Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cocktail Nation 341 Best Of The Best Music for 2014

This week we look at some of the best lounge and exotica releases of 2014  and as usual there have been so many to choose from so this week. A selection of some of the stand out tracks and some interviews that we did with the artists.

Moonrays interview Scott Mensching 

Moonrays- Transylvanain Boo Galoo 

Lenny Sasaki- Bird Island

#Stolen idols interview Drew Farmer 

Stolen Idols Revenge Of The Pink Piranha

James Spencer Nightfall

Bobby Fox and Miranda Kerry - You're The Boss

#Alika Lyman Group Interview - Alika Lyman

Alika Lyman Group Swingtime in Honolulu

Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet- He Was The Cat

#Left arm of Budda interview- Michael Mingus

The Left Arm Of Buddha - A Monkeys Affair

Anna Selah - Twisted

Perry Beekman - This Can't Be Love

#Clouseaux interview- Jay brooks 

Clouseaux- Search For A Vulcan

Larry Gelb- Love Walked In

Ding Dong Devils - Crab Nebula Cocktails

Cocktail Nation 340 Best Interviews 2014

Well the year is almost drawing to a close so for the final two shows of 2014 we will focus on the best from the Cocktail Nation so I thought lets replay some of my favourites from the year ..we talk to James Spencer about his book about Julie London, James M Kraus about his blog about classic cars, Kathy Rudolph about her book on Paul Lynde, Jeff Chenault about his book on the Kahiki and Kari  Handler on her new project which was revealed this year about the Tiki educational unit called Poly Hai.

Frank Sinatra -The Best Is Yet to Come
Bob Thompson -The Best Thing For you

Interview James Spencer Julie London book

Julie London -Black Coffee
Larry Gelb -Suddenly It’s Spring

Interview James M Kraus . Website AutoUniversum

Laura Ainsworth -Necessary Evil
Nutty -Purple Panther

Interview Kathy Rudolph. Paul Lynde Book

Peggy Lee -Bewitched 
Aaron Diehl -Generation Y

Interview Jeff Chenault. Kahiki. Book

Ixtahuele -Sumatra Mist

Interview Kari Handler.  Polly Hai

Ada Lee -A Night In Tunisia

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cocktail Nation 339 Beachbum Berrys New bar

There's nothing better than dreams come true and this week we talk to beach bum berry who has opened his first bar in New Orleans ....also on the show talking about publicity and how it's not always going to be good for you plus some of the best lounge and exotica from across the globe

Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet -He Was The Cat

Monica Zetterlund -Some Other Time

#Beachbum Berry Interview

Waitiki 7 Simiiau

Stan Getz - Penthouse Serenade

Alika Lyman Group- Lei Kukui

# Vintage Sydney

Beegie Adair -In The We Small Hours Of The Morning

James Spencer- It’s So Good to Want You Bad

Burt Kaemfert-Lonely Nightingale

# publicity hounds in the retro scene

The Vice Royals -The Girl In The Martini Glass

Chet Baker -Daybreak

Cocktail Inn -Wave

Tiki Lounge Crew- Chic To Chic

George Shearing- Mambo Inn

#next weeks tease

James Morrison- Le Bellclaire Blues

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cocktail Nation 338 Eurospy Charade

This week on the show it’s our monthly Euro Spy special..this week looking at the film Charade with my neighbour Kramer, some news on an old but new Bond villain coming our way, some swank advice on how to maintain a bachelor pad

Jason Paul Curtis- Brooklyn July
Acca Daquiries -White Wedding 
Euro Spy segment Charade
Mancini- Charade
Nutty- Cinnamon Doll
Oscar Peterson-Easy Does It
Tiki Joe’s Ocean- Mai Tai Mambo
Barry Adamson-The Big Bamboozle
Howard Shore-Ed Wood Theme
The Desmond Quartet -Take Five
Don Ralke- Black Panther
Janet Seidel -I Love Paris
Martini Kings- Killer Joe
Mambo Zombies-Capulito De Aleli
Cocktail Inn-Summer Samba

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cocktail Nation 337 Danny Heller

This week on the show we talk to Mid Century Modern artist Danny Heller about his incredible art, we talk about a weird thing of modern society.
Plus I have news on an original Batmobile for sale along with the best parties and lounge music from across the globe.

David Carbonara-Twenty Third Floor
Carol Fredette -The Best Thing For You
Julie London-Go Slow
Bert Kaemfert- Almost There
Beegie Adair- Strangers In The Night
James Morrison -Everytime We Say Goodbye
Octobop-Playboys theme
Dave Brubeck-Cable Car 
Ding Dong Devils- Crab Nebula Cocktails
Kate Ros-Jazz
HB Radke -Live Until I die
Paul Winter -Spell Of The Samba
Mike Bardash -And then What

Cocktail Nation 336 Acker Bilk

Cocktail Nation 336 Acker Bilk

This week on the show we talk about the great clarinettist Acker Bilk who passed away, I have an old interview from the BBC to share with you on this. I've got some must see tv for you, I’ve got a great new book on Paul Newman plus the best lounge music from across the globe 

George Shearing- September In The Rain
Anna Selah- Twisted
Acker Bilk- I left My Heart in San Francisco
Bill Evans-Time Remembered
Alika Lyman Group- Pua Lilia
James Spencer- Pierette
Robert Hicks- Moonlight In Vermont
O Som Do Jazz - Secret Paradise
Milt Buckner- Turqoise 
Martini Kings- Zou Biscou Biscou
Lucas Vigor-Night- Light Blues
Perry Beekman- Spring Is Here
Larry Gelb- Precipitation
Cy Coleman - LA Blues

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Cocktail Nation 335 Reel Wild Cinema

You might remember the old fanzines that you would find in record stores in the pre digital music days. Underground publications with practically every subject covered and almost any opinion represented. This week we speak to a man who had one of the most popular fanzines in the nineties and he has put them together into a marvellous book about b grade cinema and tv. Also on the show we talk about the death of Acker Bilk plus we reveal the secrets of Area 51 

Stolen Idols - Revenge Of The Pink Piranaha
Robert Drasnin Voodoo
Rene Raff -Mad About The Boy
Larry Gelb - While My Lady Sleeps
Jackie Gleason-From Russia With Love
Frank Sinatra-It was a very good year
Clouseaux Shot In The Dark
Spy Fi-So What’s Up 
Tiki Joe’s Ocean -Soul Of The Sea
Oscar Peterson The Strut
Bill Evans Time Remembered
Audrey Morris- Guess Who  I Saw Today
Nathan Haines -Cocktails