Friday, August 22, 2008

Cocktail Nation show 38

Thanks to the Koop Kooper has all the lounge classic and neo additions sitting on the hi fi and ready to spin ...tonight we take off to 1968 with a chat to a flight hostess who remembers the heady days of the begining of the jetset era...we'll open up the world of swank files, a special Cocktail Nation night coming up to put in the diary, some news on Jerry Lewis and a whole lot more.

Project Pimento—Agua de Beber
Octobop-born to be blue
Chris Connor—Poor Little Rich Girl
Polynesia - Vahine Anamite
Don Tiki—Primitiva
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-the bossa nova squad
Perez Prado—Mama Yo Quiero
Xavier Cugat—Guitara Romana
Arthur Lyman-Aphrodisia
Julie London—About The Blues
New Morty Show-Ladies Man
Billy May—Hernando's Hideaway
Art Van Dame-Cheers
Combustible Edision-the cornertable