...on the show this week a new Sinatra album and we will hear from the man himself...on the art of crooning...there's a new Bond museum opened up so we'll check that out..some brand new music from the SG Sound, the Tiki Cowboys and the Stolen Idols

Eartha Kitt-I want to be Evil

Diana Krall-So Nice

Frank Sinatra - More

Charles Williams - Workroom

Waitiki-Hula Lady

Jimmy Vargas-Black Widow

Fire and Theft-Segu Save Algo

Stolen Idols-On Tonga Shores

Scott Walker - It's Raining Today

Enoch Light - Channel 4 Stereo - April in Portugal

Tiki Cowboys-Tiki Lady

Russ Garcia - Sophisticated Lady

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy-Come on with the Come on

SG Sound-Satellite Feed

Yoshinori Sunahara - Theme from Take-Off

Cocktail Nation 67-Kooper digs a Vegas Tiki Bar

Koop Kooper back again with another jam packed show as we head to Vegas to check out a brand new tiki bar and to find out about the incredible polynesian art there.....some new releases from Hard Case crime...some cool events to attend and the swank music to dig as you cruise a sneak peek from the new SG sound album that was just emailed to me from the band.

SG Sound -Escapade Velocity

Combustible Edison-Cry me a River

Frank Sinatra - Put Your Dreams Away

Ivor Slaney - Window Gazing

Waitiki- Magic Islands

Nick de Caro & Orchestra - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

Spy Fi -Illya's theme


Estrellita Del Sur - Bongoson

Henri Rene - Whispering

Mark Copeland-You'd be so nice to come home to

Jackie Gleason - But Not for Me

Diana Krall-Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry

Martini Kings-Bongo Mambo

The Alan Tews Orchestra & Chorus - Let's Fly

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cocktail Nation 66-Home Movies from Hawaii

On the show we head to Hawaii with an incredible collection of home movies by Melbourne hepcat Rohan Pugh plus your chance to win your very own a track from the latest Big Bad Voodoo Daddy album....some news on the downfall of the Muzak corporation plus a really cool book on tiki mugs for you.

to buy the Hawaii Home movies goto..

John Barry 7-James Bond Theme
Lea Delaria-Call Me
Martin Denny-Quiet Village
John Shakesphere-Red Carpet Ride
Love Jones-Lil Black Book
Joe Loco-Nightmare
Jimmy Vargas and the Black Dahlia's-Can Can Hell Mambo
Cocktail Preachers-Martini 50
Lushy-Bella Beretta
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy-How Big Can You Get
Octobop—Playboy Theme
Paige Delancey-Black Coffee
Al Cailoa-Man From Uncle
Jackie Gleason Velvet Brass—You're Driving Me Crazy

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cocktail Nation 65-legend of comedy Shelley Berman stops by the penthouse

This week I talk to a legend of comedy Shelley Berman plus we'll play a track of his 1959 album Inside Shelley Berman .

Machine-Miss Lilethal Blues
Combustible Edison-Millionaires Holiday
Dave Pell-This could be the start of something new
Bert Kaemfert-My Way Of Life
Perez Prado-Campanitas De Cristal
Bob Thompson-The Song is you
Nelson Riddle-Time and Space
Martini Kings—So Danco SambaAlan Hawkshaw-Bluebird
Syd Dale-Sanfrancisco BaySally Street-You Don't Know Me
Mark Copeland-The Lady Is A Tramp
Spy Fi-Penetration
Keith Mansfield-The Green Room
Diana Krall Why Should I Care

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cocktail Nation 64-Kooper vs Machine

Kooper is propped up high in the penthouse and far away from the sharks that have been grabbing people here in Sydney.On the show this week a new band that doesn't bite...Machine...a brand new cd and a launch for the band on March 26 in Sydney...Koop has a cool website for our retro grey nomads to check out.....a look at the world of swank plus some of the coolest music to hit the net .

