Saturday, April 12, 2014

Cocktail Nation 307 The Monuments Men

Talking movies this week as we cover the latest George Clooney film The Monuments Men, a great World War Two thriller. A book on Sinatra you need in your library and maybe you should keep it on your nightstand plus an interesting story in the mainstream news that has thrust lounge and burlesque into the public eye.

The Useless Playboys Caravan

Joe Pass El Gento

Greg Arthur More And More

Si Zentner M Squad Theme

The Left Arm Of Budda The Coco Serenade

David Rose Like Young

Martini Kings You Only Live Twice

O Som Do Jazz Secret Paradise

Trudy Pitts Take Five

Jack Jones Fly Me To The Moon

Robert Hicks They All Laughed

Aaron Diehl Epilogue

Nutty Rhumba With The Devi

Stacy Kent This Happy Madness

Cocktail Nation 306 Gary Owens Comedy "Put Your Head on My Finger"

Some comedy this week and this time it's from Gary Owens and his album Put Your Head On My Finger, news on a 1967 Corvette Stingray that was left in a barn and recently discovered, I've got a cool book and series to check out,news out of the fraternal order of the Moai some cool gigs to check out across the globe along with the best hand picked lounge and exotica piled high in the Sydney Penthouse Studio.

Aaron Diehl Stop And Go
Diana Krall Almost Blue
Tamba Trio Mas Que Nada
Tiki Lounge Crew Bongo Nova
101 Strings Rio Del Mar
Count Basie From Russia With Love
Cy Coleman Playboys Theme
Illinois Jacket Lean Baby
Karen Souza Tainted Love
Frank Sinatra It Was Just One Of Those Things
Gerry Mulligan Night Lights
Halford Jetset Tema De Anna
Ricki Derek Rio

Cocktail Nation 305 Paul Lynde


Cocktail Nation 305 Paul Lynde

I've got a fantastic interview with a woman who by accident as a teenager became great friends with actor and comedian Paul Lynde, her incredible story to come.
I made An interesting discovery in a dime store book shop this week which led to an interesting journey, news on the passing of the last remaining cast member of hogans heroes plus the best lounge and exotica along with some cool parties and events to attend across the globe.

Lee Press On And The Nails Brazil

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Nutty She Said She Shed
Aaron Diehl Blue Nude

Oscar Castro Neves Bossa Nova Cha Cha

Nathan Haines Cocktails

Percussion and Guitars Jazz Pizicato

George Sheering Days Of Wine and Roses

Al Caiola Underwater Chase

David Carbonara How Mable Got Stable Cha  Cha Cha

Duke Ellington Upper And Outest

Martin Denny Cool

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cocktail Nation 304 Girl Talk

A themed show this week on the Cocktail Nation as we play all songs about the female species and speaking of the girls we take a look at the evolution of women....not from eve but the women's liberation movement of the sixties.
So much happened in the sixties, so much that was pivotal in where we are today and the women's lib movement was one of them, speaking of the sixties we talk mad men which returns soon. I have a cool book to check out as we see what is reading in the penthouse plus I have all the best parties from across the globe!

Octobop Girl Talk

Jonah Jones I Dig Chicks
Kayleen Peoples Girl From Ipanema

Clouseaux Girl From Atlantis

David Carbonara A Girl Can Dream

Jimmy Vargas Cigarette Girls

Kenny Sasaki China Girl

John Barry Beat Girl

Jackie Gleason A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody

Reg Owen Pretty Baby

Bennet and Basie Poor Little Rich Girl

Sally Street Play Your hands Girls

Abbe  Lane Whatever Lola Wants

Cy Coleman Parisian Women

Leonard Nimoy Music To Watch Space Girls By 

Cocktail Nation 303 Al Viola

Talking about one of the greats of guitar this week in that of Al Viola, a man who has performed on countless albums and alone produced some fantastic lounge tunes on the guitar,

 I will tell you about the return of a comic that I think may have made me the man I am today and it may just have made you.

