Friday, October 31, 2008

Cocktail Nation 48- Hard Case Crime

Cocktail Nation 48-Hard Case Crime
Thanks to the Koop Kooper talks to the editor of Hard
Case Crime Charles Ardai....hard case crime are small publishing house in New york
that specializes in those classic pulp fictions with the racey covers from the 40's
through to the 60's and the are constantly adding books by new artists.....I've got
some letters to Kooper to read to you...a look at the Jerry Lewis tour of Australia
and the world of swank with a look at a special charm and deportment school coming up
which is run by the charming Darling sisters.

Sammy Davis Jr-Love me or leave me
Jimmy Vargas-High Heels Black Stockings
Enoch Light -April in Portugal
Arthur Lyman-Aphrodisia
Paige Delancey-Black Coffee
Waitiki-China Fan
Nina Ferro-Everything I got
Octobop- Have you hugged your martian today
Roni Perez - Ah Ha
Henry Mancini - Pink Panther theme
Piere Le Blanc and his orchestra - All the Way
Dean Martin - Pardon
Ralph Flanagan- Opus one
Herbie Mann-Fever