Diana Krall-Este Seu Olhar
Frank Sinatra - Isle of Capri
Naughty Ones—I Dig Your Voodoo
Paul Weston - Love Walked In
The Midnight Combo - Rachel
Les Baxter—Amazon Falls
Martin Denny - Voodoo Love
Tony Bennet - Wave
Tikyaki Orchestra-Shaka Hula Bossa Nova

Friday, February 27, 2009

Cocktail Nation 63-No Blood, No Foul

Tonight we catch up with author and friend of the Cocktail Nation Bill Raetz and find out about his new book “No Blood No Foul”.Another from the latest Jimmy Vargas album Black Halo. Some cool things Kooper found on the net and the ultimate Bachelor Pad Gadget.

Sally Street-Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You

Mark Copeland-DeLovely

Spy-Fi-Then Play Down

Sonny lester-The Breeze and I

Jimmy Vargas-Black Widow on the Sunset Strip

Buddy Morrow-Night Train

Chet Baker-Moon Love

George Dunning-Lilly and Julian

Hugo Montenegro-Goldfinger

Waitiki-White Sandy Beach

Martini Kings-Nylon Jungle

Perez Prado-In the Mood

Les Baxter-Balinese Bongos

Pete Rugolo-For Hi Fi Bugs

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cocktail Nation 62-More Spy TV

Thanks to the Koop Kooper ...tonight on the show we talk tv spies with Dr Wes Britten who has a brand new book on the tv show Lost in Space...some cool shows to of an interesting film based on a famous spy and speaking of spys which we are a always obsessed with...a website about spys.......the Moonrays and Waitiki need your help plus the coolest lounge on the planet.

Martini Kings-March of the Moai

Octobop-Have You Hugged Your Martian Today

Spy Fi-Black tie Spy

Al Cailola-Bernies Tune

Blossum Dearie-Just one of those things

Vic Flick-From Russia with Love

Tikiyaki Orchestra-Stranded in Paradise

Waitiki -Ruby

Dave Brubeck-Take Five

Frank Sinatra-luck be a lady

Nelson Riddle-Route 66

Project Pimento-Heart

Julie London-Girl Talk

Hugo Montenegro-Our man Flint

Three Sons-Caravan

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cocktail Nation 61-Kooper digs the Magic Islands with Waitiki

Thanks to the Koop Kooper siting up high in the penthouse with the AC on high as Sydney swelters through another hot summer ..but tonight we will cool down with some fantastic classic and neo lounge....coming up on the show we will talk to Randy Wong and Tim Mayer from Waitki about their new album, another legend has passed away, Blossum Dearie, we will take a look at her life and music... plus a look at the world of swank with a few things for you to attend.
Frank Bennet-Money Changes Everything
Bobby Darin-Fly Me to the Moon
Waitiki-Magic Islands
Diana Krall -Where Or When
Billy May-Patricia
Jimmy Vargas-Love is a Racket
Jonah Jones—Whatever Lola Want
Henry Mancini - Pink Panther theme
Blossum Dearie- I'm Hip
Pat Reader-Cha Cha On The Moon
Mark Copeland-At Long Last Love
Sally Street-Teach me tonight Y
ma Sumac—Bo Mambo
Sg Sound-A Latin Affair
Chris Connor-Things are Swingin

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cocktail Nation 60-Kooper digs the Tiki Beat

Another week in the Penthouse as we turn on the hi fi and spin some of the very best classic and neo lounge across the globe with a bunch of new vinyl records that I picked up in thrift stores across Sydney...tonight we chat to Marcus Thorn about his Tiki Beat Art show in Australia, there's a new book by Wes Britton about tv spies to let you know about,plenty of gigs to check out in our look at the world of swank plus we get to play a track from the new Jimmy Vargas album Black Halo that will be released US nationally in March 2009.

