Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cocktail Nation 5 ready for download

Thanks to our journey to the other side continues with the swankiest lounge from around the world with Koop Kooper stocking the bar with some great Lounge and Neo Lounge.We'll take a look at various events around the world, a surprise for Vegas this year, the histotainment of Charles Phoenix and Word Jazz with Ken Nordine...let the journey into the world of Swank begin!

Exotique-Tikiyaki Orchestra
Harlem Nocturne -Esquivel
Fist on the green house- Clouseux
Boomada-Les Bater
Nude on a Swing-Jimmy Vargas
As long as I’m Singin-Bobby Darin
So Danca Samba-Martini Kings
Everybody needs a dad dad daddy – Quin Lemley
City of night –Pink martini
Would I lie to you-Frank Bennett
Voodoo-Robert Drasnin
Cocktails with Joey-Joey Altruda
We’ll be together again –Lurlean Hunter
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