Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cocktail Nation show 43-Fire and Theft at the Penthouse

Don't worry, there's no major structural damage to the penthouse, just a few crazy fez wearing cats from Melbourne called Fire and Theft who swing by to tell Kooper about their latest CD.Also on the show we take a look at a new book on Sammy Davis Jr, some swank parties to attend and a whole lot of cool music on the show that is hosted by an intellectual...Koop Kooper, who recently picked up his Bachelor of Lounge from college.....he majored in International Jetset Relations.

Frank Bennett-You're Just too Hip Baby
Indigo Swing-My Baby comes round at 8
Fire and Theft-Tainted Dream
Esquivel—Begin the Beguine
Combustible Edison Blue Light
Lea Delaria-Call Me
Frank Sinatra-Mr Success
Vic Flick-From Russia With Love
Tikiaki orchestra-shakahulabossnova
Jack Bongo Burger-Mambo Burger
Jet Set Six-Perpetual Bachelor
Peggy Lee-Black Coffee
Hugo Montenegro and his orch-man from thrush
Jack Jones-Wives and Lovers
Mancini-Peter Gunn