There's the world of swank gig guide, some brand new music and a very cool mid mod architecture book you need to check out.


Warren Wolf Frankie And Johhny


Stacy Kent One Note Samba


Jim Spencer Al Viola


Al Viola Sophisticed Lady


Bob Thompson People Will Say We’re In Love


Frank Bennett Money


Elmer Bernstein Night Mood


Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica Sansaz


Pink Martini Syracuse


Thelonius Monk Round Midnight


Barbara Levy Daniels It’s Talk Of The Town


Beverly Kenney What Is There To Say

Sunday, March 2, 2014

An Unlikely Time Traveller

Today I saw an ad for a new 3d animated kids movie Peabody and Sherman and it suddenly brought back memories of the original. No wonder I have always been obsessed with the past…loving history, pop culture from the past and ofcourse Time Travelers. For those growing up in the sixties, seventies or eighties you might remember Peabody’s Improbable History .

The cartoons which ran during the fifties and sixties are about Peabody, a beagle who is the smartest being in existence. Peabody has accomplished many things in his life as a business magnate, inventor, scientist, Nobel laureate, gourmand, and two-time Olympic medalist.

One day, Mr. Peabody becomes sad and lonely and decides to adopt his own human son. In an alley, he meets Sherman, a dorky, glasses-wearing, orange-haired boy. After saving Sherman from a group of bullies, Peabody discovers that Sherman is an orphan and decides to adopt him.
After a court appearance and a talk with the President and the government, Peabody becomes Sherman’s new guardian. Mr. Peabody tells Sherman to not call him “Daddy” and to call him by his name, “Mr. Peabody”.

Peabody realizes that boys need running room and so invents the WABAC machine as a birthday gift for Sherman. He and Sherman then go back in time to see a Roman speaking in Latin; Peabody then adds a translator circuit to the machine so that everyone seems to speak English and see the Roman again finding out he is a used chariot salesman. Their next trip is to see Ben Franklin flying his kite, but Peabody and Sherman discover that they cannot interact with the past, so Peabody makes some more adjustments, turning the WABAC from a time machine into a “should-have-been machine.” This results in the past they visit being totally cockeyed.
As a kid watching this comic it allowed me to dream of visiting the past, to be enthralled by history. It’s amazing the things that influence a young boy.

On the Cocktail Nation Radio I often ask people what got them onto this crazy kick, what was the thing that made them the retro consuming vultures that we are. Perhaps it was the influence of our grandparents, maybe it was spending lots of time alone in our own world watching sitcom re runs of the fifties and sixties. Often it was the music that we would hear our parents or grandparents playing. Sometimes it’s all of these things. It can often be a fascinating story. For me it’s probably all of those things. I distinctly remember watching old movies and sitcoms while visiting my grandparents.
I heard their stories of the past and would often be sitting watching tv while my mother had tea with my grandparents. When I would come home from school I would watch Batman, Gilligan’s Island, Rocky and Bullwinkle and ofcourse Mr Peabody. So many influences on a young mind.
I wonder, what was your influence?

Koop Kooper

Cocktail Nation 302 The Bus Driver School


we are back this week with our monthly look at classic comedy and this week a great sketch by Bob Newhart, we will talk about record hunting plus another book from the penthouse library on one of the coolest cats in lounge and how about some very rare instruments for your band or perhaps just to put on display in your pad.
We have some new music to play for you plus the best party events from across the globe in our world of swank!

Elmer Bernstein MacDougal Street Special

Ixtahuele Huahine

Rick Cunningham Safari

Larry Gelb If My Life Were Pleasant

Martin Denny Martinique

Nathan Haines Celestial You

James Bond Sextet Moonraker

Dean Martin Let Me Love You Tonight

Kenny Sasaki A Night Of Ghosts

Cocktail Inn Manilla

Percussion For Playboys Angel Eyes

Oscar Peterson Night Train