Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cocktail Nation show 33

Thanks to the Koop Kooper is locked in, he’s spending Friday night in the penthouse over looking the World Youth day celebrations in Sydney as 500,000 Catholic pilgrims flock to Sydney. The Pilgrims have taken over the city but Kooper has barricaded himself in with the very best Lounge and Exotica.
This week he has a look at the Voodoo 2 album with Robert Drasnin…there’s a black comedy set in the Forties to check out plus all the swank events across the world to attend.
So makes sure you buzz “penthouse level” flip him the password and head upstairs to the swankiest party in the city of Sydney …just don’t let slip that password to any of the pilgrims ok!

Frank Sinatra-Summer Wind
Robert Drasnin-East of Xanadu
Robert Drasnin-Polynesian Bolero
Jack Costanzo-Blue Prelude
Cocktail Preachers-Martini 5-0
Stereophonic space Sound unlimited-Girl from Acapulco
Yma Sumac-Malambo no 1
Louis Prima -Beep Beep
Joe Loco-Nightmare
Joey Altruda-Tropical Espionage
Antonio Carlos Jobim-She’s a Carioca
Voodoo Love- Waitiki
Si Zenter-Swingin on Something
Harlem Nocturne-Esquival