Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cocktail Nation show 42-Jack Newcastle...the Cad exposed

Tonight on show Koop Kooper speaks to the editor of the CAD, Jack Newcastle plus some incredible events to check out including my first show here in Sydney featuring Jimmy Vargas and his Quintet and Danny and the Cosmic Tremors on September 26 at the Good Bar in Sydney plus we’ll hear the story of the voice over king the called Thunder Voice.

Combustible Edison-Satan Says
Elliot Fisher-Dr No’s Fantasy
Frank Sinatra- Mrs Robsinson
Stanley Black –Mr Wonderful
Martini Kings –Las Neudas
Sg Sound – A Latin Affair
Richard Hayman-Caminito
Waitiki-The Magic Islands
Blue Hawaiians- A Cheat
Frank Pourcel-Come Sinfonia
Spy Fi-Burn
Bobby Darin-Fly me to the moon
Antonio Carlos Jobim-Captain Baccardi
Dinah Washington-Mad about the boy
Lushy-Pali Highway