Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cocktail Nation Show 30

Cocktail Nation show 30
Thanks to the Koop Kooper up high in the Sydney penthouse broadcasting to the world with a selection of lounge rarities, neo lounge with a sprinkle of exotica all thrown into a cocktail mixer and served on ice…..coming up on the show I catch up with my favourite artist Brad Tiki Shark Parker as we head to Hawaii to chat about his art and the beautiful corner of the world that he is fortunate to inhabit.
I've got another track from the Moonrays new cd Swingin at the Séance, a look at some swank events across the world plus a look at new album came up the elevator this week it's called Sinatra the Nothing but the best.
Frank Sinatra-Come fly with me
Blue Hawaians – Last Days of Summer
Tiki Tones-Gomez
Esquival-Question Mark
Clouseaux-Chic Alors
Nina Simone-Don't Explain
Lola Albright-Goodbye my Lover
Blue Martinis-Great City
Yma Sumac - Babalu
Cocktail Preachers-Slave Girl
Chet Baker –Moonlight becomes you
Dorothy Daindridge-That old feeling
Moonrays-The Spooks Jumpin
Tito Rodriguez-The Magnificant Seven