Friday, October 31, 2008

Cocktail Nation 48- Hard Case Crime

Cocktail Nation 48-Hard Case Crime
Thanks to the Koop Kooper talks to the editor of Hard
Case Crime Charles Ardai....hard case crime are small publishing house in New york
that specializes in those classic pulp fictions with the racey covers from the 40's
through to the 60's and the are constantly adding books by new artists.....I've got
some letters to Kooper to read to you...a look at the Jerry Lewis tour of Australia
and the world of swank with a look at a special charm and deportment school coming up
which is run by the charming Darling sisters.

Sammy Davis Jr-Love me or leave me
Jimmy Vargas-High Heels Black Stockings
Enoch Light -April in Portugal
Arthur Lyman-Aphrodisia
Paige Delancey-Black Coffee
Waitiki-China Fan
Nina Ferro-Everything I got
Octobop- Have you hugged your martian today
Roni Perez - Ah Ha
Henry Mancini - Pink Panther theme
Piere Le Blanc and his orchestra - All the Way
Dean Martin - Pardon
Ralph Flanagan- Opus one
Herbie Mann-Fever

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cocktail Nation 47-Mancini Magic

It's spring in Sydney the weather is crazy but the music is cool as tonight we take a look at the life of Henry Mancini, a cool beatnik website to take a look at ...Bond news, the death of a celebrity fashion critic.....the world of swank and a whole lot more as we crank up the hi fi in the penthouse in the city of Sydney
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www. myspace. com/loungelothario
Clouseaux-Le Nuit
Frank Bennett-You're Just too Hip Baby
Mancini -.Alright ok you win
Esquivel-It had to be you
Martinikings-Brief n Breazy
Martin Denny-The Enchanted Isle
Lea Delaria-Welcome to my party
Lexotica-SandSergio Mendez & Brasil 66 - Bermbau
Bobby Hackett—Mood Indigo
Ella Fitzgerald-Mas Que Nada
Lenny Dee -Lover come back to me
Pink Martini-Sympathique
Mantovani - Perhaps perhaps perhaps

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cocktail Nation 46-Brother Cleve swings by the Penthouse

Tonight we speak to a legend of the neo lounge music scene...Brother Cleve from Combustible Edison, we talk about the Cocktail Nation lounge music revival in the 90's, Esquivel and his flying car and find out what really happened to the band and what the band members are doing today.
Plus we'll check out a missing Bond relic and look at the goings on in that crazy world of swank along with some of the very best classic and neo lounge.
It's the Cocktail Nation, the only show that increases in value, so while the dollar and your stocks go down the toilet our show keeps rising up the dow index!

Blue Martini's-Great City
Martini Kings—The March Of The Moai
Combustible Edision-Miniskirt
Project Pimento—A Shot In The Dark
Vic Flick-Silken Cover
Steve Lawrence - Girl from Ipanema
Moonrays-Swingin at the Seance
Spy Fi -Mission impossible Howard Roberts—L-O-V-E
Nina Simone-Don't Explain
Martin Denny-Quiet Village
Fire and Theft-I still get Jealous
Vic Damone—Am I Blue

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cocktail Nation 45 Mr Ho revives Esquivel

On the Cocktail Nation we have a few of the Koop Kooper vinyl finds at the local church fair last weekend.... we talk to the man who is reviving Juan Garcia Esquivel's music. There's news about a new Mike Hammer book....a review from the Koopmeister on the latest James Bond book by Sebastian Faulks and a whole lot more on the show that is revolting against spiky hair ,flip flops and flirting by sms...the Cocktail Nation.

Purple Pit-She Said She shed
Stolen Idols-Black Orchid
Vince Jones - Body and Soul
Cocktail Preachers- Highball Holiday
Acker Bilk - Stranger on the shore
Bert Kaempfert - Catalina
Cocktail Angst-Bates Motel
John Barrie 7 -James Bond Theme
Manuel and the music of the mountains - Exotica.
Atomic Sherpas-Clockwise
Ralph Flanaghan - Sometimes i feel like a motherless child
Jack Emblow - Ritual Fire Dance
Frank Sinatra - I've got the world on a string
Sammy Davis Jr - River stay away from my door

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cocktail Nation show 44-Roasting Dean Martin Style on the penthouse patio

Tonight we take a look at the Dean Martin celebrity roasts, a new tv show based on the James Ellroy books ...some more Marilyn Monroe news, we'll take a look at the world of swank and play you the best classic and neo lounge.
Recline in the comfy penthouse lounge and dig the cool treats with Sydney's own Jet Set Lounge Lothario, Koop Kooper.

Frank Sinatra-That's Life
Spy Fi-Dragnet007
Antonio Carlos Jobim-One Note Samba
Blue Martinis Something Cool
Fire and Theft-Whole Lot of Love
Blossom Dearie-Manhatten
Linda Lawson-Like Young
Vic Flick-Shaken not Stirred
Frank Bennett-Disarm
Lushy -Springtime
Combustible Edison -Metropolitan
Arthur Lyman-Hava Nagila
Chet Baker-Moonlove
Perez Prado-Why Wait
Martin Denny-Aku Aku