Jimmy Vargas and the Black Dahlia's-Can Can Hell Mambo

Sg Sound-Palm Spring Overdrive
Waikiki Beach Boys - Sophisticated Hula

Lenny Dee - Never On Sunday

Bert Kaempfert & Orc -That Happy Feeling

Combustible Edison-Summer Samba

Nina Simone-The Other Woman

Hugo Montenegro - For a Few Dollars more

Diana Krall - I've Got You Under My Skin

Lush Strings - Ebb Tide


Mark Copeland-Too Darn Hot

SpyFi-Mission Impossible

Richard Hayman and His Orch - Caminito

The Purplepit-Back In Black

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cocktail Nation 59-The French Connection

This week Koop Kooper is broadcasting from Paris whilst on a quick business trip.
Coming up on this French inspired show we talk to LA crooner Mark Copeland, a couple of great websites for those into classic films, a useful website for our gal drivers from the world of swank and a whole lot more as Kooper cries out O la La in Paris.

Lushy -French 75
Pink Matini -Sympathique
Mark Copeland -I love Paris
Eartha Kitt-Under The Bridges Of Paris
Frank Sinatra-fly Me To the Moon
Jack Cooper Terry Cooper-Cest Si Bon
Sammy Davis Jr-It's alright with me
Sally Street-Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You
Jack Costanzo—Street Scene
Dicky Doo and the Don'ts-Vive L Amour
Luiz Bonfa-Bossa Nova Cha Cha
Martin Denny-Bingo Oiwake
Sarah Vaughan - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cocktail Nation 58-Kooper falls for the cascading strings

Thanks to the Koop Kooper and a big show once again as we delve into the world of easy listening orchestoral pop with expert and author on the subject Jack Crosley from New York.... new release to dvd for 2009 that I am sure will interest you....some news from mr bongo Jack Costanzo and ofcourse a look at the world of swank.

Project Pimento—A Shot In The Dark

Scott Morschauvser-Somas Las Bolas

Frank Purcel-Only You

Jackie Davis-Love is just around the corner

Mantovani - Andalucia

Jack Costanzo-Can Can Overture

Don Tiki—Bam-Boozled

Arthur Lyman-Fire down below

Eartha Kitt-April in Portugal

Robert Drasnin-Warm Night Wind

Si Zenter-I've found a new baby

Diana Krall-You're My Thrill

Royal Crown Revue-Take a long drink for me

Sally Street-I'm a Woman

Mark Copeland-Without a song

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cocktail Nation 57-Kooper hits the streets with Sally Street

Thanks to the Koop Kooper ...tonight we talk to Sydney canary Sally Street,Diana Krall has released a Bossa Nova Album, we'll play a track of the new album for you ....word of a tiki show here in Australia by Marcus Thorn, the very best classic and neo lounge and a whole lot more.

email me......

Jimmy Vargas-She Took My Last Cigarette
Spy Fi-Get Smart
Sally Street-When in Rome
Martin Denny-Jungle Drums
Sammy Davis Jr-When your lover has gone
Chet Baker-Lets get lost
John Zorn-Tiki for Blue
Eartha Kitt-I want to be Evil
Julie London-Love for sale
Cocktail Preachers-Kawanga Bop
Mark Copeland-The Coffee Song
Fire and Theft- I still get jealous
Diana Krall-Quiet Nights
Frank Sinatra-Nothing but the best

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cocktail Nation 56-Eartha Kitt purrs in the penthouse

Thanks to the Koop Kooper is glad to be back for 2009 and is pleased to let you know that the Cocktail Nation has a new Make sure you check it out plenty of news from the world of lounge this week with word that Bill Raetz has a new book coming on the death of a noir star and the death of an icon from the 60's Batman series and cocktail lounges across America and Europe.


Brian Setzer-From Here to eternity
Cocktail Preachers-Martini 5-0
Eartha Kitta -C'est Si Bon
Billy May-This room is my castle of quiet
Tommy Garrett - Moon of Manakoora
Spy Fi -Then Play Down
Clouseaux-Kitchen of Tomorrow
Jack Costanzo & His Orchestra—Latin Fever
Sammy Davis, Jr—The Goin's Great
Lyrio Panically and His Orchestra- Ynada Mas
Combustible Edision-Short Double Latte
Martini Kings—Lady Is A Tramp
Frank Sinatra-Strangers in the night
Modernaires - A Taste Of Honey
Indigo Swing-Pink Cadillac