Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cocktail Nation 46-Brother Cleve swings by the Penthouse

Tonight we speak to a legend of the neo lounge music scene...Brother Cleve from Combustible Edison, we talk about the Cocktail Nation lounge music revival in the 90's, Esquivel and his flying car and find out what really happened to the band and what the band members are doing today.
Plus we'll check out a missing Bond relic and look at the goings on in that crazy world of swank along with some of the very best classic and neo lounge.
It's the Cocktail Nation, the only show that increases in value, so while the dollar and your stocks go down the toilet our show keeps rising up the dow index!

Blue Martini's-Great City
Martini Kings—The March Of The Moai
Combustible Edision-Miniskirt
Project Pimento—A Shot In The Dark
Vic Flick-Silken Cover
Steve Lawrence - Girl from Ipanema
Moonrays-Swingin at the Seance
Spy Fi -Mission impossible Howard Roberts—L-O-V-E
Nina Simone-Don't Explain
Martin Denny-Quiet Village
Fire and Theft-I still get Jealous
Vic Damone—Am I Blue