Friday, May 23, 2008

Cocktail Nation Show 25

Thanks to the it’s the Cocktail Nation and Koop Kooper setting the tone for your Pad on a Friday night.

On the show Kooper talks to Cocktail Kev from the Tiki Bar and Lounge in Richmond, Melbourne, he picks up a microscope, throws on a lab coat and examines the world of swank with a look at a very swinging affair in London for all his Euro friends to dig, and one for the ladies with a very nice online clothing store just bursting at the seems with retro clothing….join the Koopmeister as he flicks the switch to your swinging weekend.

Spy Fi-Shot in the Dark
Indigo Swing-Regular Joe
Cherry Capri and the Martin Kings-One Mint Julip
Kalula Boys-Beyond the Reef
Dinah Washington-Cry Me a River
Lushy- Suspicious Melody
Moonrays-Lament for a Trapped Spy
Dreamer- Sergio Mendes feat Herb Alpert and Lani Hall
Antonio Carlos Jobim-Chega de Saudale
Iriving Fields Trio-Mama’s Mambo
Joey Altruda-Tropical Espionage
Martin Denny-Martinique
Tikiayki Orchestra-Ali’s Fire Dance
Tony Bennet-Love for Sale