Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cocktail Nation show 34

Thanks to the Koop Kooper is seated comfortably on his Marilyn Monroe lounge up high in the penthouse with another show filled to the brim with lounge classics and neo lounge's winter in Australia the central heating is on, the hi fi is turned up and Kooper has got a big show for you as we catch up with the organizer of a Tiki Event in South Carolina called… Follynesia .
There's comedy from Marty Allen and Steve Rossi about that wonderful way to ruin a walk…golf.
Join Kooper for some stereophonic hi fi fun in the penthouse!
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-Crimeville
The Crazed Mugs with the Haole Kats- My Mug Collection
The Islanders and the Waikiki-Hawaians Welcome
Martini Kings-Stardust
Mel Henke-Sunset Striper
Warren Barker and his Orchestra-Petite
Martin Denny the Look of Love
Pink Martini-City of Night
Spy Fi-Man from Uncle
Dean Martin-Mambo Italiano
Woody and the Senator-Cocktail Time
Ferente and Teicher-Miserlou
Paul Weston and his Orchestra -Tenderly